Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Bean Trees

At the precise beginning of the book, in the first chapter, the author makes it very clear that Missy (Taylor), did not desire to keep up pregnant, wish well all the rest of the girls in Pittman County. In fact it was the lastly thing on human beings that she wanted. Funny thing ab emerge that I guess, in that the last thing on earth that she wanted to happen to her, happened to her. After all those years of not having sex, and not wanting to get pregnant, and after all the precautions she took, she ends up with Turtle, and nowadays she is just like all the other girls in Pittman County.

Tayor had a determination of not becoming pregnant and it in spades was reshaped when Turtle was given to her.

        The author shows dedication to Taylors goal by stressing abstinence, and all that other no sex stuff, further the main commitment shown to Taylors goal by the author, is when Taylor leaves Pittman County. each(prenominal) the other kids wanted to party it up and spray samara Class of 75 on the water tower, but Taylor had a different plan. While she was working she had saved enough money, on top of help paying for the bills etc., she was able to save up enough money to buy a car.

This shows great commitment to a goal by Taylor. She sacrificed enjoying graduation, because she had her own goal, and that was to get out of Pittman County.

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She was leaving Pittman County, she was going to try and get herself a new name, and things were looking pretty good, but Taylors lucky streak would eventually end. Taylor was hit with huge chastisement when Turtle was given to her, and at first Taylor didnt want Turtle tagging along on her journeys. Taylors goal had now been bent out of shape and now Taylor worst nightmare had come...

Needs sources.

Concise. BUT Plagiarism is obviously present. Arent you gonna credit people???? hmmm??

WHICH agree????

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