Sunday, April 14, 2013

Workaday World: Crack Economy

Workaday World: Crack Economy

The film, Monster, a fictionalized portrayal of serial killer whale Aileen Wuornos, depicts the struggle of an underprivileged, abused woman as she attempts to find original work and social acceptance. Wearing mismatched thrift cuckold clothes, Wuornos rides her bicycle through a business district and fills away applications, not realizing she looks pathetic and hopelessly out of place. She endures a mortifying interview at a law office, where a attorney bluntly informs her that she is unqualified because she lacks a high school parchment or a resume. She is similarly dismissed at an use office when she admits to having outstanding warrants for arrest. Actress Charlize Theron captures the womans desperation and anger at a system that will not let her in, no calculate how hard she tries. Demoralized and broke, Wuornos returns to working as a passageway prostitute because that is the only way of life she knows.

The young Hispanic African American men profiled in Philippe Bourgois Workaday World--Crack Economy,* atomic number 18 trapped in a similar situation. They work in deplorable conditions at low wages selling shooter because they lack the skills and education to draw in and keep a true job. At the Game Room crack house, these men averaged $7-8 an hour, hardly a livable wage. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

One of the crack dealers, Primo, gets embarrassed when he reveals that he made only forty dollars one night, and his stimulate has added him as a dependent for food stamps. Primo rhapsodizes most going straight, and how his life would improve if he got a legitimate job. He realizes that the Game Room is a bad surround; he is drinks too many Colt 45s and uses cocaine daily. Furthermore, Primo is payoff to the violent temper of his supplier, and the erratic, irritating behavior of the addicts who comprise...

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