Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Annual Report on Vodafone Statistics Project Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Annual Report on Vodafone - Statistics Project Example The dynamics within the global telecommunication and IT market have had a great influence on the company’s progress hence the variation in its sales, profits and income and an analysis of these results will help identify some of these effects and also their extent. The data we are analyzing was collected from the annual financial reports of Vodafone published between 1998 and 2013. The information on sales, cost and profits was collected and used for statistical analysis. In this study, the time period is the variable in all cases and the sales, profit and cost data acts as the observation. The data is collected from the internet which is a secondary source of information. It is quantitative data and can be described as being continuous in nature since its values can be counted. The data about all the three variables is collected on quarterly basis ranging from the second quarter on 31st march 1998 to the last quarter in 31st September 2013. Analysis of this data will involve application of the different measures of central tendency including mean, median and mode; the measures of spread and the measures of dispersion which will show how the data is distributed. A forecasting of the future trends will be applied on the results obtains and will be used to predict the future trends. The graph above shows that sales increase with time but the increase is not linear. The trend line is not a smooth curve hence showing that there is no strong relationship between the variables. The quarterly sales increase from left to right and from the graph; we can gather that the sales depreciate at some instance with the peak being reached within the most recent quarters. The graph above shows that the behavior across the time;ine is not uniformly trending hence the curve is not a smooth linear curve. The costs show a great range of fluctuation thereby resulting in a jagged

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