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Sony corp Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sony corp - Essay ExampleThough not all perplex been successful, Sony has endured in the world of high technology. The company had its beginnings by bringing a portable AM radio within the reach of all consumers and has evolved to encompass the areas of in coiffureion technology, digital home electronics, media subject area, and pecuniary services.Because of Sonys diverse increase line, the company has found it beneficial to have a marketing plan that sells its business products through conduct as well as direct sales to the consumer. Sony primarily sells its information technology to businesses through its etymon Provider Center that was introduced in 2006. Jay Dishong, vice president of business-to-business sales states that the Center provides improved, commitment, communication and service levels to our distributors, source providers and B2B end users (Dishong). Mike Abary, vice president of Vaio notebook marketing states that , You can no longer pervert direct, if you are a business. The move to an all-channel model, he said, was driven largely by the better economics of delivering to businesses via solution providers (Moltzen).In contrast to Sonys Provider Center for B2B products, their consumer products are marketed through direct sales via a weather vane portal. The web site, Sonystyle.com also lists a toll free number that consumers can call to place an order. In addition, consumer products are made available through major retail outlets (Sony Style). . Sony products are marketed under categories that overwhelm electronics, music, games, movies, components, and financial services. They sell home entertainment electronics, the Play Station 2 video game, Blu-ray DVD discs, and digital cameras and camcorders. As a broad based home entertainment provider, they also own Sony Studios, which produces and distributes original movies and television substance (Sony Pictures). These products are aimed at the consumer market. Sony also markets a line of audio-visual and information technology that targets businesses. These products include VAIO products, public displays, projectors, and visual storage products (Abary). The Sony Semiconductor Group manufactures electronic components to be used by OEM manufacturers. Sony financial services include banking, insurance, and credit cards.The core of Sonys business is the home electronics and information technology, which accounts for 90 percent of their revenue (Business at a Glance). Sonys objective has been, and remains, to be the leader in networked home electronics. By offering products that move with each other they are able to network a household through a joint entertainment network. Sonys marketing strategy has been to create a group of products that work together to deliver media content in the home. That strategy was based on the popularity of broadband and by the forming of alliances. The Play Station 2, and its DVD format Blu-ray, have been a key component of that strat egy. The development of the Play Station itself was aided by alliances tough between hardware designers and game-software developers so were other innovations like the compact disc, a result of an alliance with Phillips (Singh, Pangarkar, and Heracleous 99). accomplishment from the bitter rivalry between the videotape formats of Betamax and VHS, Sony has utilized alliances to popularize the Blu-ray high definition DVD format. In conclusion, Sony is primarily an

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