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Thomas Hardys Tess Of The Durbervilles Essay -- Thomas Hardy Tess Dur

Thomas inflexibles Tess Of The DurbervillesIn this essay I will contrast and explain the description of FlintcombAsh and Tolbothays dairy. These two places are actually important, becauseeach place shows an important epoch in Tess life. barefaced usesTolbothays Dairy to represent the love and happiness she found and thechance for a new beginning after what happened with Alec. Alec ravishher, he saw her as an object of desire. He took away her innocence.This was replaced with the burden of a child that dies. At this time,having a child out of wedlock was a form of everyday shame. Incomparison, Flintcomb ash is where she was unhappy and shows us theaudience a time of hard ship. Tess goes to Tolbothays because shecannot face any one in her own town, this is because Alec raped her.Then her baby dies her mother might have been partly to saddle for therape because she dressed her as an object of desire, because of allthis happening Tess leaves and goes to Tolbothays Dairy there she hopes to start over again. Flintcomb Ash is a farm, She is forced to nonplus work as a result of her husband (Angle) leaving her and discharge toBrazil.When Tess arrives at Talbothays she is feeling that there is greatoptimism and hope for the upcoming. She has now recover from herrecent tragic experiences and feels stronger and healed. Her hopesmingled with the Sunshine. This shows that she is happy and thecolour yellow from the sun represents this. Hardy uses sorrowfulfallacy to represent the season and the greatness of the place in thenarrate. It shows images of fertilely, a new start and a new life forTess, this is a happy time for Tess. When Tess is at Tolbothays it isin the month of May, thyme scented tinkers damn hatching mor... ...lecsappearance at the farm to represent this as she was also at a lowpoint on her first face-off with Alec.In conclusion, Hardy has made these two disparate place (Talbothaysand Flintcomb - Ash) very important parts in his novel becausetog ether with the use of colour, similes, metaphors, personification,pathetic fallacy and Hardys good use of description, it helps us tocreate two different parts in Tess life. One of which was full oflove with Angle, happiness and felicitous days spent at Talbothays. But intotal verso to this she also spent an equally important part of herlife at Flintcomb - Ash. Where she felt nothing but pain and sufferingin the languish cold hard months she spent there, to give an image of herbreak up with Angel and the thought that she may be left with a futureof suffering compared with what she could have had at Talbothays.

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