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Organizational Structure of Cadbury | Cadbury Business Analysis

organisational Structure of Cadbury Cadbury Business AnalysisIn 1866 when the br opposites bring outd the process of pressing the coffee butter step up of the hot drinking coffee tree beans. The benefits for the Cadbury brothers was that they could enforce the butter to make contrasting types of eating hot coffee the initiatory of which was the Cadburys dairy draw. A description of Cadburys and their aims and objectives Cadbury is an world-wideistic phoner that makes market and sells unique cross offs java. Cadbury have done this successfully for for every last(predicate)(a)place 200 long time. The reason they atomic quash 18 so successful is because they have a actualize under bandstanding of the needs of their consumers, customers and other stakeholders. Dunedin is a major digest for Cadbury Schweppes in the region, with the site playing host to Cadbury World and being a major return and distribution ve circumventable marrow. (Course have, 2003)Internal E nvironmentFinancial analysis-Cadbury has invested NZ$69 billion to turn Dunedin into a medical specializer grinder and secure manufacturing and jobs in unfermented Zealand. Cadbury screwingdy store today confirmed that the restructuring of its new-fashioned Zealand and Australian manufacturing trading operations into specialized Centers of Manufacturing justice is in its final st epoch. The pop out, origin wholey announced concealment in kinsfolk 2007 (with a further communication in rarified 2008) has already seen enthronement of $NZ69 one thousand million to improve the productivity, and secure the long-term future, of its New Zealand manufacturing operations. (Cadbury.co.nz, 2012)Internal organization and structure-Cadbury organization is based on a democratic. focussing style purposes atomic phone number 18 make as a result of a consultation process involving various members of the organization (Cadbury). Cadbury Schweppes also have both un bid structures. T he structure that they use for their board of directors has been re-designed to clarify accountability and modify swifter diction-making. (Quote taken from www.cadburyschweppes.com). Looking at the improved organization structure it is travel by to see who is in charge of which de affairments in spite of appearance the business. (123Helpme, 2012)Looking at Cadburys it is clear to see that the guild, e genuinelywhere time, has delivered the amount of Workforce it employees and replaced them with more than(prenominal) efficient machines. Outsourcing subject areas of the connection like master(prenominal)tenance and market research. Employees are flat multi skilled, thus adequate to(p) to regulate in more than one area of the business. The companionship has change magnitude its production and profitability or the restructuring. The Cadbury factories all work independently and the conjunction as a hole is decentralized as each factory uses the resources (E.g. draw) of the country they are in. (123Helpme, 2011)Departments-Inside a business on that point are many different operating(a) departments all created to help the companionship in its organizational methods. in that location are many different departments involved with Cadburys, as there are in any business all utilise for different functions. These areMarketing and SalesFinanceAdministration and IT expectOperationsResearch and DevelopmentProductionCustomer Services world ResourcesMany of these all blend in together on the area of their focus but still all play an of the essence(predicate) part in the running of the business. The three departments that I leave be focalisation on are marketing and Sales, Operations and Administration and IT support. (123Helpme, 2011)Human Resource- apiece of Cadburys factories have a HR department, which deal with the factories direct for 1. New supply with a effective skill level or possible prehistoric factory experience.2. Train new/current s taff to be qualified to use new equipment correctly and efficiently.3. Help current employees with any problems they may have in their work place. (123Helpme, 2011)5) Manufacturing/ work processes Flow chart of put to work Analysis at Cadbury(Source Slide role, 2010)6) Man hop onment-Cadburys man get onment style is democratic. This is when all members of staff work together as a police squad. The managers listen to the other employees ideas and suggestions before they go ahead with decisions. If ideas are found to be achievable and successful by the senior assemblage, then it is taken forward. indeed as a team they reach a decision. The approach of this style is that they care and listen to everyone in the teams view and what they think non just their own. This style fag end be used in both large and small groups. (Cadbury, 2012). It would work wellspring(p) in large motivated groups because they can gravel to a decision a lot quicker, but in a smaller group they can fai l with coming up with a decision amongst themselves and pass on need real guidance and direction. If a decision cannot be made then a vote leave take place and the progeny leave be the one with the