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American labor system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ameri eject labor system - Essay ExampleThus, laborers argon genuinely the real workers and builders who are at the back of every successful industry and organization. The origin of this occupation can be dated back to the dawn of civilization when man had to subordinate high class individuals to adopt food and security. Today a laborer expects much more than this salary, shelter, security, respect, acknwoledgement, comfortabi illuminatedy and assurance. Though these ideals are appreciated by all, they are found quite rare even in the developed and civilized countries as the States (Kirkegaard, 2007). Struggling against its prior notority of slave labor and child labor, this state has still a recollective way to go to get an ideal life for laborers and workers. Hundreds of unions and movements raising voices for the rights, demands and needs of the common laborers are appear and actively operative in United States of America, but still the condition of laborers is not much he althy (Hill, 1985). The most voiced complain against American labor system is the offering of lower wages and lesser facilities in return of much harder work and long working hours. These poor souls receive no savvy from the side of employers and administrators, and they are treated rather like animals (Fletcher & Gapasin, 2008). They receive poor pay back for their jade efforts and have to pay fine in the form of deduction from the expected salary for any mistake. They are deprived of basic rights related to humanly respect, empathy and acknowledgement, and their coordinators even regard them no more than mere machines who are not supposed to cater any emotions and feelings at all and whose function is just to run and produce. The working conditions are even not much better for the workers and laborers. Unhygenic environment, stinking smells of the materials and chemicals, over-crowded working places, deafening noises of the machineries, poorly lit working halls as well as long h ours of duty are causing much discommode and frustrations among this community (Inter-american labor system, 1975). Their problems are not catered and their complaints are not paid heed to. The economic crisis and the ever rising inflation throughout the world have also affected this community a business deal and many of the workers are persuaded to opt for double shifts and part-time jobs, as a result of which their physical and cordial healths are at stake. To fight against all these problems and to bridge the gap between the lower workers and the higher communities, American Labour Movement was started and laborer unions were formed (Dubofsky & Van Tine, 1987). This concept got its strength in the late ordinal century, probably in 1866, and today it has got a much organized form. The workers of a factory select a representative among themselves by mutual consent who is considered to be responsible for conveying the messages and demands between the workers and the employers (S heldon, 1947). The world regime has not spared it and today laborer union is regarded as a possible and most alarming panic against an industry. Other than holding strikes and causing troubles for the administrators, these representative groups are charged of demanding unfairly. According to the assisstant manager of a topical anaesthetic firm, Sometimes the union leaders cross the legal lines and demand for more than their rights. Obviously, the company cannot encourage such attitude that often erects hurdles for progress. On the other hand, the union representatives claim that these

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