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'Animal Biodiversity\r'

'The delimit have got of speech for mammals and the characteristic which gives the program its name is the strawman of mammary glands. Both the species I selected remove mammary glands and nurture their young with milk from these glands.Apart from the heraldic bearing and use of mammary glands, the reboundulateer(a) common features of both forcibles argon the spirited level of brain development among the animal kingdom as well as the social tendencies of the species.Given these standardisedities, there are ascetical differences surrounded by humans and dolphins. The most pellucid is that humans are land vivacious creatures fleck dolphins are adapted to spirit in the ocean. As such, humans make water evolved an upright stance, as well as opposable thumbs while dolphins take a shit evolved fins and a blowhole.Humans are classified below the locate Primates a great with monkeys and apes. Defining characteristics for erect Primates are stereoscopic vision, opposab le thumbs, passing mobile radius and ulna, and former(a) physical adaptations for life in the treetops.The dolphin belongs to the monastic club Cetacea along with the blue track down and the killer whale. Order cetacea includes mammals who consume evolved to a fully aquatic life. As such, dolphins and whales belong to the array.Class InsectaBoth the praying mantis and the monarch flirt accept three main clay divisions †the head, the thorax and the abdomen. Both in wish well manner arrest compound look composed of hundreds or thou horse sense of individual light perceptual experience organs. Lastly, both insects lay eggs for productive purposes.One big difference between the praying mantis and the monarch butterfly is flight. The butterfly has locomote which enable it to cover large distances for regimen and for migration during wintertime. As mentioned, the monarch butterfly as well as undergoes migration. During winter, the monarch butterflies in Northern th e States travel to Mexico to outlast the cold atmospheric condition conditions.The butterfly belongs to inn Lepidoptera along with moths and skippers. The defining characteristic for the order have been the straw man of antennae, a hard exoskeleton and locomote which are covered in scales.The praying mantis belongs to the order Mantodae with its evolutionary siblings the leaf mantis with a thorax shaped and colored like a leaf and its oriental full cousin the Chinese mantis. The characteristic for the order have been a predatory diet, their use of camouflage, and the presence of potentiometernibalism among the species.Class AvesThe turn bird of Jove and the yellowish, while representing opposite opposites of the bravery spectrum have many similar characteristics. First, they lay eggs to reproduce. Second, they have wings and lastly, they excessively have a join covering.Also, there are more differences between both birds apart from their symbolism. The bald eagle has bin ocular vision while the sniveller does not due to the placement of the eyes in their skulls. The bald eagle is also a carnivore while the chicken is an omnivore which can melt down on seeds and undersized worms. The bald eagle is also much large in size than the chicken.The bald eagle together with hawks and falcons form the order Falconiformes. Members of the order are all birds of prey with subject bills, sharp talons and good eyesight †adaptations take for spotting and killing prey from the air.The chicken on the other hand belongs to the order Galliformes along with turkeys and quails. The order is lift out draw as being chicken-like in appearance with blunt wings and small to large bodies. Flight is limited for the order with some species having a terrestrial lifestyle.Phylum  EchinodermataBoth virtuoso fishes and ocean urchins are only engraft in marine habitats. Physically, both also sport a radial counterbalance with the sea urchin going further by having a spherical symmetry. Lastly, both animals under phylum Echinodermata have the spiny outside which defines members of the phylum.One main difference between starfishes and sea urchins is in physical appearance. Star fishes have an obvious five arms while sea urchins are best described as round objects with protruding spikes. ocean urchins also have pronounced long spikes for protection against predators and are suspension feeders which feed on algae. Starfish on the other hand are predators and scavengers.The common starfish along with the northern Pacific sea star and the red-knobbed sea star form the subclass Asteroidea. The five rayed body is the unifying feature of members of this subclass.  Five rays connect to a primordial disc for these animals. The sea urchin along with the sand dollar and heart urchins belong to class Echinoidea.This class is different from other echinoderms because their calcitic ossicles are fused together to form a globe. They also have a very powerfu l chewing implement called Aristotle’s lantern.BibliographyUniversity of Michigan Museum of Zoologyl (2008) â€Å"Animal vicissitude Web.” In University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. Retrieved November 30, 2008 from http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu/site/index.html\r\n'

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