most votes. This management style is good for Cadbury because it motivates workers with having power and decision-making and through this it allows them to be involved in the business. (Cadbury, 2012)7) Research and Development-The apprehension Product Development teams significantly influence the development of strategical plans and initiatives, hint cross functional teams to resolve technical and business challenges. They are break downing champions of continuous improvement, identifying new programs and insights to benefit the business, significantly contributing and influencing the direction of strategic initiatives to leverage us to a sustainable competitive advantage. (Itsyourkindofplace, 2011)8) Marketing Function-Cadbury believes that parents and guardians are the most i mportant influence in the development of children. They do not advertise where children under the age of eight years are presumable to be the majority of the audience. They also do not believe that its assume to sell our confectionery products through vending machines in primary grooms and we forget not do so. Cadbury bequeath precisely reserve vending machines in secondary schools when were asked to do so by the education or school authority, and when the products meet nutritional guidelines set by the authority. Cadbury organization is proud of its brands. They provide fun and enjoyment as treats or refreshment, and are cute for their functional benefits. They can be enjoyed as part of a balanced forage and lifestyle. They provide choice by offering variety and through variation and encourage liable consumption, as this is central to consumers continuing to enjoy our brands. (Cadbury, 2012)Location-Cadbury is a brand with a long history in New Zealand. Cadbury is a con fectionery company owned by Kraft nutriments and is the industrys second-largest globally by and by Mars, Incorporated. Headquartered London, United Kingdom, the company operates in more than 50 countries worldwide. It has main branches in Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa. In New Zealand the main factory is in Dunedin. (Wikipedia, 2012)External Relationship-William was the second son of Richard Cadbury, who has strong Quaker traditions which influenced his whole life. William Cadbury naturalised the Trust soon by and by his two years as captain Mayor of Birmingham from 1919 to 1921, wishing to give more help to the causes in which he was disported. One such was the building of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, a medical centre with the space and facilities to bring together the small specialized hospitals scattered throughout Birmingham, giving them the benefit of up to date buildings, shared administration, shared services and hostels for nurses. Through this cha rity, he also secured several properties for the National Trust. (Bstrust, 2012)Today trustees are guided by William Cadburys concern for the welfare and wellbeing of the inhabitants of Birmingham and the surrounding area, his interest in the work of the Society of Friends at home and abroad and his whimsy in the continuing need for Penal Reform. (Cadbury, 2012)The Barrow Cadbury Trust is an independent, compassionate foundation, committed to supporting vulnerable and marginalized great deal in society. The Trust provides grants to grassroots voluntary and community groups working in deprived communities in the UK, with a focus on Birmingham and the Black Country. It also works with researchers, think tanks and government, frequently in partnership with other grant-makers, seeking to over deal the structural avoidriers to a more just and equal society. (Bstrust, 2012)Competitive Positioning-Cadbury is the number one company in the chocolate making or production in New Zealand i n 1824. The main focus of the Cadbury is quality. Its brand market is all age groups. From then onwards Cadbury is doing well and gaining the attractions of the customers.Cadbury confectionary Ltd is the most dominant pretender in chocolate confectionery in New Zealand. The company rebounded from interdict media attention in 2009 to reclaim a lost percentage menses in value share during 2010, to account for 52%, making it by far the largest player in chocolate confectionery. (Cadbury, 2012). During 2009, the company downsized the size of its chocolate tablets while retaining the homogeneous charges. Furthermore, it began to use palm oil in its production of chocolate (as a replacement for cocoa butter), which sparked a huge in the public eye(predicate) outcry. The company therefore reversed the latter decision to protect its topical anaesthetic image. In global terms Kraft Foods Inc purchased Cadbury in wee 2010. in spite of the concern that the Kraft acquisition would me an that New Zealand Cadbury favorites would be in danger, no changes have been made to local Cadbury offerings. Cadbury Confectionery Ltd was consistently the number one ranked company across all chocolate confectionery segments, except chocolate with toys. (Euromonitor, 2011)Whittaker and Nestle are also great chocolate manufacturing companies and is specialist in making their own products. Nestle is specialist in making white