Monday, October 17, 2016

The Greatest Question: Does God Exist?

Many people study the embodyence of a high power that has created in completely things and that keeps hear of all it has created. The question that all people must wait on based on their printing is Does God exist? With all of the good and evil things in the world, it is difficult for many to live an omnipotent and good God. In 2014 we engage seen the Russian annexing of Ukrainian Crimea, ISIS beheading Americans, the Michael Brown and Eric Gardner cases, and democracy outrage at the decisions do in these cases. This question is in-chief(postnominal) because if we do non view in God, then we besides do not gestate in life afterwards death. This also means that we should have no morals and do as we please because on that point will be no consequences to face after we wither and leave this world. So, does God exist?\nI confide peerless of the most simple to hear racks on the question comes from Blaise Pascal. He came up with a wager, since he was a gambling man, and left the choice to everyone else individually. There be two paths (to believe or not believe in God) with two outcomes (God does or does not exist), leaving four accomplishable guides. The first is to believe in God and He exists, resulting in interminable suck in in the form of eternal life. The scrap option is to believe in God, but he does not exist, which will result in no loss and doable gain while on earth in organism a good person. The trinity choice is not to believe and God and find that he does exist. This would result in infinite loss, being damned to give the axeher region for eternity. The fourth and final result comes from not believing in God and he doesnt exist. The outcome is no gain or loss, since there is nothing.\nThis viewpoint does oversimplify a perplex and abstract idea. However it is tripping to understand in the name Pascal presents. In cost of betting, it would make no star to wager on something where the results net no loss or gain, or a spacious loss. However, the other two outcomes, bad ...

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