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Cross Cultural Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Cross cultural Management - Essay ExampleThe vicissitude management programs are aimed at creating a welcoming organizational environment. Without the transformation management programs in workplaces there would be trouble within the organization in foothold of employee relations and general instruction execution of the beau monde. This is because the policies in place do not accommodate people of various cultures. For example, an employee whitethorn have different sexual orientation from the one that is permitted within the policies of the organization. The employee in question may be good and productive, but since the organization cannot accommodate the culture, the employee is forced to lose the job. Cox (2001) notes, The challenge of diversity is not simply to have it but to create conditions in which its potential to be a performance barrier is minimized and its potential to enhance performance is maximized. (P.10). The main reasons that give companies adapt to the cultu ral diversity of their personnel are to give individuals be opportunities, compensatory justice, equality in the workplace, increase talent pools , competitive advantage, and to make good business sense. Solutions to questions Give individuals equal opportunities Adapting to the cultural diversity of personnel is aimed at giving equal opportunities to individuals. ... This can lead to a loss-loss situation in that, the individual will lose the job and the company may miss the opportunity to recruit a competent employee. Compensatory justice The companies encourage diversity in workplacesto overcome historical discrimination against specific groups of people to compensate those who have been intentionally and unjust amply wronged (kellough, 2006 Valasquez, 2005).These specific groups of people may have been discriminated due to their race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Compensatory justice is another way of change the corporate image and enhancing equality within the organizat ion. This is about people like to be employed by the companies that have improved both their formal and informal structures to accommodate them. This is because everyone wishes to work in an environment in which they feel safe and adequately represented. Promotion of equality in workplace Having policies and structures that support diverse cultures is an useful way of promoting equality in a workplace. This creates the picture within the organization that no culture is assumption preference over the other. All cultures are treated equally. The equity has not been achieved in most organizations. This is because most companies tend to exclude the majority group and give special attention to the minority group. This still does not achieve equality as the majority group becomes the discriminated group. Cultural diversity management not nevertheless refers to the groups that have been looked down upon, but to the mixture of differences, similarities and tensions that can exist among the elements of a pluralistic mixture (Thomas, 2005, P.93). increase talent

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