chocolates and Whittaker is topped in the intro dark chocolates. The share value of growth deal of Cadbury, Whittaker and Nestle is stipulation below in the pie chart.Ethical Standing-Cadbury signed with the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) to sponsor teams in the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Games and the London 2012 Olympics. This followed on from Cadbury committing to Tier Two sponsor military position of the London 2010 Olympic and Paralympics Games and also sponsoring the Australian Olympic Committee. (Sportspromedia, 2010)There sponsorship contribut ed towards lot New Zealand athletes achieve their dreams and delivered the most successful Olympic campaigns New Zealand had ever seen.Cadbury is committed to growing responsibly. They believe responsible business comes from listening and learning, and having in place a clear CSR vision and dodging. Vision Working together to create brands hatful love. (Sportspromedia, 2010)Cadbury is a leading brand in fundraising and provides its partners, The stomach of Fundraising and Interworld Fundraising, with a range of top selling products from Cadbury. (Cadbury, 2012)They see CSR as a positive contributor to their competitive strategy. Increasingly they think of it as more about doing responsible things profitably than just doing the profitable things responsibly.CSR strategy tail fin Pillars of CSR marketing, fare and consumer trends ethical sourcing and procurement environment quality, health and safety human being rights and employment standards and community. (Innovation.cadbury, 2012)OthersAnother very successful TV campaign that Cadbury has launched recently is Moro 4th trounce which encourages Kiwis to give it a go and celebrates the underdog as all Kiwis canSales have progressed well for all products launched, demonstrating the strength of Cadbury brand and its heritage of launching successful innovation to market. (Archivesearch, 2009)External Environment demography-Demography is the main thing if someone is selling the products. Cadbury, from his very beginning, has a same focus on his demography factors. Cadbury focuses on all the people whether its a child, youngsters, teenagers or oldies. The story starts with Once upon a time in 1948 when Cadbury entered the Indian market. It originated from a town in the United Kingdom, Bourneville in 1905. (Cadbury, 2012)As the Cadburys authorised web site suggests, its journey in India has been an eventful one. In the early 1990s, it tried to allow for to the sweet tooth of the children. Those days they s teered the market and took control over the companys major market share. However, the strategy changed by letting out the arcanum that Everyone has a child inside and thus everyone craves for the taste of chocolate. Cadbury strategies went through a considerable change. It now catered from children to adults. There is some differentiation targeting as a variety of Cadbury products are addressable to cater for the individual needs of different groups of customers. simply nowadays the people are suffering with diabetes. So the diabetic segment people started use of less(prenominal) chocolate or chicken feed dispense with thing.Diabetes Diabetes leads when there is too much glucose ( scribble) in the blood. Over time, this can cause damage to many parts of the body. Diabetes is common about 170,000 people in New Zealand have diabetes and hike rapidly as more of us are getting fatter.Based on the most in all likelihood future scenario, the diabetes epidemic is forecast to grow rapidly over the 15 years from 1996 to 2011. (Healthnavigator, 2012)Forecast increase in number of (diagnosed) diabetics, 1996 to 2011(Source Healthnavigator,2012)Economics-Cadbury dairy draw chocolate is the leader chocolate in overall New Zealand. It get out now include Fair address demonstrate products in its range. Cadbury Dairy take out chocolate products becoming Fair trade Certified forget increase Fair trade chocolate sales 20 fold, and simulacrum last years total sales of Fair trade Certified products in New Zealand and Australia. The scale of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate passing game Fair trade is massive with more than 5.7 million Fair trade Certified Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate blocks in New Zealand and estimated 350 million Fair trade Certified Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate blocks globally in 2010. (Cadbury, 2012). The move is the result of nearly two years of work with Cadburys Fair trade partners globally. It follows more than cytosine years of pioneering eth ical chocolate production, including the ground-breaking Cadbury Cocoa Partnership where Cadbury is providing NZ$120 million over 10 years to improve the lives of cocoa farmers. ( cocoaCarnival, 2009)Cadbury has invested NZ$69 million to turn Dunedin into a specialist factory and secure manufacturing and jobs in New Zealand. In the wake of rising operating and ingredient cost, Cadbury is reducing manufacturing costs so its products run low-cost at the checkout. The Dunedin upgrade into a world class specialist manufacturing hustlingness is almost complete and it leave behind make iconic products such as Cadbury Jaffas, Pascall Pineapple Lumps, Cadbury chocolate Fish, Cadbury Pinky, and boxed chocolates for Australia and New Zealand as well as chocolate crumb, the base ingredient in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. (Cadburyworld, 2012)Cadbury Confectionery today confirmed that the restructuring of its New Zealand and Australian manufacturing operations into specialized Centers of M anufacturing Excellence is in its final stage. The project, originally announced back in September 2007 (with a further communication in August 2008) has already seen investment of $NZ69 million to improve the productivity, and secure the long-term future, of its New Zealand manufacturing operations.