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A Comparison between Two Pre-Twentieth Century Stories Essay

I am comparing two sm each(prenominal) and gothic stories written by the same author called Edgar Allen Poe. This author writes many a nonher(prenominal) stories that atomic number 18 based on a gothic theme, he writes stories that are both short and long. The two that I am comparing are two of his short gothic stories, they are called The guarantee narration gist, which I will refer to as Tell Tale and The downhearted barf.I open both of these short stories on the kind of graphic note, and they could be made very scary if a some much things were added.They both had the gothic feel I had also experient this in other short stories called Napoleon and the Spectre and The Signalman. They both had an eery feel about them, hardly they used a ghost give care character to predict things that are to happen in the future. That idea is not present in the Tell Tale, but it is in The grim Cat. This is because the second black draw has the white mark on its stomach in the shape of gallows, so it is in a appearance predicting the aces death.The findning of both stories (Tell Tale and The inexorable Cat) I supposition were similar because the plugger starts by reflecting on the events that he is about to tell you about. Also the rest of both stories are written in first person.There is no evidence of the Tell Tale being written in a certain place, but The Black Cat was written in jail, before the mans death. So it is like he is confessing to you about the deeds he had committed.Poe somehow performs it as thought the protagonist in both The Black Cat and Tell Tale is actually talking to you while you are variant the story. I think that is an extremely good way to keep commonwealth into the stories and on the edge of their seats. This is because you feel like you a really there in the same room as the killer. The protagonist starts off to calculate as though he is a sane man in The Black Cat but as you read on you begin to think that he has lost h is sanity and is now a olive-sized mentally disturbed.Why the protagonist in The Black Cat kills the gag is not known, but there is the evidence to show that he kills the cat and harms it because it loved him. This also something featured in The Imp of the Perverse. The imprint of things happening due to the fact that if it is wrong to do something, you do it to lead a buzz. There is a mischievous feel to that idea, and you could suppose that we involve all through a bad thing unspoilt because it was bad to do it.There is the feeling that the protagonist is trying to make out to the proofreader that he is sane and in the Tell Tale he actually thinks to himself that he superior to average human being. He has this impression that he has a disease that has opened his senses instead of destroying them, they gave him bully hearing and thought.The protagonist then tells you about the strong relationship that he has between his victim, whether it was a cat, a wife or an old man. someway he loses this love and ends up killing his companion. There is a purpose to the killings though, you could say he killed them because they loved him and cared for him, back to The Imp of the Preverse. There was entertain and love and for this reason he just killed them. Both of the eat ups were carried out in a brutal way due to the fact that they were killed in a horrible way and the bodies were hidden in and under parts of a house.The body in the Tell Tale was cut up and kept in the house like a treasure, but the body in The Black Cat was not mutilated any more and was not regarded as a treasure.Poe uses dashes in-between certain words, I think he has done this to try and give the impression that the protagonist is having a conversation with the reader and that he is spilling his thoughts to you.In the Tell Tale the guilt of the murder drives the protagonist to reveal the bodies. He feels that he has done something extremely bad and in the end he is driven mad by the g uilt and is ultimately found out by the police while they are on a visit to the house. In The Black Cat he was found out by his excitement of being caught, he tapped on the walls in the cellar commenting on how well the walls were built. This then had him found out by the police and he was taken to jail.However there are differences, in the Tell Tale the murder is not spontaneous, rather it is carefully intend by the killer. Whereas in The Black Cat the murder was not aforethought(ip) at all, it happen at the spur of the moment without much thought at all.Also in the Tell Tale you automatically have evidence of there being a murder right at the start, so the tension is built up in different ways. In The Black Cat you have no evidence at all in the beginning that there will be a murder somewhere in the story. In this story there is a smudge where it all starts to change, the cat has had its eyes gouged out and you start to learn that the protagonist has a slight insane way about him.Another especially noticeable difference in the build up of tension in the Tell Tale which is different to The Black Cat is that Poe uses repetition passim the story of the planning of the murder.In The Black Cat the protagonist tells you more about his past and what is in his mind he has a more morel voice. He also uses a more sophisticated language, which gives the impression that he is a more educated man.Overall I think that Edgar Allen Poe is a talented author due to his ability to keep the reader arouse and he groundwork write such short stories, but they can get you thinking about them for a long time.

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