Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Taming of the Shrewd

The Resistance

In the Taming of the Shrewd Petruchio mortifys Kate for the better.
Some, say Petruchio married Kate for money and he did but in such doing this he also dribble in love with Kate. But he had to marry Kate to tame her on a certain level. Petruchio put Kate through some(prenominal) leavens to consume how much she had been tamed. The first major test the bet how much she had been tamed was when he had made his servants prepare this king-size feast but before they could start going feeding Petruchio starts giving grace and on purpse pull outs it very long and peeking to see if she was getting bothered. Finally Kate yells AMEN on the top of her lungs. She failed the test, then mightily before she takes her first bite Petruchio knocks off all the provender and say its not good and basically starves Kate. But for her birth good Kate needed to know she couldnt be discourteous and expect to get what she wants. At this point it was the beginning of Kates taming.
Then later Petruchio bought these fine tailors to make clothing for Kate.

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The tailors make these fine clothes that Kate loves but knowing Petrchio he destroys the only wardrobe and this absolutely destroys Kate and she is heartbroken and sad and clever Petruchio whispers to Grumio to go announce the tailors to make new clothing and says not to tell Kate that she is getting new and better clothing. This was horrible and unfair but Petruchio did it for Kate to help her in the taming process.
Also the final big test that Petruchio made for Kate is when he wakes up at 2 a.m and tells Kate its cartridge clip to go to leave for the journey for Biancas wedding back at home and says that is 7 am that is why it is time to go. At first Kate disagrees and says no its 2 am and Petruchio threatens to stay and not go to Biancas wedding at all and this is when Kate agrees with Petruchio and says it is 7 am when it really isnt. This is when Kate is mostly tamed in the sense and is not the same fighting rebel she was before.
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