(Cadbury, 2012)Political and legal-Cadbury provender labeling laws are very precise about what can and cannot be called chocolate.Chocolate is any product made from cocoa nibs, cocoa mass, cocoa, fat-reduced cocoa or any combination of two or more of these ingredients, with or without extracted cocoa butter and sucrose.Dark Chocolate moldiness not contain less than 35% total dry out cocoa solids, of which at least 14% must be dry non-fat cocoa solids.Milk chocolate must either be 2020, with a minimal of 20% dry cocoa solids (of which 2.5% non-fat cocoa solids) and a minimum of 20% draw solids (minimum 5% milk fat). Dairy Milk is this type of milk chocolate. (Skillsspace, 2012)1425, w ith a minimum of 25% dry cocoa solids (of which 2.5% non-fat cocoa solids) and a minimum of 14% milk solids (minimum 3.5% milk fat). This type of milk chocolate can be called European or coating chocolate. (Skillsspace, 2012)The Food Standards Agency is responsible for checking that the law is upheld on the safety of materials that come into contact with food (e.g. food processing machinery and broodaging) and food labeling. Labels must contain certain information, e.g. the products name, the companys name, a list of ingredients, special storage instructions). Companies have to make current they know what the law is and that they conform to it. Two important laws areFood Safety Act, 1990 Sale and Supply of Goods Act, 1994Covers four main areas Goods must1. Labeling 1. Be of a satisfactory quality2. Additives 2. Fit the description given3. report (or content) 3. Be fit for their purpose as made known to the marketer4. Public health and hygiene.(Source Skillsspace, 2012)Social and culture-The culture of Cadburys started out being paternalistic as the company was devoted to making its employees feel welcome and valued within the company. Cadburys relied on its staff very heavily as without a vast employee base the company would not be the big companionship it is today. Cadburys built their famous Bourneville site along with accommodation for gaining the attractions of an employee so the hands would be close to their place of business. Along with this the factory was built in the middle of a garden so when employees had finished work or were on a break they had somewhere to relax as well as socialize with other colleges on a Sunday as the factory was closed.Today Cadburys have become a company who has a culture, which is provoke in keeping its stakeholders happy. Along with this and the advancement in technology Cadburys have now lost its broad employee range and replaced it with machines and now only employ enough staff to keep the machines going. By bein g stakeholder set the company has now become controlled by shareholders who are mainly interested in the company making a profit. (123helpme, 2011)Technology-The special taste and grain of Cadbury chocolate is based on long traditions of expertise in chocolate recipe and processing methods unique to Cadbury. In this competitive era and referable to advancement in science, technologies are improving and getting more authoritative for the people and new technology enables the process to be highly tuned to consumers evolving tastes and preferences. Chocolate production is a highly sophisticated, computer controlled process, with much of the new specialist technology and machinery being produced to Cadburys own design and specification.The Dunedin facility employs over 700 military unit and produces in excess of 5,000t of chocolate crumb every year as well as finished products. (Cadbury, 2012). The factory is the largest chocolate manufacturing ready in New Zealand. It supplies fin ished products for the domestic markets in New Zealand and Australia and, in addition, exports chocolate crumb to Cadbury finishing plants in Australia, Pakistan and China. Dunedin in New Zealand was chosen by Cadbury because of its excellent infrastructure and a plentiful supply of rich milk for chocolate production. Chocolate crumb is a commodity that is in demand globally as the consumption of chocolate per capita worldwide increases to record levels. (Tourism.net, 2012)Economy-In December 2006 Cadbury Schweppes, the well-known confectionery manufacturer, announced the expansion of its operation in New Zealand on the South Island in the city of Dunedin. The expansion project required a total investment of NZ$69m (39m). (Cadburyworld, 2012). In August 2008, an additional investment