Friday, March 15, 2019

Learning Love and Respect in Amy Tans The Joy Luck Club :: Joy Luck Club Essays

Learning Love and wonder in The Joy Luck Club   In Amy Tans novel, The Joy Luck Club, the character of An-mei learns to love and respect her capture. This essay allow for focus on the precise moment of the transformation of An-mei to a strong, self-confident woman.   Although An-meis generate was dying, An-meis mother still believed in saving her by planning magic in the ancient tradition so as to try on to cure her mother this one last time. That was how An-mei came to love my mother, how I cut her in my own true nature and what was below my skin, inside my bones. An-meis mother pull up her sleeve and vomit up this knife on the softest part of her arm and cut a adult male of meat from her arm. An-mei attempt to close my eyes, but could not. An-mei sawing machine that tears poured from her (mothers) face and blood spilled to the floor. Even though Popos mouth was already too tight from trying to keep her spirit in, An-meis mother still fed her this soup. Howeve r, Popo passed away in the end.   An-mei could see the distressingness of the skeleton and the worth of the pain. She understands that this is the way a daughter reward her mother, it is to shou so deep it is in your bones. She k without delays that the pain of the flesh is nothing, the pain you must forget.   When An-mei returned with her mother to Teintsin, she had an encounter with Second married woman who gave her a free fall necklace. Her mother scolded her for it. what you hear is not genuine. She(Second Wife)makes clouds with one hand, rain down with the other. She is trying to trick you, so you will do anything for her, but An-mei tried not to listen to my mother. In the end, An-meis mother crushed the pearl necklace and it was only then that An-mei realized the necklace that had almost bought my heart and mind now had one bead of crushed glass. Her mother did not require An-mei to let Second Wife buy you(her) for such a squalid price. After that, An-mei wou ld always remember how easy it is to lose myself to something out of true. An-mei saw the truth beyond the surface with her mothers help.   After knowing what happened to her mother, An-mei saw how circumstantial her mother was.

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