Tuesday, December 11, 2018

'The Devil in Disguise: Comparing and Contrasting the Devil Figure\r'

'The inconvenience oneself in Disguise â€Å" both the same before he r all(prenominal)ed me, I recognized the aroma baking hot up from the skin downst atmospheric states the suitâ€the smell of burned-over matches. The smell of sulfur. The man in the minatory suit was the monstrosity. ” ( pansy) A common theme among depictions of The morning star is that of unusual physical attributes. The flummox is depicted in trinity different stories (Joyce Carol Oates’ ‘Where ar You Going, Where Have You Been? ’, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ‘ puppyish Goodman brownness’, and Steven King’s ‘The Man In The dreary Suit’) in triple different ways, to that degree all(prenominal) description b atomic number 18s remarkable similarities in some aspects to the next.Themes common to the goliath are that of his physical carriage or how he presents himself, his unmingled eerie powers or attributes, and his victimology. In â⠂¬ËœThe Man in the vague Suit’ the most tangency affaire, at first glance, well-nigh the man is that his eyes were â€Å"an orangish that shifted and flickered. ” (King). He is dressed in an all black suit, a solemn, dark, ominous color, and he was pale. He smelled equivalent sulfur. Similarly, the Devil icon in ‘ unripened Goodman chocolate-brown’ counts to Goodman Brown as a traveler, â€Å"dressed in sincere and decent attire. (Hawthorne) Note the intension of the word grave (solemn). Adversely, in ‘Where be You Going, Where Have You Been? ’ (Oates) the taunt get bys the render of Arnold Friend, a typical, or so it seems, immature boy. The supernatural attributes of the tantalise vary, for the most part, from yarn to story. In the ‘Man in the mysterious Suit’ he can kill by clapping his hands, and his very prat causes â€Å"the grass beneath it to fleck yellow and die. (King) The Devil in ’Young Good man Brown’ has a magical staff, â€Å"which bore the relation of a great black snake, so curiously wrought, that it business leader almost be seen to spanner and wriggle itself like a living serpent. ” (Hawthorne) However there is one supernatural power that holds universal for all terzetto stories. In each the devil figure has a current omniscient air. â€Å"And save, though the elderberry bush person was as plainly clad as the younger, and as simple in mood too, he had an indescribable air of one who knew the world, and would not pay back felt abashed at the governors dinner-table, or in King Williams court… (Hawthorne) â€Å"’But I have what it is. I know your name and all round you, lots of things,” Arnold Friend said. He had not moved yet but stood still listing back against the side of his jalopy. â€Å"I took a special use up in you, such a pretty girl, and found by all about youâ€like I know your parents and child are g one somewheres and I know where and how long they’re going to be gone, and I know who you were with last night, and your outstrip girl friend’s name is Betty. Right? ” (Oates) This adduce shows that he knows everything about Connie. In ‘The Man in the unappeasable Suit’ The Devil knows all about Gary and his family. He knows how Gary’s brother died. He knows wherefore he died. Another thing that is universal in these depictions is the Devil’s victimology. In each story, his victim is young, naive, and inexperienced. Gary is only order years old. A nine-year-old is very gullible and easy to take advantage of. Young Goodman Brown is also naive at least in his picture that all men and women are what they appear to be.Connie is a young, inexperienced, teenage girl. The devil can appear in any shape or form. He has been personified throughout history in literary works such as in Joyce Carol Oates’ ‘Where Are You Going, Whe re Have You Been? ’, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ‘Young Goodman Brown’, and Steven King’s ‘The Man In The Black Suit’. In each he has been portrayed differently, yet similarly in several(prenominal) key points: his appearance, his supernatural abilities, and his victimology.\r\n'

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