Thursday, March 14, 2019

Radiology :: essays research papers fc

1. Turn on PC and RMS appears Will expenditure of goods and services 1,4,5 6,8, 9 A on placard2. Hit 4 for Transcription3. 5 Edit Header/ chronicle4. Report Look Up5. routine Sequence from written report6. Exam Date always use reort succession and make sure it matches7. Seq 8. F1 visualise Status D = date dictated T = date typedN = NewTo use Dictophonelogarithm on by hitting System Access Twice( may hope to use Cody and my code is 086999)Use 1 to select by ReportPresss 3 by Subject - (number under pts name) may have to key it to dictaphone more than once may need to use a 8 before number on paper regorge in number and hit the signPut in written text time in military time jot down on report from taped messagePut in auth from phone screeenEnter dictated timeMDs Hospital Com governer poesy 00---- 2 lead zeros and then 4 digits and justified to the leftOn PC F9 to enter W/P (word processing section)Report tendency Use ZN)normal S)specific use N unless some thing surplu s written in by RadiologistF3 and F4 to view and move anchor and forth between headersSome Radiologists give the date and some have ont - -HAVE TO HAVE A DATE IF THEY DONT glide by ONE, USE DATE ON WRITTEN REPORTCan go back and review sheet when done and for Mammograms, put in information from written additonal sheet (Radiologist Findings)F1 first Enter T for transcription menuChoose breast Catagories (Radiologist Findings)If no answer to a section, hit bilk to go past itIf answer, fill in, hit enter and then F1 to cedePress Escape to bring back to beginning screenIf causal agent for Exam noted, to back to Pt.System into Pt Information Enter Pts number, F1 Begin Search, Find Visits ALT H, Find Visit and Enter meridian M --Mammographic Software Reasons check whatever is checked, F1 to save, if problem indicated, support saturnine Dictophone when finished/Sign off PC software at Transciption c completelying card (1 Sign Off)TO PRINT REPORTSIn Transcription MenuGo to Sign Off By RadiologistFind reports by Radiologist F2 to roll up everything for RadiologistF1 to select Print When you do this, it prints all for all transciptionistsSHORT CUT KEYSIMPRESSION Hit elevated railway IF1 andACR Code Hit Alt 9Find Visit Alt HMammagraphic system Alt MAlt C clinical HistoryCorrect all misspellings foundIf note to facsimile, enter fax number on header screen, Only answer fax as Y is you know fax number of MD office in system already if you dont know, answer N, enter Fax as 9,776-6176 or if long distance enter as 9,9197766176 AND put it in comments to Fax

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