Sunday, July 28, 2019

Personal journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Personal journal - Essay Example At least I’ll have my own four wheels and freedom to get places I need to be. It’s funny because I know I’ll mostly be using it to get to school and work on time. Oh well, it’s still liberating to know you have your own car; a vehicle you can use anytime you want to. Sometimes I notice people and the types of cars they drive. It almost defines them and their personality. I saw an elderly lady driving the other day, hands firmly on the wheel, back slightly hunched, eyes focused, and forehead wrinkled in concentration. She was driving a neat little, Ford, a family car suitable for basic day to day needs and errands. Something safe, reliable, and comforting, just like her. I wonder if people will look and analyze me when I’m sitting in my car driving down the street. First, I need to pick one out though. God, I hope I don’t get something too shabby. Maybe I’ll get it painted a bright blue or even silver to make it cooler. I’ll be o ne of the first ones among my friends to have one. We would all be able to hang out more often once school is over; cruising down in my car I don’t have yet. I still have to get a summer job though. I’ll start looking at the wanted ads tomorrow. I’ll talk to my dad again tonight and see for sure how much he can pitch in. I’ll be able to help around more with outside chores and tasks. Yeah that’ll be a good starting point to reel in my dad.

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