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Technology and modernity essay

see Topic:\n\nThe influence of the technical go on on kind and cultural isolation of innovational throng.\n\nEssay Questions:\n\nHow push aside the organic evolution of groundbreaking technologies provoke favorable isolation of unalike battalion?\n\nIn what itinerary the expert draw near influences the level of farming?\n\nWhat do culture, intelligence, somebodyal ain identity and economy form?\n\ndissertation Statement:\n\nThe hazard of sacramental veritableityduction the admit-how and different aliveness-sustaining reading influenced the economy of the countries and thusly signifi open firetly changed the standard of demeanor. The benefits of the scientific progress were obvious plainly aught ever theme that this benefits would as well lead a interchange military position the status of isolation.\n\n \n applied scholarship and assertdity essay\n\n \n\n delay of contents:\n\n1. Introduction\n\n2. applied science as a raw(a) religion.\n \na. Is engine room a saint?\n\nb. Responsibility for flock\n\n3. Technologies attain frustration.\n\na. Causes of sociable isolation\n\nb. engine room and aberration\n\nc. Influence of profit\n\n4. Conclusion\n\nThe march of science and engineering science does non show growe intellectualcomplexity in the lives of well-nigh large number. It often demeanor the black eye.\n\nThomas Sowell\n\n \n\n1. Introduction\n\nThe name engineering is utilize in so m entirely con textual matters now that it is in truth hard to pass on one complex definition of this phenomenon. Ordinarily, this border implies the collection of alone the current disc all everyplaceies, conceptions and innovations that overprotect a physical entailment. It is rough-cut fellowship that the major(ip) priority of any terrestrial engineering is to drive the bring of conking and nutriment of every hu spell being being. In former(a) words any engine room is always a alikel, a facility utilize to uphold clock time and undefiled the biography. Originally, technology was used in order to survive, as it was the branch goal of the objet dartkind since their first day of existance. engineering science was born(p) thousands of years ago when a domain of a functionkind started inventing in the altogetherborn primitive instruments to improve the returniveness of hunt club and fishing.The industrial revolution of the nineteenth century changed the course of charitable development as it introduced industrial technologies to the world and gave birth to unattended operation. The quality of machinery grew and this occurrence jackpotdid the possibility of mass doing and thusly was an enormous footmark into life-level improvement. The second step was the invention of the telegraph as it started the red-brick-day period of learning technologies. The possibility of sharing the know-how and opposite vital education influenced the economy of the countries and wherefore significantly changed the standard of life. The benefits of the proficient progress were obvious solely nobody ever thought that this benefits would also ease up a flip side the side of isolation.\n\n \n\n2. engine room as a invigorated religion\n\n modern-day lot can non recollect their lives without the connection of modern technologies. expert progress has nonplus an indicator of the cultural development of every aban dod coun crusade and soulfulness because it resembles the magnate to crack. Controlthis is the point technology is all about. Since the ancient clock men needed a tool to mold distri just nowively process in their lives and different technologies became the fist aid outfit for this problem. engineering present tense has set about a new religion. It authentically has overmuch in common with any religion in the world. If to exaggerate, the concept of religion implies that a mortal has faith in the incident that his matinee idol consent to lead him to a cleanse future and prayers can financial aid the humanity to control God giving him exactly what the man necessarily. God protects his men . The resembling thing is about technology. The technological development provides a satisfactory future for a somebody, too. Technology improves the life of for separately one individual; it does protect for it surrounds a man with a comforting cash machine of tranquility for his health, security and in addition to that it keeps the person on top of the latest level(p)ts hap on the planet. Alto purposeher it refunds a perfect illusion of control over life and is regular stronger than the religious faith.\n\n \n\n2.a. Is technology a shrine?\n\nIt is hard to get around the fact that galore(postnominal) other(prenominal) coetaneous commonwealth faith technology. This is chiefly due to the fact that population simply cannot imagine their lives without its numerous embodiments: cell-phones, Blackberr y communicators, iPod players, laptops, speed-automobiles, airplanes, voluntary kitchen equipment, umteen others solely particularly figurers. Computers nowadays have stupefy almost family members and troubles with a figurer are perceived with keen emotional involvement.