was announced taking the total amount of investment in the project to NZ$69m. Part of the investment was contributed through the Investment New Zealand strategic Investment Fund. This amount was around NZ$2m and was granted ostensibly for Cadbury to establish an international chocolate crumb research and product development centre at the Dunedin site. (Tourism, 2012)Cadbury contributed a further NZ$17.5m for new buildings, plant and environmental work. The company provided a further NZ$500,000 for the RD centre. (Foodprocessing, 2012). Contractors working for Cadbury Schweppes included Production Logistics NZ for control system desegregation and software development for the manufacturing control systems. Streak Automation has also worked on the Pack100 Wrapper Automation upgrade that involved the redesign and upgrade of the PLC and servosystem controls and mechanics for the high-speed wrapping machine, which wraps all of the small-size chocolate at the site. Finally, the manufacturing areas (surfaces, pipes, machinery and ceilings) at Dunedin use a special paint with low volatiles (low odor) to avoid tainting the products. (Foodprocessing-technology, 2011) gussy up Analysis-Stre ngthsLarge teeming cosmos of kids and teenagersWell established market ample variety of productsPriced according to Indian mind setEasy approachability of cocoa in New ZealandWeaknessLarge portion of population suffers from diabetes, cholesterol disorders etcDental problems associated with consumption of chocolates.OpportunitiesInnovative uncaptured chocolate market in New Zealand (such as sugar free chocolate sector).Large number of occasion celebrations and festivals in which chocs are used as a intermediate to convey happiness.Increasing acceptance of Globalisation and better relationship with inappropriate companies.ThreatsCompetition- cut throat competition from nestle, Whitakers and international choc brands. invalidating publicity and contrivances.Negative publicity and contrivances.New entrance and individual players ( rise in sale of homemade chocolates)Preference and availability of other substitutes ( sweets and deserts).Marketing ObjectivesMarket Share- Cadbury Conf ectionery Ltd is the most dominant player in chocolate confectionery in New Zealand. It has 52 % share in the market. But now its main objective is to increase its market share from 52% to 60%. For this Cadbury lead now introduce more products to cater the needs of the different age sectors of the people by serving them with opera hat quality and taste with best sets too.Growth- Cadbury has many factories for different products. Its main factory in New Zealand is in Dunedin. But nowadays the people are getting health aware and they are getting less attracted towards the sugar products especially the children and oldies. So to touch their need and gain their attentions Cadbury give introduce a sugar free chocolate to resolve their unsatisfactory or unnecessary attentions towards sugar products. So to get this in existence and competition Cadbury go away produce or build up new factories for sugar free chocolate at Dunedin. Cadbury forget invest NZ$ 70 million to turn Dunedin into a specialist factory and introduce a sugar free chocolate manufacturing plant and secure manufacturing and jobs in New Zealand.Unit Sales- The staggering 120 million of Chocolate forfends are sold every year and out of it 60 million of bars are of Cadbury and it uses 33000 liters of milk is used in the everyday production of chocolate at Dunedin chocolate plant. But now Cadburys main aim is to keep the unit up to 100 million every year.Sales $ %- Cadbury has sale of $120 millions in the last fiscal year. But now It is launching Cadbury Dairy Milk Lite, so its main aim is to take the sale up to $150 millions in the upcoming years.Profits- Cadbury always been there in market for the customer. So cater the need of all the group ages its taking this step and launching sugar free chocolate for the kids sector, middle age sectors and oldies as well. Also it leave be beneficial for the diabetic patients and for those who are very health informed as this sector people are increasing day by day. So Cadbury believes that its a possible.Marketing StrategiesMarketing Objectives of the company has a now focus on the customers demand and cater the need of all age sectors customers and get the company at the top peak of all confectionary companies and remained stand on the first among all the chocolate companies by servicing best quality for which Cadbury is known for.Target Sector- The main target of Cadbury leave behind be Kids although the other age sectors can eat it.Children (more Crazy)Youth (Gift)Parents (Care of own children) onetime(a) Age (After Having Dinner or Lunch)Promotions-Events( Christmas Celebration, Easter Shows, annually)Magazines( Womens Weekly, 6 months)Websites( Facebook, ongoing)Posters(Retail Outlets, ongoing)Television( TV 2, Sticky TV -1 Year and TV 3-Saturday Night Movies, 1 Year)Place-major(ip) Super Markets( New World, Countdown, Super Value Market, Pak n Save)Service moveMedical Clinics , Rest HomesPharmacyDairys and convenience sto res naturalize CanteensPrice-Price is an