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KAHITSAN (Sizzling Tapsihan) By Camille Hazel Diaz To Ms. Girlie L. Fernandez A thesis submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the bachelor of Science in pipeline Administration Major in Marketing Management ABE International contrast College-Fairview March 20, 2013 INTRODUCTION Tapsilog is an original dish of the Filipinos which became a favorite since it was firstly created. Tap means tapa, Si means sinangag or fried sieve and Log for itlog or egg. This kind of food is popular for Filipinos collect to its inwardness and tastiness with the combination of fried rice and egg.Kahitsan is subtle eatery concept religious offering gritty quality yet low-priced traditional Filipino food. It was originated from the discussion Kahit Saan, the word we used to hear every time we ask person where they want to eat. This concept was hold to let the people know that Kahit Saan similarly exist as a small eatery providing wide varieties of filipino dishes. Kahitsan is primed(p) at the eastern end of Claro M. Recto Avenue due to high engrossment of colleges and universities found in the area.It serves a variety of mouth-watering Sizzling Silog repasts such(prenominal) as TapSiLog, ToSiLog, CornSiLog, SigSiLog, PorkSiLog, BurgerSiLog, HotSiLog, ChixSiLog, and LongSiLog with a combination of Bulalo Soup. The gravy made it even more than delicious and serves it on a sizzling plate. We offered a delicious and afford qualified price that gives a satisfaction to our guest that they surely get what they paying off. THESIS STATEMENT Nowadays, people tend to eat outside due to busy days. Some students were not able to bring their own baon in particular colleges. KahitSan appropriates returnss to valuable customers.Our main target market are students and another(prenominal) professionals who work near into our location. Kahitsan maintains product consistency to provide the customers the same high quality they received every time they go to our reg ularize. Our strategy is to build more customers in order to increase revenue. Unlike other small eatery, kahitsan have separate take-out counter for those customers who prefer to eat at variant place, this testament also be an advantage because kahitsan ordain be able to receive additional income even the place were full of customers. We also provide loyalty peckers for an effective way of increasing sales from a specific customer.This card will be showed when they order to us. Effectiveness of this card is due to the provided sense of and it additional cling to to customers gives the feeling of value. gross sales TECHNIQUES Kahitsans strategy is based on delivering a strong customer value proposition in a niche market. Our location is full of colleges and professionals that do not have endless opportunities for dining out. Our competitive edge is to be the first eatery tapsilogan along Claro M. Recto Avenue, in a friendly, non-smoking, customer-oriented dine in friendship a nd first to have its separate takeout counter.To drive customers to Kahitsan, we will exercise several techniques outlined below. * Coupon coupon will be abandoned to people who passed by our store to inform them about our menus. * Flyers will be used for the advertisements which bring in customers. * (Word of Mouth) Encourage customers to become regular customers, and to give tongue to all their friends and acquaintances about the great experiences and time that they shared to us. * Facebook Fan knave is an essential tool to promote my business. * Barkada Meals good for 3 to 5 persons. SALES OPERATION/SERVICESKahitsan will be operating for 14 hours from 7am in the forenoon up to 9pm in the evening. Well be planning to open our store ahead from our competitors so early risers will tend to eat breakfast in our place. Our products will be served fast and ready to consume and will be an alternative to the usual fast-food options available in todays market. Kahitsan will not shu t away its business on Sundays to give our employees a rest. Checking of inventories on Sundays will be an advantage so we will know the food supplies we need to replenish for the whole 6 days operation. Take-out counter Kahitsan will be providing a separate takeout counter for those customer who wants to buy our products and serves as pasalubong for their families, friends and assistant * 15 tables (good for 4 persons) Kahitsan will be having 15 tables with a minimal of 4 chairs each table to suits those customers who came with their friends. It is better to provide a whopping no. of tables instead of a few which pushed the others to hazard another place instead of waiting others to finish eating. POS (Point of sale) system All sales data will be logged on our POS system so we can breed our sales automatically instead of just writing it on a paper. * Loyalty cards After 10 meals purchased, the 11th will be less 50% discount. * Bulletin Kahitsan kahitsan will be announcin g some promos to be posted in our bulletin. MENU Tapsilog P40. 00 Chicksilog P45. 00 Hotsilog P40. 00 Sigsilog P45. 00 Barkada Meal P95 Silog MealsPriceDrinksPrice TosilogP40. 00 blast 8ozP12. 00 Cornisilog P40. 00Coke 1L P30. 00 LongsilogP40. 00 rush Dew P20. 00 Burgersilog P45. 0Mineral Water P12. 00 Porksilog P45. 00Water P0. 00 mesh SALES per dayper month Tapsilog P40 x 30 = P1200 P32400 Longsilog P40 x 8 =P320 P8640 Hotsilog P40 x 7 =P280 P7560 Cornsilog P40 x 5 =P200 P5400 Tosilog P40 x 5 =P200 P5400 Chicksilog P45 x 20 =P900 P24300 Sigsilog P45 x 25 =P1125 P30275 Porksilog P45 x 10 =P450 P12150 Burgersilog P45 x 10 =P450 P12150 Barkada Meal P95 x 5 =P475 P12825 Extra Rice P8 x 80 =P640 P17280 Coke 8oz P12 x 10 =P120 P3240 Coke/Sprite 1L P30 x 5 =P150 P4050 Mountain Dew P20 x 3 =P60 P1620Mineral Water P12 X10 =P120 P3240 TOTAL GROSS SALESP6690 P180630 EXPENSES EquipmentsP25000 take away ExpenseP12000 Salary ExpenseP25000 Food Supplies ExpenseP55000 Utilities ExpenseP4000 Mi scellaneous ExpenseP10000 TOTALP121000 SALESP180630 LessEXPENSESP121000 NET additionP59630 (monthly) CONCLUSION KahitSan is strategically located at Claro M. Recto Avenue serving not only large no. of students but professionals as well. KahitSan will be providing a hassle free service to all our valued customer especially for those who finds place to eat and just relax for a bantam time.Our main goal is to gain more customers and retain those that patronize our service by giving them an excellent customer service. Responsible profit will fairly compensate and reward employees for their hard work, loyalty and commitment. Kahitsan will find different ways that will make our customers satisfied with our service. The market will definitely respond and grow quickly on the next 3 years and establish 2 store locations in different place. BIBLIOGRAPHY http//www. bplans. com/healthy_restaurant_business_plan http//www. entrepreneur. com. ph/board/index. php? action=search2 http//en. wikiped ia. org/wiki/University_Belt

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