Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Theodore Roosevelt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Theodore Roosevelt - Essay Example At an early stage of his life, he had fought many wars (World War I & II), which he had received several recognitions and military honors/decorations (i.e. Distinguished Service Medal, Service Cross, etc.), particularly the Congressional Medal of Honor. As a good political leader, Roosevelt Jr. was assigned to several big responsibilities, particularly as Governor-General of the U.S. acquired territories such as Puerto Rico (1929-1932) and the Philippines (1932-1933). Being the Governor-General of the Philippines was a big challenge to his political career and leadership because the island was uncivilized; there were strong revolutionary insurgents, and the great depression. However, having a big heart or the passion to help the uncivilized or the little one, he managed to inflict good government, which was positively accepted by the Filipinos. Although he stayed in the country for a short period of time, he was viewed by many Filipinos as an extraordinary kind of Governor in terms of his attitudes and dealings compared to his predecessors. In fact, he â€Å"does not mind being bitten by jungle mosquitoes, who can fall into wild Carabao barrows and like it, who can drink Igorot wine and lick his chops, who can be really human with out losing his grin† (Collier and Horowitz 332). This positive and friendly attitude of Roosevelt Jr. had gained him the respect of the Filipino people and acceptance of the American governance in the island. Moreover, he was able to repair the Filipino-American friendship, which was lost when Gen. Leonard Wood and William Cameron Forbes declined to accept that the Philippines was ready to self-rule (Rebecca Ongsotto and Reena Ongsotto 176). The Philippines was fortunate to have Roosevelt Jr. because he â€Å"deeply sympathized with the cause of the poor and advocated the improvement of the welfare of the masses† through the inauguration of the first community assembly (Cabag 19). Through these community assemblies, social

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