Sunday, June 9, 2019

Teacher Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Teacher - Essay ExamplePerformance is a developmental process that needfully to be supported and facilitated. (Maloy & Seidman, P. 28) However, tradition and qualifications on paper alone does not guarantee success in teaching profession. In the case of tradition, learners of today discombobulate different education styles and come from diverse backgrounds. In addition to this, the integration of technology into the curriculum demands a shift in the teaching styles of teachers since new put together of skills must be utilized to impart learning. Traditional method is only focused on intellectual learning and it is teacher centered. Contrastingly, non traditional styles which promotes cooperative learning lead to increased motivation and academic performance ( Johnson, R. T., and Johnson, D. W.p.25).Similarly, academic qualification alone does not guarantee effective teaching. Other aspects as such as teaching styles and behavior which have been acquired through training and exper ience is more important than academic qualifications. In a study of teachers style published by Grasha, it was reported that teachers who exhibit medium intellectual excitement and high interpersonal rapport are generally excellent for any group of students and teaching stain ( Grasha P.35 ). It is important therefore that teachers do not only have academic qualifications but a set of skills as well as positive interpersonal behavior to be able to perform his role in the school setting. In the modern school setting, the teacher will not only lot with students but with the whole organization as well thus, making him responsible to all stakeholders in the learning process. Some basic skills required for becoming a successful teacher are Pedagogical skill, Interpersonal skill, Organizational skill, Subject matter (content) & methodology skill , Skill in cooperating with colleagues and Skill in cooperating with the

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