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Film Analysis of Gladiator Essay -- Papers Movie Analysis Cinematograp

Film Analysis of gladiator The pack Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott, made its de simply on May 5, 2000. Gladiator left its audition with both the highest praise and harshest rebuke. The historical action film was described as a flashy, violent spectacle, everything a movie needs to be by Haro-online, but Stephen Hunter of Entertainment Guide said, Thumbs down Drive that soon sword though its palpitating heart, and pay no charge to its squeals for lenienceIts not great. Its a disappointment, so kill it swiftly and be done. Reviews that contrast this much lead one to wonder what the criteria for a great historical action film would entail. One important standard a historical action film must accept is a certain degree of historical accuracy. However, a film doesnt have to mirror history rather, it has only to give a sense that what takes rear in the film could have actually happened. It is nearly impossible to turn history in its exac t form over to an entertaining film therefore, some liberties are certainly allowable in historical accuracy, but the directors must be careful not to stretch the possibilities. Another particle of criteria that fits well with the historical accuracy is how meticulous the conniption, costumes, weaponry, and battle scenes are created. A historical action film would lose much credibility if its setting isnt set in its appropriate time period on with the costumes and props. A majority of the time, this is also where special effects come into play. A film catchr has to utilize special effects and computer graphics to hypothecate its venue and replicate its date in history. The mos... ...side Movies. So what constitutes a prospered historical action movie? Realistic historical accuracy. Amazing attention to detail. Intriguing plot. High emotions. Superb special effects. Outstanding score. Great roll and acting. Rave reviews. Gladiator p ossesses all these and is the epitome of a great historical action film. Yet accolades alone did not make it a box-office success. some films garner pre-release raves, yet disappoint in front of an actual audience. Gladiator delivered on all counts, from its early praise to its amazing box-office success, setting records in theatres coast-to-coast. The perfect combination of all these melded with its attention to historical detail make Gladiator worthy of its Best Picture award and a accepted classic for the ages, much like its classic cousin Ben-Hur.

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