Monday, July 29, 2019

Strategic-Alternative Bundles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Strategic-Alternative Bundles - Essay Example The question is directed to the whole alternative and not just certain components. On the other hand, if the check established that the strategic-alternatives are not mutually exclusive, for instance, one may have a thought to combine the first and the second strategy. Second, the bundles need to be plausible. One needs to determine if there are good alternatives and not mediocre ones, whether there are other to put into consideration. This will enable the manager of an organization to be in a better position to establish if the course of action proposed by a certain bundle is doable. Lastly, the strategic-alternative bundles need to be worthwhile. This will determine if implementing every one of them will result to success. Success means realizing a strategic intent and becoming stronger. Creating more than a few bundles is very difficult because they are not just alternatives but business models with alternative visions. This implies that these models can are extremely difficult to implement in the business. Strategic-alternative bundles need to have objective, advantage, and scope, as well as core competencies. Scope entails who the customer is offering and geographic scope. Following this further, advantage involves a sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore, choosing alternative strategies is similar to choosing alternative bundles (Stead, Stead, & Starik,

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