Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Ceremony Response (written by Leslie Marmon Silko) Essay

Ceremony Response (written by Leslie Marmon Silko) - Essay Example Ceremony is a beautifully written story which combines poetry as well as prose to explain the reader its real meaning. It shows the importance of cultural and traditional values in a person’s life and how a person can recover from deep troubles if he properly understands his culture and sticks to his traditions. Tayo was a young lad who belonged to the Laguna Pueblo tribe. He was half white and half Native American. Tayo was his mother’s illegitimate child whom she abandoned at a very young age. She left him with her mother and sister who brought him up. Tayo did not have very memorable childhood as he had to listen to regular taunts from his aunt who used to remind him constantly about the shame that his mother had brought to the family. Tayo was scarred further by the atrocities that he witnessed in the Second World War while in Japan. He became mentally unstable during the war which was reflected by the fact when he was not ready to shoot one of the Japanese soldiers whom he felt was his uncle Josiah. He also lost his cousin Rocky during the war. Thus, the war worsened his condition and he became mentally ill and traumatized. Upon return, he was moved to an army hospital but this did not relieve his psychological problems. He became an alcoholic as the thoughts of his past haunted him. This did not help him forget about his past and it made him more physically and emotionally drained. Seeing his deteriorating condition, his grandmother brought him back and suggested spiritual Native American cures for him for which he went to see a man Ku’oosh. Ku’oosh referred Tayo to visit Betonie who would be able to carry out a stronger healing ceremony for him. Betonie gave him clues and ways that he would need to accomplish him to fully recover from his trauma. Tayo followed his path and stayed away from the things that reminded him of war. He gathered himself and found the cattle that belonged to his uncle and started his life once again. H is enemies got doomed and he recovered from his losses. Ceremony is a story which speaks about family bonds and the impact that one’s family can have on the life of an individual. Tayo could have lived a better life if he would have received proper love and care from his mother. He would also have been raised in a better way had he been not mentally tortured by his aunt. Despite of these shortcomings, it also needs to be assessed that Tayo was only able to recover because of the support of his family members. His grandmother was very supportive of him and she wanted Tayo to lead a normal life. Furthermore, it was his uncle who took him to Betonie for the healing ceremony. Thus, it was his family’s assistance which brought him back to normal and he was able to get rid of his problems. Reading about the family bonds in the story reminds me of my family and the love and support that they always offer me in times of difficulties. I can relate to Tayo and his insecurities w hen he was far away from his family at war and at the hospital. I felt the same when I had to come to complete my studies in the United States. I became very depressed and suffered from stress. But it was my family’s love and support which helped me recover from my difficulties. Thus, Tayo’s recovery from the difficulties that he was facing with the assistance of his grandmother and family reflect upon my revival as well. The ceremony

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