Sunday, September 22, 2019

METR Homework 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

METR Homework 2 - Assignment Example Precipitation can fall as rain, hail, snow or sleet. Once precipitation reaches the group, it forms surface water which often ends up in springs, lakes, rivers, ocean, sea and even underground water. Low, thick clouds reflect solar radiation thus cool the surface of the Earth. High, thin clouds transmit incoming solar radiation. They also entrap some of the outgoing infrared radiation released by the Earth and emit it back downward (Hobbs 67). This warms the earth surface. Ocean, sea and lake surfaces and rain forests have low albedos; they reflect only a small percentage of the suns energy. Deserts, ice, and clouds, however, have high albedos; they reflect a large percentage of the suns energy. Low or high albedo may result into either high or low temperature in an area. The greenhouse effect often produced by greenhouse gases is also brought about by clouds which absorb long wavelength (infrared) radiation from the surface of the earth radiating some of it back down. Additionally the re-radiation of infrared radiation from the Earths surface may simply reflect it back to the surface. This essentially is the electromagnetic radiation of the earth surface which affects the local temperature of an area. Cloud greenhouse forcing effect can cause temperatures of an area to increase. Its negative causes the opposite. Aerosol serve as nuclei for cloud formation, the diagram above shows basic outlook of the processes involved in the production, growth, and eventual removal of atmospheric aerosol particles. Aerosols act as Cloud Condensation Nuclei, cloud droplets are formed through this nucleus. Aerosols also affect the quality of clouds. Studies have shown that high amounts of aerosols in the clouds will cause more than normal droplets in the clouds. Regions in North and South America have high citrus clouds. Reflection, absorption and transmission of cirrus clouds layers in the near infrared wavelength and the visible have been reported by a number of

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