Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Same Sex Marriage

Ryan Grimes
31 July 2012
Mrs. Katie Boylan
Rogerian Argument
Same Sex Marriage
Today, the civil union in the midst of two males or two females is incredibly contr everyplacesial, especially in the United States. There is ongoing debate regarding whether or not this type of conglutination should be considered sanctioned. Various legal, social, and religious groups have vocalized their stance on this issue. There are some tidy sum that feel strongly that same finish marriage should be banned as it may have a ostracise impact on society. Others believe that church and state should be kept separate and that same sex unions should be legal. whole opinions aside, I believe that the general public needs to be more informed about same sex marriage to oppose or support this issue at hand.
true groups oppose the view of legalizing same sex marriage. It can be seen that gay marriage is wrong due to social issues. almost feel uncomfortable with the sight of a same sex couple in public. In my opinion, these people need to be less close-minded and more accepting of individuals different than them. integrity cannot be expected to meet the same situations over and over again in his or her daily life.
Others believe that transgendered unions should be banned due to religious reasons.

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Many distinguish that the Bible specifically forbids its followers from engaging in same sex coupling. The Bible is a good guide for how bingle should live many aspects of his or her life. However, one should note that not everything in the Bible should be taken literally as the word of God; there is a strong opening that the men who wrote the scriptures were forbidding other Christians from engaging in man activities as they were trying to increase the religions turn of followers. After all, a same sex union cannot procreate.
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