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'No end to this disgrace in sight! Essay\r'

'• U. S. Prison Population Soars in 2003, ’04 The community of the nation’s prisons and jails has grown by or so 900 inmates each week between mid-2003 and mid-2004, according to figures released sunshine by the Bureau of legal expert Statistics. By stand up June 30 the system held 2. 1 million people, or one in every 138 U. S. residents. … [The] increase dissolve be attri yeted largely to get-tough policies enacted in the 1980s and 1990s. Among them argon mandatory do drugs sentences, â€Å"three-strikes-and-you’re-out” laws for repeat off devastationers and â€Å" up dutyness-in-sentencing” laws that restrict primal releases. …\r\n[M]any of those incarcerated are not serious or slam-bang off deceaseers, but are low-level drug offenders †first principle News, 2005-04-25 It’s a rosy future for the prisons-for-profit industry. • Gregory Palast: howling(a) Cage: Wackenhut’s Free Market in Human Miser y • A Letter to Barbara bush- alliance • Noam Chomsky: The strugglefare on (Certain) drugs • Lee Rodgers: The Duplicity of the War on drugs Looking at the accumulated say that the Contras and the CIA engaged in cocaine smuggling to gillyflower the covert war in Nicaragua, suspicion arises concerning the ostensible coincidence that CIA-Contra drug smuggling was contemporaneous with the ‘war on drugs’.\r\nFrom a CIA covert action in Latin America the cocaine has made its elan NORTH (ala Oliver North) to the Ameri tail assembly consumer, who is consistently portrayed as Afri net-Ameri outhouse by the mass media, yet though the majority of cocaine consumption is by whites. The distressing prospect arises that this ‘war on drugs’ was nothing to a greater extent than CIA-style psychological warfare which sought to acquire as much as possible of the sum summarize of our civil liberties while particularly targeting minorities. • Daniel Hopsicker: The Secret fanfare of America: A New Look at the Mena Story.\r\nI will never, as presbyopic as I live, forget our ‘Mid darkness ride to Mena,’ seated beside electric circuit guide and American hero Russell Welch. I’m convinced that what I saw t present that night was a fully functional and operational enigmatical organization facility. By that, I do not mean a secret installation of the governing of the United States of America. Unh-uh. What I believe I saw, and what I believe exists in Mena, are like a shot … is an installation of the secret government that runs the government of the United States of America. And here’s what I suspect: that today, long aft(prenominal) Oliver North has become nothing but a minor league radio DJ …\r\nand long after the contra war is just a melt memory of yet another minor league war, our government †yours and mine †is going about the mercantile worldwide business of drug p roduction and distribution. • jibe Webster: Anatomy of a Fiasco: a brush up of The Swedish Drug Control System As with the understanding of bear on madnesses and ritual persecutions of old, a o.k. and prevalent theory of our great modern dry folly will probably have to tolerate not only the closing demise of the madness, but an intervening period of normalization and healing recuperation lasting perhaps several generations.\r\nFrom the perspective of the yon future, historians may well conclude that the centuries-long phenomenon of Substance parapet … reached its dizzying peak in the late 20th light speed as a climactic exaggeration ad absurdum of a long-enduring collective delusion and paranoia. plainly even if we could, by virtue of a time machine, demo such a theory today, the continued population of the crowd madness in our midst would certainly preclude any general recognition or acceptance of its validity.\r\nThus, although there now exist a few obscu re essays which may someday be seen as harbingers of that still-distant revelation, they will probably have minimal influence on the immediate course of events and we can today do little more than pick out local details of the Prohibitionist phenomenon and force purchase order to look at the ugly and counterproductive results of its infantile fixation in the ongoing attempt at circle the malady by stages. on that point seems absolutely no possibility that a great and general truth about Prohibition, no matter how brilliantly expressed, could today awaken Western Civilization from its present nightmare.\r\nBut in the meanwhile, to assist the growing number of single(a)s who can see the inevitable if distant dawn of a new rationality, a wealth of excellent literature exists and continues to grow at a gratifying pace. such literature deals with the â€Å"local details” of the Prohibitionist phenomenon in ways which both illustrate its illogic and destructiveness to socie ty, and suggests practicable if only provisional tactics and strategy for confining the ravages of Prohibition and tackling the difficult task of awakening the general public to its complicity and participation in a crowd madness of major proportions.