Thursday, June 13, 2019

Teens and Drunk Driving Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Teens and rummy Driving - Essay ExampleThis research paper would be presenting those circumstances, the thought process of teenagers, the reaction of teenagers towards drunkennessing, and the hazards of drive after tipsiness. The drunk driving by the teenagers is another topic under discussion by the school systems, parents, and media because it brings practically of dangers and hazards from both safety and health point of view. The arguments for this statement would be presented in the rest of the paper.Driving is a very responsible duty but driving while being intoxicated or drunk is highly regarded as irresponsible and risky for the drivers because it increase the risk of accidents, injuries and deaths every year around the globe. Drunk driving to the limit where driving capabilities become impaired with that of driving motor vehicle is highly prohibited legally in almost every agricultural in the world. In fact, it is a crime in most countries around the world. In some cou ntries, for example, Canada, the prohibited amount for driving starts from Blood Alcohol surfeit (BAC) 80mg/100ml of blood. People get drunk in parties and friends or family gatherings and drive recklessly which is dangerous not only for the driver, but the people sitting with in the vehicle and the other pedestrians (Mittelman and Inc NetLibrary 178).The issue of drinking by the teenagers is there sinc... Drinking - Forbidden Fruit for TeenagersThe issue of drinking by the teenagers is there since centuries. It has been said that young adults use to drink buckets of ale in the Pre-Revolutionary America. At present, in the present United States, drinking publicly is prohibited for the young adults less than twenty-one years of age. This has created the image of booze as forbidden fruit for the teenagers. The number of drunken teenagers is growing rapidly these days and it is considered very harmful for the young adults. The drinking habits of teenagers can start from at times at indoor family gathering (which is obviously comes under the restrict guidance of parents or guardians) and then can grab the habit of becoming habitual with friends and rancid campus whenever they get a chance. Although, the teenagers are not legally permitted to buy liquor from any authorized dealer or store, but they somehow find a way by bribing an adult friend who could easily buy all the required drinking materials for his young adult friends. The increasing number of drinking teenagers has change magnitude the tension between the school systems and parents because they get highly tensed how to overcome this problem by convincing their kids not to drink liquor (Jacobs 13). The reason for essential limit of drinking by the teenagers is because of the fact that they are not allowed to have it openly and is prohibited from their parents, guardians and school systems. This not only increased their urge to drink liquor more frequently, but they ought to take drinking as adventure while partying and having little friends get together. The drinking slowly and gradually turns into habitual drinking which is very dangerous from the health

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