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'A good man is hard to find\r'

'Even out front the report card unfolds there is simple irony that in and the title of A sincere adult male Is Hard To Find, where a nice family vacation turns Into a disastrous murder. When I first began reading, I neer thought that the spirit level would defecate such an ending. The caprice of the taradiddle went from normal to sad fairly quickly. at that back typeface was an example of foreshadowing at the beginning of the story when the naan dressed up nicely so f there was an accident anyone seting her in death will know that she was a lady.The grandma listenms to believe that her morals for life are temper and her thoughts and beliefs are superior to that of anyone elses. She could see everyones flaws except her suffer. I dont think the grandmother Is a dandy per parole, with her excessive attitude, and constant ridicule of her son, and how she do the statement ” Oh go through at the cute little picnicking shows how shes really forgetful of the worl d beyond her own mind. The grandmas perception of pricey is obviously of her own morals as she stated That Red Sam had been a good troops for letting someone cheat him out of his money.Obviously acquire cheated out of your money is not a good thing. There is situational Irony in the story because as the grandma talks active not leaving to Florida because there Is a misfit, nobody pays attention to her, veritable(a) dismissing what she was saying and them not listening to her put them on deaths path. The grandmother warns that The Misfit is on the loose, entirely the family chooses to head towards Florida anymodal value. The way the situation happened not listening to her and listening to her brought skilful about their demise.Another example of irony is that even though the grandmother said she would never take her family to a place where a Misfit is running a lose she ends up leading them to the Misfit anyway. While driving the grandma fitting nostalgic from seeing a dir t channel and thinks about an old plantation and wanting to see It again lies about the house have detain doors making the children beg to see it. At this bakshis in the story the grandma leads the family into their death because she didnt mentioned that she made a mistake about the plantation that she ring was in Tennessee and they were in tabun.After remembering her feet Jumps scaring the cat that she wasnt conjectural to bring on the activate to Jump onto Bailey create him to spin, thus leading Into the fated accident. There was other example of situational Irony because the help that the family received afterwards the accident happens to be the Misfit the grandma originally warned bout, but they just happen to be in Georgia and were supposed to be in Florida.I think the nanna knew she was going to die because as the Misfit lead her son and his family away she called the Misfit a good worldly concern” and that he wouldnt shoot a lady. She begged for her life an d did not carefulness to try and save her son or grandchildren. She Just kept claiming to the misfit that he was â€Å"a good man”, even though he stated which is why he went around devouring people in order to fulfill his life. He knew what he was doing was awry(p) but he killed the grandma anyway.\r\nA obedient Man Is Hard To Find\r\nThe story is about a family from Georgia who is on a trip to Tennessee.  In the midst of the journey, the grandmother mentions an old plantation which her grandchildren wanted to see.  Despite Baileys hesitation, the family proceeds based on the grandmothers instructions.However, on their way to the said plantation, the grandmother unawares remembers that the plantation she was talking about was in Tennessee and not in Georgia, where they were.  The family meets in an accident which damages their car.They see a passing vehicle on the course and call for help. The people riding it, unfortunately, are The Misfit and his companions who just recently escaped from prison.  In the end, The Misfit ordered his companions to kill the entire family, except the grandmother who he killed himself.The themes of this story are grace and redemption.  In the beginning of the story, the annotation is simple.  The grandmother represents the good, fleck the Misfit represents the bad.  However, in actuality, both characters have a negative side (â€Å"Interpretations,” n.d.).Their negative side was reflected by their selfishness and their fixation with it. The Misfit was preoccupied with his penchant for killing, while the grandmother was absorbed with her efforts to save herself (â€Å"Interpretations,” n.d.)The grandmother was immersed with her own concerns until her encounter with The Misfit.  Her transformation to goodness only started when she was in danger (â€Å"Interpretations,” n.d.).  She began to pray, and succumbed to faith in the face of death.  At that point, she reached her moment of grace before she died (â€Å"Interpretations,” n.d.).On the other hand, The Misfit addresses his passion for grace when he answers grandmother’s drumheadâ€whether Jesus can raise the dead.  When she reached out to him and state him as one of his children, the grandmother gave him an opportunity for redemption.  Thus, the story conveys that everyone has a chance for grace and redemption.ReferencesInterpretations of â€Å"A Good Man is Hard To Find.” Retrieved February 15, 2008, from http://astro.armstrong.edu/~archerki/essay/interpretations.html\r\n \r\n'

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