Saturday, March 23, 2019

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The Patriot Movie ReviewThe Movie, The Patriot, was a rousing and industrious Revolutionary War epic from the view point of a family copious of revenge and strong wills. This video began with the majority of colonists angered. This part of the delineation caught my attending and intrigued me to keep watching until the last minute. I especially enjoyed the heartbreaking moments and the vivid war scenes in the ikon. Although I liked those aspects of the movie, the storyline was exceptionally trade good as well. To understand this historical fiction movie, a historical ambit is needed. If a person does not understand what is meant by Taxation without representation, accordingly the subject of conflict will not be understood. The plot of the movie began to develop when genus Benzoin Martins son, Gabriel, was captured by British troops. Benjamin Martin was a former hero of the French and Indian War, except he renounced fleck so that he would be able to raise his family in peac e. Attempting to make it his brother, Benjamins other son stood up to the British soldiers, but was killed in the process. Benjamin, only wanting to save Gabriel, ended up flake in battle, rescuing Gabriel, and killing the murderer of his other son. After all of this happened Benjamin realized the importance of being involved in the war, so he sent his other children to live with their aunt in order for he and Gabriel to join the army. Once they became part of the army, Benjamin became a general and scarper his colonial militia, including Gabriel, into trifling battles. During battle Gabriel was killed, which deeply depressed Benjamin and do him so distraught that he does not feel like combat anymore. His feelings stayed this way until (while at the camp) he saw the Brit that killed Gabriel. Benjamin thence killed that man and understood at that moment why so many men had been dieing. Because of this, Benjamin became extremely patriotic and decided to move on with the Americans because he then had nighthing to fight for. Everything that happened kept me on the edge of my take wanting to know what was going to happen next. Overall, I thought that this movie was very moving and vigorous.Although I enjoyed the main portion of the movie, there were some obvious likes and dislikes in my opinion. I believe that I learned from this movie and it helped me understand more of what the people of that time were feeling.

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