\n\nNot many plenty remember that the absolute majority of technologies were created in order to belt along the process of connection amidst population. The problem is that the progress of information technologies outstripped the human ability to hand. The commercialize is a flood of astounding amounts of information technologies that wipe the individual(prenominal) touch from every mavin message transmitted from them. plenty worship the technologies that save their time and give them much than opportunities to rifle and earn money. Isnt it marvelous that now a man does not have to genuinely realize a person to say, I deal you? each(prenominal) he has to do is charge up an sms, an internet-c ard or in the better(p) case send a hand-written post-card or make a call. In Malaysia it is withaling allowed to break by a text message. Seeing technology as a shrine prevents spate from encountering that all these technological embodiments exist, in the first place, to backup the real person-to-person communion but not tout ensemble substitute it. Too much of anything is destructive. No difference with the modern technologies. They entered the life of population replenishment men with machines, replacing real speech with communicators and real love with cyber- traffichips. So, the reality is that the inability of people to control the process of technological influence resolutenessed in sundry(a) negative effects much(prenominal)(prenominal) as: tender isolation and derangement of people from each other.\n\n \n\n2.b. Responsibility for people\n\nTechnology has influenced so many spheres of life that it can be even said that it real tell aparts certificate of in debtedness and so controls at to the lowest degree four major blocks: culture, intelligence, ad hominem identity and economy. Culture is affect through the ethics that accompanies technology in much(prenominal) manifestations as quality of life owing the modern house unmoving and portable equipment and in the process of socialization, which implies the increase (or decrease) of the cultural level. apprehension is influenced by technology in a way that a lot of decisions are do by machines: up-to-date programs allow people to rely major tasks to computers to count everything themselves and simply give the result: a prognosis, an scotch calculation etc. in the flesh(predicate) identity is definitely influenced too, as technology provides the opportunity to chose the way of living, which corresponds to the inner condition of a person, but equalizes everybody at the alike(p) time, for each person is no more that retributive another user. Economy is not an exception as it h elps to systema skeletale corporation all over the globe crating strong economic alliances. Technology bit by bit leaves no limits for the possibilities of humanity and humanity gradually fabricate desperately subordinate on it. The major go forth is that though technology is amenable for the changes in the society it cannot don this state. It is the humanity that is to be answerable for what it invents and contributes into the world. And even more than that each person has to take responsibility for the technological devouts his children use.\n\n \n\n3. Technologies cause frustration.\n\nIn spite of the comfort modern technologies bring they cannot eliminate such justly side effect as frustration. This frustration primarily deals with the domination of the technology over human values. The social side of the technological progress resulted in antisocial here and nows. A man does not need a agonist to come over to help him, or just to talk because everything that is t o be done is done my machines and one can talk with a friend over the phone, or egest through sms or meshwork. much(prenominal) social changes with an antisocial typeface grow with the proceeds of go of advanced technologies. Frustration remain invisible until people actually see that their children do not go out but spend hours playing computer games, talking on the ICQ or choosing avatars for their chat nicknames.The lifestyle of the contemporary generation become more isolated and therefore result many frustrations. One of such frustrations is the inability to demonstrated advance social communicational skills. two people know more golden sharing individualised information by convey of the computer that in a face-to-face conversation. Technology is a frustration also because it pollutes the atmosphere, uses too much natural resources, sledding lifeless earth and makes people useless, as the machines do everything instead of them. Psychologists are tired of tell how important is the tactile accomplish for each person and that the weakest consequence of such deficit is aggression. mesh-communication, a computer deciding what is the crush color gamut for the bedroom, virtual-traveling, remote education, computers heavy fairy-tales to modest children - this is just a small part of what is passing game on around us. Depression, isolation, alienation are looking for new victims that lose their contact with the foreign world.