Saturday, June 8, 2019

Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 102

Discussion - Essay ExampleShe changes her shape and movement into something more meaningful to accentuate on her message to the audience. For example, when she kneels and opens her hand, but her two palms are together given out the importance of the moral values in the society based on the unification of the people living in the community (Kaufmann, 2006). Her message focuses on the welfare of the society and the importance that friendships carry in respect to the development of the community.The dancer is able to move around freely with her hands and outgrowths both in the same direction as the automobile trunk. She poses a lot of energy when she stretches one leg behind and both her hands are stretched in strawman of her face and quite high on her head. She manages to get up and move her legs in integrate steps.In this dance when the dancer kneel down and pulls her other legs far behind her and in the same position stretches her hands high in front of her face, she shows how m uch friendship and union of the society is important for their growth. This dancer tries to give the audience information through her movement of the body that exists through her changing of the body shape and form to describe the relationship that exists in the society. The facial expression she gives she gives during the dances supports the information regarding the culture and tradition they

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