Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Interview with an Entrepreneur Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Interview with an Entrepreneur - Assignment Exampleevealed under the heading of Interview Summary, has been scheduled to cerebrate on eight get downicular issues that had been of substantial importance during ones migration from macrocosm employed to being an independent individual with high hopes of becoming a successful entrepreneur. The interview starts with the factors that inspire a person to be self employed. Next, light has been shed on the changes that take place in his life since he had opted to be self employed and the measures adopted by him to cope with those changes. Subsequently, questions were aimed at understanding his opinions on achievement requirements and other aesthetic aspects associated with entrepreneurship. The basis of this interview is to sieve and substantiate an individuals decision of gauging the relatively riskier waters of entrepreneurship by sacrificing the sense of security that employment confers.Life has turned to a revolutionary finger si nce I have moved from employment to self employment. Previously job responsibilities were routine based tasks which had comparatively lower responsibilities. Self employment has imposed greater responsibilities and there is no limit with regards to the volume of hightail it. afterwards moving to the role of an entrepreneur I have also started devoting fewer times to my family and friends. The best part however is that I welcome this change. On the professional front entrepreneurship has provided me with lots of freedom to explore and try out new ideas which is quite different from a routine job where there is less style for exploring new ideas.Certain changes have come as a pleasant experience like added responsibilities, work pressure etc. It was difficult in the very beginning since the entire gamut of the business fell upon my shoulders. Family and personal life has of late taken a beating as I have been unable to hallow time to my family. On this occasion I would sincerely t hank my wife, my children and my friends who have been supporting me in my new initiative. The

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