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Money and Its Values Essay

The Big Secret Our intention is to help you open the doors to your own amazing wealth. We will share some of the keys and ancient secrets the wealthy have used for centuries to get ahead and stay ahead. Today we want to tell you the BIG SECRET What is the one thing that determines whether you live a rich, successful life? Is it the school you went to? Well, there are a lot of doctors, lawyers and top tier MBA’s wishing that were true. Is it whether your parents were rich or poor? The history of the world is told, it seems, by those bold and daring folks that came from humble eginnings to make a rich and lasting contribution to the wealth of humanity. Is it what country, station, race, gender or religion you were born to? Gandhi, George Washington Carver, Carrie Nation, Sam Walton, even the Beatles testify to the folly of such thinking. The big secret to wealth is and always has been very simple. So simple in fact that we have for centuries ignored its effectiveness. And when you hear it now, you may be tempted to discount it as a homily or even a remnant of religious thinking. The truth is we use this secret in a very specific and systematic way to become Rich Beyond Our Wildest Dreams. And you can too. Ask and Receive. That’s the big secret. You can have anything you want, all you have to do is ask correctly and be willing to receive. It took us from a 2nd personal bankruptcy to a rich and happy life. Regardless of where you start, the simple system we teach can help you live the life of your dreams. Tomorrow we will tell you a few tricks about money. Good Luck and Great Adventures Lesson 2 – Money Is Only A Means Most everyone obsesses about money. We all watch the stock market even if we don’t own many stocks. We worry if the Real Estate market goes up or down, depending on whether we own real state or want to buy it. We are overwhelmed with ads for all kinds of financial experts who tell us to put the first 10% of our income away for ourselves first. One friend said, â€Å"I guess that’s so I can pay the light bill next month. †   And of course we all think we pay the IRS way, way too much. In the book â€Å"I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams. I am. I am. I am. † Tom and Penelope say, â€Å"Never, never never ask for money. † How can that be if the world runs on money? Well it doesn’t. Money is our means of exchange. It isn’t a cure for unhappiness or ill health or loneliness. We trade money for things. That’s all. Sometimes you don’t even need money. In fact, with the Rich Dreams system you get what you ask for by MEANS over which you have no control. Here’s an example: Shelly lives in Austin, Texas and was in the process of selling her house. She had a buyer, but the process had taken several strange twists. As a result Shelly was practically homeless. She put all her furniture into storage and moved her family into their travel trailer waiting for her house to close. That was two months ago. They’re over the travel trailer, but they need the house to sell to get the funds for a new place. Using the Rich Dreams Success System she wrote the following parameters for her new home. My new home is a two story house. It is in a good neighborhood. It is made of Austin stone. There is a separate guest house for my son. (He’s 15. ) It has a beautiful view. It is secluded. It has lots of windows. My new home has the proper energy for me to finish my novel. It is easily paid for. My house finds me. I write many books in my house. OK, now here’s the part that may shock you to your core. Four days after she wrote that list Shelly moved into that exact home. WOW! Four days. And listen to this†¦ t literally found her! Without Shelly’s knowledge a friend was talking to another friend who said, â€Å"Oh, I wonder if Shelly would move into my spare house. I’d feel much better if somebody was in it. † It is a secluded, two-story house in an upscale neighborhood, with a magnificent view, Austin stone, and one whole wall made entirely of glass. In ba ck is a servants quarters for her son and now for the kicker†¦ I couldn’t believe this one. The owner is a woman author who wrote two very successful books in that house. So Shelly will certainly have the right energy for writing books. Plus†¦ are you ready for this†¦ not only is the house furnished, it does not cost her one red cent. It is totally FREE. Shelly didn’t need money. All she had to do was ask and be willing to receive. What do you want? Use this system and you can have everything you want. Good Luck and Great Adventures Lesson 3 – Vacations Are Worth Their Weight In Gold Vacations can be more than a needed break. They can be a great tool for increasing your wealth. When you detach or let go of your day to day problems it gives the Universe a change to make things happen in your life. You don’t have to do it all. Not in this system. In the Rich Dreams Success System we ask and the Universe provides. Delivery is included. But the big trick is letting go, which is why vacations are so incredibly valuable. They are, that is, if you really, truly let go. Vacation time can, of course, be anything but fun. Have you ever waited so long and planned so hard and then lost your luggage or your wallet? So many TV commercials remind us of how terrible it would be to lose something valuable. We spend so much effort and time trying to make the trip perfect that it can never measure up. The family reunion that finally makes us all the perfect family never happens. The Great Getaway that changes our lives forever is mostly fiction. The idea is to enjoy what you do have regardless of the imperfections. I just returned from two weeks away and I can attest to almost falling into those pitfalls. Throughout my time with old friends and family I stayed focused each day. I let God take care of all the details. The real vacation is in the detachment. Each time I started on a new leg of my journey, I took the time to write down particulars about the flight, my luggage, rental car, the works. Then I detached and remembered to breathe a lot. I had a wonderful time for the most part because I didn’t muck it up with unreasonable or unrealistic expectations. To recreate and vacate (leave) truly means that we need to let go of all the control and truly rest. I think vacation time is designed to help us