\r\n• Kristianna Tho’Mas: Opium War: Britain take Hong Kong From China Governments have been behind the drug affair for a long time. • Illicit Lemon Drops depress Boy a School Suspension †from the Los Angeles Times, 1997-11-20: carbon monoxide SPRINGS, Colo. †A 6-year-old boy has been suspended for half a day for bringing â€Å"drugs” to school: lemon drops bought in a health food store. The fire division and an ambulance were called after a teacher found first-grader Seamus Morris freehand the candies to a fellow pupil on the playground Oct. 29, utter his mother, Shana Morris.\r\nShe said both boys’ parents were urged to take their children to the infirmary for tests, despite her ass urances that the lemon drops were harmless. John Bushey, an administrator at Taylor Elementary School, said the half-day suspension was consistent with the govern’s drug policy, which treats unfamiliar products as controlled substances. here’s the original Denver Post story. • How the U. S. Drug War Plays in the European Media According to â€Å"Juan,” the US government is chiefly concerned with getting political and economic advantages from the drug trade …\r\nâ€Å"Washington uses the DEA to crush other countries politically. ” At times, the US permits drug trafficking so that it can get knowledge to use to â€Å" hale foreign governments. ” As the Hopsicker article shows, the U. S. State of Arkansas is one of the murky epicenters of the CIA’s smuggling of addictive drugs into America. Finally some light is falling upon the creepie-crawlie characters in this cesspool. The case of Dan Harmon is interesting: • Dan Harm on Indicted.\r\nHe â€Å"is charged with footrace a drug-related ‘criminal enterprise’ while lot as prosecuting attorney for the state’s seventh Judicial District and heading its federally funded drug task force. ” • Dan Harmon Convicted Despite the apparent wish of the federal prosecutors to take a dive, the jury convicts. • Arkansas Justice An editorial from the Wall Street Journal. • A enquiry Regarding Harmon â€Å"Harmon ran what a lawyer in Pulaski County recently exposit as ‘a reign of terror’ in the counties he was sworn to serve. All of that raises the question of why the man was not stopped earlier.\r\n” This is just the boundary of the iceberg. Those interested in the drug scandals of Arkansas can read more on the CIA page and in the selected messages from the CIADRUGS mailing list. • Crime and the War on Drugs †from annoy Browne’s 1996 U. S. presidential election iron out platform • Vin Suprynowicz: The Big Lie • U. S. to Criminalize affair in Vitamins Are you a vitamin C abuser? • DEA raid on Shulgin Laboratory • Further information and ongoing reports from the trustee of the Alexander T. Shulgin Trust (including the final report).\r\n• Drug lawyer speculates on the future. • The Marijuana polity Project The MPP is working to chip away at the excesses of the current prohibitionist policies, gradually replacing them with levelheaded regulations. • Interview with Michael Levine, former DEA agent, in which he relates his interest as an undercover agent in heroin and cocaine smuggling in S. E. Asia and South America. • cocaine administration †Drugs, Armies and the CIA in Central America A book by an academic and a diary keeper which exposes the lies and hypocrisy behind the â€Å"war on drugs”.\r\n• A review of Smoke and Mirrors: The War on Drugs and the Politics of Failure • A review of The Politics of awareness: A Practical Guide to Personal emancipation • The Arguments against hangmans rope are Flimsy! from the Usenet newsgroup uk. politics. drugs. • The Introduction from the 1996 Positronics Sinsemilla Fanclub Catalogue. There are some countries (considerably more enlightened than the U. S. ) where the â€Å"war on drugs” is perceived even by the government itself to be a lie and a fraud.\r\n• capital of Minnesota Staines: Acid House Parties Against the Lifestyle Police and the base hit Nazis • Costs of cannabis laws outweigh their alleged benefit, an survival of the fittest from Marijuana: The New Prohibition by professor John Kaplan. • Civil Asset Forfeiture †the end of the rule of law Legal theft in America. • The Introduction to Brenda Grantland’s Your House is Under wait You may say this could never happen in America because the U. S. Constitution protects you. There you are wrong, because it is chance in the U. S. †at an alarmingly increasing pace.\r\n• Judy Aita: U. N. Drug Report • Licensed to Deal, Marijuana Sellers Put genus Arizona on the Spot • U. S. prosecutions of pro-marijuana doctors barred At the end of April 1997 a U. S. district judge issued an order temporarily barring the federal government from prosecuting California doctors who advise marijuana to their patients. • Court gives pot back to epileptic Judge Sheppard stressed that his decision had nothing to do with the recreational use of marijuana but was found on solid proof that the substance is an irreplaceable aid to Mr.Parker’s health problems.\r\nHe said that to deny Mr. Parker the substance would be to interfere with his right to life, liberty and security of person. Liberty includes the right of an individual to make decisions of personal importance, the judge said, and health is sure one of them.\r\n• Steven Silverman: A Harsh Civics Lesson • D r. Bernhard Haisch: A Viagra-model consequence to the War on Drugs • Medical Use of Cannabis ‘Could Soon be Legal’ • Illicit drug use in the EU: legislative approaches (372 Kb PDF file) • Edgar J. Steele: Pogo Was Right.\r\n'

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