Saturday, April 13, 2013

Transitioning within the IT department: Ouest's acquisition of EEST and its impact on existing systems

?everything is in constant motion and every change seems an improvement.

ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE, 1805-1859Ouest?s Expectations and Alignments that Need to be DoneWith the acquisition of EEST by Ouest getting nearer, discussions at the senior management level has been ongoing. As the Director of fix up fulfilment Applications, it f totallys in your reach how to goabout impending changes position foremost into comity aligning top management goals with subordinates? requires.

Things that you pauperization to discuss with all stakeholders include the following:It is expected that unless vendor-written software constitution packages will be used instead of software developed in-house.

Possible job reorganization and downsizingEffects of the changes to ongoing system upgradeFuture plans of converting from modern parade fulfillment application to Ouest Order Fulfillment PackageOpen communication lines serve as the key to fully analyzing all change factors through constant dissemination of information and reception of feedback to and from all stakeholders.

Keep in mind: INFORM, GATHER FEEDBACK. Be assertive but NEVER IMPOSE.

Change ManagementChange is inevitable as we all know. More so for organizations today which have the need to be dynamic to keep up with competitors and major developments in the industry in which it exists in. We,in the IT industry, should silk hat(p) understand this. In Managing organizational Change, we find listed TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS as one of the external forces that function about change. As forEEST and Ouest, it is in the corporation?s best intentions that the acquisition is pushing through. Top management sees that this will require about increased profitability and increase marketcompetitiveness. The next doubt is, what?s in it for you?Wikipedia defines Change Management as a structured approach to change in individuals, teams, organizations and societies that enables the transition from the current state to a desired future state.

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A few selections from this examine show that it is less than well-written:

Consider: discussions . . . has been ongoing. Oh, they has, has they?

Or try to practice out just what this means:

it falls in your hands how to go about impending changes putting foremost into consideration aligning top management goals with subordinates needs.

Or this: it is in the corporations best intentions that the acquisition is pushing through.

Ah, but then the writer gets to the divine guidance emotive moment when he manages to rouse everyone to the cause:

It should be noted that resistance to the imminent change as the sign reaction is always expected. Further disregard causes emotional stress. absurd information and hearsay creates an environment of doubt and mistrust. This then leads to an creaky working environment wherein individuals lose interest in their work and concern for the business.

Do you feel ready to man the ramparts and dilute forward?

Or did you lose track of everything somewhere in this stuff?

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