perfect our ability to detach. Fun, rest and relaxation is an essential part of getting everything you want in life. So don’t wait for a vacation to do it. Enjoy every day as much as you can. Don’t wait for that once a year time to recharge and renew. Take some special time for yourself and your family today. Let the Universe take control of your life. Taking real vacations assures that you live everyday rich beyond your wildest dreams. Good Luck and Great Adventures Lesson 4 – Anytime Spring Cleaning There is one powerful principle which you can use to speed your success along. It is the Vacuum principle which simply stated says that nature hates a vacuum. That means all you have to do to bring more good into your life is to clear out that which is no longer useful to you. Or as we think of it†¦ Making Room for Your Good. Rich Dreamers write lists all the time. Have you noticed hat some of the things you have asked for are a little slow in showing up? This may be due to a number of various factors like blocking your good, chemicalization or divine timing. It may however be something very simple. Something a little â€Å"getting rid of the cobwebs† can fix. If you don’t have room for your good, you need to do some Spring Cleaning. Time to Clean Up and Clear Out! Try cleaning out your personal spaces – closets,   cabinets, desks, drawers, garage, basement and gardens. Get rid of old or never worn clothes, household items, toys. If you haven’t used something or worn it in a while, let it go. You don’t need it anymore. At work throw out or store old files and half-finished projects. Doing this activity not only makes you feel fresh and revived, it helps you discover new things that you want. So often we continue to keep things that have lost their usefulness out of habit or a false sense of comfort. The wonder of this is the creation of a vacuum. Nature and the Universe hates a vacuum so now there is room for the new, fresh things that you have requested to rush into your life. Remember that when you do clean up you are digging around in old energies. So you may very well stir up old arguments or ill feelings. A warm shower washes all that far, far away. Are there people in your life that you may need to let go? Could there be friends and acquaintances that you have held on to that you suspect are not for your highest good? We have all experienced this and while it can be painful we usually see the truth of our decisions   in time. We need to be surrounded with positive, affirming â€Å"like minded† people who encourage the changes and progress we are making. Release the negative, destructive ones so you can spend less of your energy trying to make those people â€Å"fit† into your new life and attitude. Activities need to be reexamined too. Do you still feel energized by the way you spend your free time? Are you refreshed by your diversions? Maybe you need to write down some new ideas for fun and relaxation. Remember the last lesson about vacations. We all need and deserve it! While you are cleaning and clearing remember your computer. If you’re like me there are hundreds of   old emails and messages that need to go. Make room for new information and words of encouragement. By doing these simple things you will feel lighter and ready for all the Good that the Universe has to offer. Lesson 5 – Divine Timing It doesn’t matter what you want, you can have it. A new car, a home in the country, a slim trim and healthy body†¦ it can all be yours for the asking. The only thing is that you don’t get control over when you get it. That’s up to the Universe. Let’s assume you’ve diligently written down your requests. You’ve seen them in your life and then you detached, but you don’t get everything immediately. So why don’t you get everything you asked for NOW! You want it yesterday, right? What is the hold up! The hold up is you’re probably not ready. I’d like to share a very personal story about this process. I have been challenged with weight problems since our last child was born, about twenty-two years ago. When we began to write the book, â€Å"I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams. I am. I am. I am. † we were in a good weight loss cycle. Tom even mentions that we were lighter and healthier than ever. But as so many other times in my life, I was not able to sustain that â€Å"program† and over the next five years I lost and gained close to one hundred pounds. I felt like I was asking for this to happen in my life the right way. â€Å"I’m slim and trim and healthy. I am I am I am† is a song I sang regularly. I was following all the â€Å"rules† of enthusiasm and detachment and still the permanent weight loss alluded me. I never quit desiring this change in my life, but no matter what I did or how hard I tried, no weight loss plan worked for very long. I was embarrassed and frustrated. We were supposed to be examples of success and I felt more like a failure. Like I was doing something wrong. About a year ago I finally let this feeling go and decided I would be happy with who I am. I remember the day, vividly. It was my first day home after emergency surgery, September 11, 2001. Two wake up calls were enough for me. I was happy to be alive and I let go. Of course, once I detached the Universe could go to work. Divine Timing must have kicked in. One morning about six months later I awoke and instinctively knew that this time would be different. The energy for true and lasting weight loss was finally there. Over the course of a few weeks my support system was built. I met the people I was meant to meet and I found a system for me. The Universe provided everything that I need to succeed. The system is, pardon the expression, a cake walk. I have more energy than ever before. I approach exercise as a joy for the very first time in my memory and everyone is seeing â€Å"less of me† when we meet. Much less of me. The message that I want you to take from my example is this — Never give up on your desire, but do give up planning for it to happen on your schedule. Detach and let Diving Timing take over. We know that we have to grow and change and become the person that can handle the desires we seek. Trust the Universe to know the correct time for that to happen. Live your dreams every day. And watch for the first Bonus Lesson 6 coming tomorrow. Call: +234(0)7038710161 Bello John

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