Thursday, June 20, 2019

Education in Online Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Education in Online Environment - Essay ExampleThe main consideration for posing the question under discussion is that if online learning through virtual school modes and its former(a) auxiliary function are capable of delivering an equally rigorous, high-quality education, then why not substitute the conventionalistic brick and mortar classroom with the online classroom? The first and most primal reservation and consideration against collegiate education which is quality has already been responded in the affirmative and it right off becomes high season to make classrooms virtual to benefit of the many advantages of a technology-based education using the internet as a platform instead of the traditional classroom. Many if not most academicians agreed that the learning outcome for their students such as incorporating active learning techniques such as working collaboratively on assignments, take part in small-group discussions and projects, reading and responding to case studi es, role-playing, and using simulations can now also be done online (Paliof and Pratt). Its many benefits include financial pragmatism which is very important today because are still in the process of recovering from the financial crisis. Online classrooms will keep back the student a huge amount of time and bullion and these rescue time and money can be channeled to other things that are productive thus optimizing the time and resource of students. Students are able to save time in an exclusive online classroom in go to college because he or she no longer has to commute beginning in enrollment, going to class and attending to school documentary requirements. The saved time and opportunity cost saved are huge that the students can either used it to engage in other productive endeavors such as engaging in interesting hobbies or getting a job to help finance college. Speaking of finance, along with the saved time is also money. Commuting to and from college costs money and it is i ncreasingly getting expensive due to the perpetual increase in the price of petrol. It would also save the student clothing expenses because he or she no longer has to purchase additional clothing that is suitable for going to class. If the student has to board near the school, the online classroom will no longer require that. Instead of paying board and lodging just to be near the school, the student can stay in the comfort of his or her menage without the added cost of board and lodging. He or she has to pay only for the utility bills which are very minimal compared to paying room and board inside or near the university. It is also safer because students no longer have to leave the house and expose too many elements outside the house that could pose danger to the student. Danger such as road accident, mugging or being shot by a distraught student who has asleep(p) amuck is virtually absent if the student stays in the house to attend class.

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