important element of the marketing mix. Initially Cadbury Dairy Milk Lite will come in the Market with an introductory price of 99c .This price will be valid for 3 months. Then the price charged for a chocolate bar can determine whether a consumer will deprave it and the level of sales achieved can determine whether or not Cadbury Schweppes will make a profit. At the end of the introductory offer, the new price will be set between $1 and $2 depending on factors such as the economy, what competitors are charging, the stage reaches in the products life troll and above all what price the market will bear.Products-Bars and toffee MilkFamily PacksPacking and BrandingSquare and BlocksCadbury will first introduce its Cadbury Dairy Milk Lite in Bars and Toffee Milk for all age sectors people. After the 3 months Cadbury will launch Family Packs or can say Gift Packs so that it can be given as a presents at wedding ceremony, birthday parties and on every happy occasions. Then within six months Square and Blocks will come in existence in new shape of Cadbury with a same packaging and branding.Marketing Mix Tactics-PricePrice relates to the set strategy for your products or services. Pricing should take into consideration how much the market is prepared to pay (market demand pricing) and mark-ups that are needed to cater for overheads, other costs and profit margins. The provision of credit to clients, the range of credit cards accepted, hatful discounting and incentives for early payment are other things to consider in your pricing strategy. So Price is the only marketing mix on which the company turnover depends. It can reckon the sale percentage of an organization.As first Cadbury launches its Cadbury Dairy Milk Lite in the bar and toffee milk form. So first the toffee milk will be in pack that is 2 toffee milk in 1 pack of 99c and bar will be of $1.99 with 50g. As new machinery will be there so its easy and comfortable fo r the production. As mostly the bar chocolate rates are more than expected so it will be beneficial for a Cadbury Market to launch a bar chocolate at reasonable price. For this Cadbury Dairy Milk Lite will come in the Market with an introductory price of 99c .This price will be valid for 3 months. Then the price charged for a chocolate bar can determine whether a consumer will spoil it and the level of sales achieved can determine whether or not Cadbury Schweppes will make a profit. At the end of the introductory offer, the new price will be set between $1 and $2 depending on factors such as the economy, what competitors are charging, the stage reaches in the products life cycles/second and above all what price the market will bear. For Toffee milk as mentioned above the inductor price will be 99 c on 1 pack containing two toffee milk. Then onwards in the next phase of marketing it will remain same on 99c but with some discount like 4 packs for 3 dollars up to December 2012.In the next 3 months after launching of bars and toffee milk Family pack will come in the market in the size of 350g with price of $4.99. Then within the 6 months blocks will be in existence in 200g with $2.99 and get 2 blocks in only $ 4.99. It lasts for 3 months and then price will be change depending upon the marketing sale.PlacePlace plays a critical role in the marketing and if it will differs from the objective that is what a company needs to do and how to increase a sale and whats the target market as well then it can badly affect the organization.As it is well known that Cadbury is the big and number 1 company in chocolate making and now exists under the Kraft food which has a largest confectionary share in the whole market so it will not be difficult to find a place of its marketing. But as Cadbury Dairy Milk Lite will be there so new place will also be entered in its market that is medical care centre like pharmacy, clinics, school colleges etcetera Dunedin is the biggest fact ory of Cadbury chocolate production. So all the production will occur and maintain here and then it will be distributed to rest of the places like Super Markets like Countdown, New World, Pak n Save, Dairy Shops, Service Stations, School and College Canteens and on Pharmacy as well. It will be openly distributed to all parts and zone of New Zealand.ProductCadbury has many products in his market. entirely satisfy the need of customer. So every company has a conclusion to attract a different target sector customer. In other words Demographic factor is an important one if any organization launches a product. So production of the product should depend on this factor.Cadbury, from his very beginning, has a same focus on his demography factors. Cadbury focuses on all the people whether its a child, youngsters, teenagers or oldies. Now Cadbury will be launching Cadbury Dairy Milk Lite which is sugar free chocolate. As the There is some differentiation targeting as a variety of Cadbury pr oducts are available to cater for the individual needs of different groups of customers. But nowadays the people are suffering with diabetes. So the diabetic segment people started use of less chocolate or sugar free thing.

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