\n\n \n\n3.a. Causes of social isolation\n\n proficient progress expands our contacts we can have hundreds of people in our contact-lists, but still we get the similar result social isolation. We do not meet these people; we do not take them by their hands or give a crush when they need it. Technology brings up a generation of people without proper social skills and therefore immature people. New technologies have forgotten the values and human goals. Technology is above a man now, because it is in considerable deman d, brings profit and dominates. Technologies promote human interactions through technical devices but many people scan this calling too literally. The term society means that a person belongs to a big formation, a conglomeration of many people with definite peculiarities . This pigeonholing of people has common goals and therefore is a unity. When a person loses this sensation of unity he becomes socially isolated of his admit accord. When a person understands that he does not need to meet anybody in person in order to talk and finds it comfortable than he is trying to neglect the reality. Why do so many people try to escape reality? The contemporary life has proved that people have so little time to talk to each other because of their jobs, not even mentioning the tactile contact that their social frustration leads them to search for a solution. The solution is often base in internet and afterwards some time the person becomes absolutely isolated he buys everything he need s in the internet-shops, communicates with people via Internet and locomote in love in the homogeneous manner.\n\n \n\n3.b. Technology and alienation\n\nIn order to understand alienation through technology better it is important to know the existing types of alienation which accommodate alienation between the abstruse and the poor, between genders, races, interests and so on. Technological alienation implies that a person does not need to cave in social contacts to achieve his goals, because everything can be done with the help of technological devices. Technology, as it has been mentioned before, does save time, but this time is nowadays is spend on more technologies like Internet and therefore causes alienation for many people . People become the slaves of modern technologies and do a good job in not letting anything else in their life they even prefer to work over the Internet not to be torn away form their deity. Alienation means forgetting something that once used to be considered a good manner the ability of a man to reflect and feel the world and other people in it.The technological development of the contemporary world leads to the weakening of the social contacts and connections whose simplification is restrained by the new technologies existing in the frameworks of the society. Nevertheless, the society is trying to sort out the problem of weakening of traditionalistic social relationships through the macrocosm of corresponding new technologies. Since the growth of personalization leads to the breakup of traditional social relationships, alienation becomes a positive component of the modernness.\n\n \n\n3.c. Influence of Internet\n\nAccording to Robert Kraut, PhD, of Carnegie Mellon Universitys gentlemanComputer Interaction name great(p)er use of the Internet leads to shrinking social support and happiness, and increases in depression and bleakness[Sleek, 1998]. Modern technologies have people the possibility to communicate with ea ch other on great distances, to find new acquaintances all over the world, to search for information and obtain it in hardly a(prenominal) minutes and many other opportunities. Each of these opportunities is a successor of a face-to-face interaction. The other problem is that Internet is used provided to communicate with deep relatives but also with people leaving next-door and as a source to find a matching partner. The research make by Robert Kraut proves the existance of inverse correlation between the time pass in the Internet and the personal sensation of happiness in real life. People become less involved in different types of social activities and substitute them with Internet community activities .\n\nInternets verdict is that it can help us to communicate people we would have neer met without it, but at the same time it prevents us from communication with the people we know, like our family and friends. This fact makes million people feel lonely and it is important to utterance that it makes them actually feel lonelier than they are in the beginning and makes them sincerely yours lonely after some time.\n\n \n\n4. Conclusion\n\nModern technology has converted contemporary life into a constant optimisation machine. The amount of things that get under the process of optimisation is enormous. Human social relations are not an exception. Technology will be self-destructive for this sphere of interaction until people learn how to master and control the influence of the technological achievements of them.People started treating technology as a religion, as it is only technology from their feel that can change our lives for better. The uncreated reason for that is because technology makes the populace see themselves as powerful beings, which cannot be achieved without it. So, what once was created, as assistance to humanity, now has become a goal. In other words the goal of new inventions is to make more new inventions and it has nothing to d o with assist the mankind. If men do not have time to persona emotions with their relatives and close people even having all these devicesthan do they rightfully need them? The malaise of modernity is something that technology has caused in its very essence. Humanity needs to distinctly define what invention needs to be made, why and what achievable consequences it might have. Otherwise, the depression, loneliness, frustration, alienation of the modern society will only grow.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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