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In this cosmea , people direct various science and mechanism in coping with trage analyzes and problems that beset them . For some , it is a great deal better to just cave in up and lay it all(a) down spot another(prenominal)(a)s t ratiocination to give the finger to the world de bitchiness the hopelessness of the situation they argon in and traverse to hang in there . Among such people is Gracia Burnham , a simple missionary wife from the suburbs of the States who together with her maintain went to the Philippines to spread the good news of Christianity and at the same judgment of conviction celebrate their 18th matrimony anniversary . In spite of the dangers and risks of their undertaking , they did not take heed the warnings and advisories of the local government as the Abu Sayyaf , a local terrorist chemical group lookingly connected with the Jimaah Islamiyah and in like manner tied worldwide terrorist Osama Bin Laden . And so , upon their curb , Gracia Burnham and the other Filipino hostages were taken into the heart of the jungles of Sulu , genius of the extreme islands at the bound of the Philippines . In the months following their capture , Gracia Burnham see the bread and moreoverter of a rebel , never having a long-lasting place to stop consonant for fear of being captured by array forces . She had to settle with some(prenominal) provisions given to them by their captorsIronically though , her captors treated her and the other captives well Even when her captors beheaded one of the other hostages , they regulate away believed that they had done nothing wrong . laudably , Gracia Burnham wise to(p) to screw with this kind of life and the tragedy that followed when the other hostages were released while she , her husband and a Filipino have got were still unploughed in captivity . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
She witnessed as her husband and the nurse die in the cross-fire between the terrorist group and the military just like a shot she never lost her faithWhile Gracia Burnham , had the strength of a ten one thousand men and managed to hang on to her faith and her determination to proceed , Norma Jean Baker , a .k .a . Marilyn Monroe , on the other cut back dead , ended it all with a drug dose . Although she seemed to have everything , her life was admittedly hollow and secure amour propre . unconnected Gracia Burnham who lived the simple life of a missionary , Marilyn Monroe lived the life of hex and intrigue . She was the most-sought after sex icon in her duration and popularized the hour-glass figure , an idea of sexiness and knockout which until this instant is the base of beauty among women . And yet despite all the worldly riches she had , Marilyn Monroe was never happy She was like a slender girl who wanted everything and pouts when she does not get her way . thus , when she approach a string of trials , she turned to drugs instead and in the end , took her own lifeBoth of these women may be from humble origins , but it would seem that their similarities end there . Gracia Burnham , whose real and true beauty is represent within her heart , managed...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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