Thursday, May 9, 2019

What is your assessment of the progressives What contradictions do you Essay

What is your assessment of the progressives What contradictions do you see in the progressive movement. Had you lived between 1900 and 1920, would you have s - Essay ExampleThese changes have to be done to groom the cities without attracting Americas economy. This was the main aim of progressive movement.Another class of the society that was affected by the progressive movement was the working class. The working class women and the middle were brought together under one placement to solve social problems in legislative way. The progressive movement was started from the local government and then move to the upper level government. The work efficiency was also boosted up during this era. A young expert named Fredrick W Taylor introduced new ideas of efficiency at working place which improved the productivity by speeding up the labor activity.In this progressive era, a young man with great political experience became the chairperson of United States named Theodore Roosevelt. At the age of forty he became the youngest president of United States. The main cause that make him popular was his policies that reflected his personality as an activist and moralist.His main concern was railroad regulation which ended up with a compromise between the two positions. His greatest achievement was to conserve Americas inwrought resource. He won a noble peace prize for negotiating an end to Russo-Japanese war and preserving open accession policy in China.Woodrow Wilson was the governor of New Jersey and became the president of United States in 1912. He started the federal official Reserve Act in 1913. This act provided the control of government over banking. He also introduced federal Trade Commission Act that regulated the trade by taking commission from these trade corporations. He appointed commissioner to

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