Thursday, April 18, 2019

Amazon's Data Assurance Policies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

viragos Data Assurance Policies - Assignment Example amazons customers receive immediate notification of whether the feat has been successful. This is done first immediately online, giving them an opportunity to keep a printed record as well as being stored in their account history, which is visible online. An electronic mail is also sent to the customer as a further notification and surety measure.In a credit humor transaction there are three stages to processing an order namely, certificate of the cardholder, authorization for the transaction from the card issuer, and eventually settlement by the card issuer with Amazon. Once the card issuer authorizes the transaction Amazon will send a confirmation to the customer. In a successful credit card transaction for an existing customer the following information assurance policies are embedded within Amazons order processing system to safeguard customers, Amazon and the card issuer against the risk of identity stealingAmazons infor mation assurance policies ensure that it does not collect any data from customers that is not required either to facilitate online transactions or to improve the quality of their experience whilst on the site. For example, poop the scenes, Amazon ensures that all credit card numbers are transferred to and stored on a computer that is not accessible by network or modem or connected to the Internet. This is done via a one-way interface. This acts as another layer of protection from internal security risks as most staff will scram no reason to access that server.Often the weakest point in the information assurance policy is interaction with the end-user, as an organization relies on the end-user to keep private data correct and safeguard against threats to the integrity of network systems to which they nurture access. Amazons success here is mixed. For example, customers are forced to keep their personal data accurate in order to be authenticated for purchasing from the site and A mazon does not collect personal data for any other reason.

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