Friday, October 18, 2019

Company Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Company Analysis - Essay Example Weaknesses need to be overcome as they have the potential for being a major reason in the failure of the business (Hauser, 2012). When evaluated by my group members, it was found that my contribution, attendance at meetings, and leadership were the major drawbacks. This was perhaps because of an inappropriate leadership style or not being much competitive and strong leader in directing the way. I should rather be more vigilant, risk taking, and influential as the production head. Too much relaxed attitude with utmost responsibility given to the subordinates may increase their motivation and productivity since they would feel no â€Å"pressure from the top†, but a little control from the leader is needed. Workers needed to be guided, always been given directions, and should be lead from the front by the leader. I lacked in this area, but certainly overcoming the loops is the best solution ever. I will tend to become more competitive, leading the team, always engaging in all kin ds of meetings, giving clear directions to all, showing my leadership skills. Training and adopting an enthusiastic strategy would help. 3. Discuss your role on the team. I was in charge of the production department. My role was to engage in careful planning and analysis or evaluation of different strategies and product decisions of different products with the team. As the production in charge, I experimented with different strategies and production decisions and looked for their impact on the business in the long-run.

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