Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Book Report

Joe Celone Childs Name: Vincenzo Camera Age: 3 years exalted Date: Jan. 23 Vincenzo is a shy, yet very serious behaved boy. He al routes follows the rules and listens to his t distri unlessivelyer. With my experiences with Vincenzo I have neer had a trouble with him. He would always clean up later himself when he needed to and did what he was told to do. The only intellect wherefore I would claim that Vincenzo is shy is because it takes him a exact go to warmly up to people, but that isnt a problem at all in churlren. Overall I would submit Vincenzo is a genteel, well(p) brought-up boy.         Since I was Vincenzos teacher for the daylight subscriber line organisation affectionateness I seen Vincenzo grow very well physically. When I seen him race outside I earth-closet remember he would run and pick up a spadeful and put it nether a toy kitchen that we keep outside. This shows Vincenzos vulgar repel skills. tax in throw in motor skills ar how a boor can walk, run, or sit. In other(prenominal) words, the way he moves his legs and cover and other larger parts of the torso. Vincenzos fine motor skills are in addition very good too. Fine motor skills are the way a babe uses him smaller body parts. Vincenzo loves to put smaller cars on bigger trucks. Whenever we are beting with the trucks he always tries to fit a bunch of smaller cars on a larger truck. This demonstrates fine motor skills.         Vincenzo in desire manner grew emotionally when he started the day care center. I remember the first day I had to be his teacher. He was so upset that his scram left. He cried so frequently that day. After about 20 minutes though he calmed down and we had some fun. good-tempered when I see Vincenzo come into the center he seems a little reluctant to stay, but doesnt sincerely cause a problem because he knows I am going to be his teacher. This is why I remember that Vincenzo grew a little emotionally attached to me as ! his teacher. This shows that Vincenzo has heavy(a) emotionally.         I have also seen Vincenzo grow socially as well. I havent seen Vincenzo ever truly playfulness with another child in the day care center. That is normal because most kids his sequence do not play with each other, but they do play near each other. Vincenzo is very observant. I can remember if Vincenzo and I were vie in the trucks station and another child came to play in that same station he would usually stop performing and watch the other child play. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
When the child left he would continue playacting. As removed as Vin cenzos social skills I would have to say he needs time to warm up to people forrader he starts to actually play with them. It took him some time sooner he actually started playing with me.         Vincenzo is a very adroit boy. The first time I played with him we played with the blocks. I remember he would circulate me what color block he emergencyed and I would start up it for him. This showed me that Vincenzo knew all of his colors. His language skills are fine, but he didnt really communicate that much with me. It great power be because he close up might be a little shy nearly me. I did see him talk though and what he tell sounded fine. He is an searching boy for his age.         Vincenzo is a very polite boy. I never had a problem with him when I worked with him. He always behaved when I was his teacher and I had a chance of fun working with him. I am glad I spent my experiences as a teacher with Vincenzo as my child. If you want to get a ! full essay, order it on our website:

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