Friday, February 15, 2019

Living with Aspergers Syndrome Essay -- College Admissions Essays

Living with Aspergers Syndrome Albert Einstein, Bela Bartok, Alan Turing, Bill Gates, Thomas Jefferson and I. Is this a list of Geniuses? People who assimilate changed history? Or are these throng who display the symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome? Dr. Tony Attwood, the world-renowned Australian psychologist who is an expert on Aspergers Syndrome, cited them as examples of stack with Aspergers during a Conference held at the Palisades Center in Rockland, New York, in October of 1999. Dr. Attwood is a practicing clinical psychologist at MacGregor Specialist Center in Australia, with twenty-five eld of experience in the field of Aspergers Syndrome. I had the opportunity to join all over 200 other participants at the day-long Aspergers Conference. Participants came from as far away as Africa to assist with organizational tasks and to listen to Dr. Attwoods presentation, as well as his answers to questions from the audience. Dr. Attwood, who has worked with Aspergers patients and lectu red virtually the world, commented, I have always been impressed by their patience and ingenuity in achieving abilities others acquire without a second thought. Where does the name Aspergers Syndrome come from? everywhere fifty years ago, a Viennese pediatrician,... ...at comes naturally to most people listening to others, looking them in the eye, and trying to understand anothers point of view. Dr. Attwood believes, Children with Aspergers Syndrome have the strong desire to have friends while recognizing their considerable difficulties with achieving and maintaining genuine friendships. legion(predicate) experience ridicule, exclusion, teasing or bullying. Education programs can be apply to assist them. Education is a powerful tool. The conference provided lessons beyond Aspergers Syndrome. The more(prenominal) you learn about one disability, the more you learn about the temperament of all disabilities.

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