Thursday, May 2, 2019

Discrimination Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discrimination - Article ExampleActually, the news program justice was originated from the Greek word polis which has greatly been altered from its real sense. It was a gradual development that the thought of justice became the inevitable part of moral ideals beyond its mere political meaning. The key point that the author puts forward is that all citizens must be ensured justice irrespective their class, strength, or ethnicity. However, purloin discrimination obviously ignores the majority groups while it attempts to favor the unwanted groups like the black. Apart from it, if some ethnic groups such as Americans, Indians, Chicanos, are to be considered as low classes the concept of minority seems to be the creation of ethnic groups.The call equality in legal perspective has less importance in the reverse discrimination concept. The writer wants to specify that the law must consider all citizens equal regardless of their wealth and talent, or ethnicity. In addition, the weaker sections should be equally considered by the law by means of special privilege and they can non be considered as unwanted segments of the society. However, the writer does not purport a specific alternative to reverse discrimination which would preserve equality and justice in their true

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