Friday, August 16, 2019

3-Day Exercise Activity Analysis Essay

In this paper I will discuss my current exercise habits as well as discussing my Physical Activity Tracker results. I will also talk about how I can ultimately improve my exercise habits and how I can incorporate a workout routine into my everyday living and be able to use it throughout the entire year. My current exercise habits as of the present moment are none sadly to say. I am one of those people who do not work out. I come from a long line of people in my family who is very over weight. My mother and aunt as well as my sister suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes. I know that the fact that those things run in my family puts me at an even greater risk for acquiring both of those ailments. I have dieting on numerous occasions as well as work out. I am a single mother of 4 children and I also work full time as well as attend classes here online. It is really hard to stick to any kind of plan that includes diet and exercise, however I know that if I do not take action soon then it will ultimately be too late. I also worry about my middle daughters weight as well because she takes after my side of the family and she also has type 2 diabetes because of her weight so I think that creating a workout routine followed with a diet will have a positive effect on myself as well as my children. Looking at my Physical Activity Tracker my activity level over a 3 day period was very minimal and just included house work. It was described as light intensity activity and that does not count toward MIE minutes. The total number of calories that I had burned within that 3 day period was only 6,789 which when broken down comes out to a total of 2,263 calories burned per day. My weekly goal for physical activity was 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week and 2 days of muscle strength training every week. However I did not meet any of those goals at all. I know that I need to take more indicative when it comes to working out daily if I plan to get in shape and lose any weight at all. I believe that the changes that I need to make in my everyday life to be able to actually follow through with a workout routine and have more energy to be able to do so is to eat more healthier foods first of all, like green leafy vegetables and fruits along with taking my vitamins so that will help with my energy level. I know that I also need to start drinking water as I do not drink any at all right now and I know that that is very unhealthy. I think that just getting up and taking a walk around my neighborhood on a day to day basis will help. I think that I will start just by walking around a couple of blocks at first and then slowly increase that to 4 blocks and so on and so forth. I think that walking would be a great way to start but I also believe that doing some sit ups and leg lifts after I get my energy level built up after I start my walking regimen would really benefit me as well. When I was a teenager I had a daily routine of doing 50 sit ups a day along with 50 leg lifts. I did that for a whole year straight and I lost so much weight not to mention inches off of my waistline. I think that I will also look into joining a gym so that when it is cold outside I can go there and walk on the treadmill as well as use the other equipment, I have a friend that goes everyday faithfully and I think that working out with a partner would help get me more motivated as well. I intend to get in shape this year because I am not getting any younger and I know that my health is essential if I want to be here to be able to see my children grow up.

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