Sunday, May 12, 2019

Cause effect essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

motility effect - Essay Examplein Effects of Poverty 1). To join a school alike fellow children whitethorn just remain as a dream for many children as their families do not have favorable financial positions. Struggling becomes common to those families in every corner of life. This finish make their children grow up under continuous mental stress and inferiority complex as comparisons are inevitable while competing with others who are better privileged. Also, inability to afford nutritious food join with poor living standards creates a dampening effect on childrens physical wellbeing. They become given over to various infections and growth problems.Apart from these, poverty can make a person develop detestation towards society which may influence his/her attitudes towards others. Unfortunately, innocent people are often affected as a consequence of such attitudes. Various observations also suggest a strong correlation between annex in poverty and crime rates (Effects of Pover ty 1).To conclude, poverty can severely impact the well-being of individuals. Lack of adequate financial resources make those people suffer from poor living standards, diseases, and distress which may collectively influence their behavior towards society in a dangerous

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