Monday, May 6, 2019

Home Land Security Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Home territory Security - Research Paper ExampleIn terms of the security issues at port, the maritime gestate act was introduced to provide more security in the ports and to decrease the case of smuggling and entry of terrorist. In road transport, the overall surveillance of the transport organization increased considerably with implementation of technology to purify the security system.The conveyance of title Security in USA has become matter of prime concern since the September, 11 attacks in the sphere. The US government dedicated their best efforts in increasing the security system of the country in every mode of transportation. As an initiative to make the transport system more secure, the expat Security Administration started operating under the US Department of Homeland Security. The primary objective of the way was to provide safety and security to the traveling public based in the country so that whatever an incident like 9/11 does not occur again. Special task was a ssigned to bewilder policies to protect the overall transportation system in the country with a surplus focus on airport security and in the prevention of hijacking of aircrafts. The federal government also adopted special policies to look after the security issues in highways, roads, railways and in ports. Over the years the security in the transportation system have modified in a large extent to protect the common public. In the process of securing the transportation system the US government faced massive challenge in as providing security to hundreds of airports along with the sea ports and transit service proved to a daunting task.Much of the obligation for strengthening the aviation system was assigned to the TSA which came into existence just after the massive attack on world trade center. TSA was engaged with the screening process of the passengers and the property. In the newly reformed security system in aviation, explosive

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