Saturday, March 16, 2019

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The philosophy of Tae Kwon Do is to build a more undisturbed world. To obtain this goal Tae Kwon Do begins with the foundation, the individualist. The Art strives to develop the character, personality, and positive moral and honorable traits in distributively practitioner. It is upon this "foundation" of individuals possessing positive attitudes and characteristics that the "end goal" whitethorn be achieved. Tae Kwon Do strives to develop the positive aspects of an individuals personality Respect, Courtesy, Goodness, Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Humility, Courage, Patience, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control, an Indomitable life-time and a sense of responsibility to help and respect both(prenominal) forms of life. This takes a great deal of hard training and many do not reach far enough to achieve perfection in all of these aspects. However, it is the physical, mental, and spiritual effort which the individual puts forth that develops the positive attributes a nd image of both the individual and how he or she perceives others. By helping mold an individual into a well-rounded and responsible person, the individual lav pass onto others, by means of both his teachings and his personal actions, the principles he has learned through with(predicate) his Tae Kwon Do training. Individuals immix and become a family, families come together and form a community, communities blend in and develop into a nation, and nations are what make up our present-day world. In order to help build a more peaceful world, Tae Kwon Do starts with one person at a time. Gradually groups form, dojangs (schools) emerge, organizations develop, until Tae Kwon Dos philosophy has influenced, in a positive way, enough persons, families, communities, and nations, to someday bring about, or at least help bring about, the unification of nations dedicated to helping each other. The task is not easy. Just like the metamorphosis an individual goes through from white belt to b lack belt and eventually Master, so the alteration of the unification of nations united by laws of peace, is a long and hard task. Tae Kwon Do strives for this unification. Race, creed, and nationality have nothing to do with Tae Kwon Do. They are all one in the same. Tae Kwon Do reaches toward the total development of the individual and the founding of a peaceful world. No matter what color a persons skin, no matter what his religion, no matter where his national boundaries we all seek one thing, Peace. This peace can only be achieved if each person has found peace inside himself.

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