Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Discovery Of Economy Essay -- essays research papers

It is a pristine tradition that much matters to a nation, when it comes to issues irrelevant to human development. Speaking in terms of reality, the economic boom of a nation is what human development all about. Now let us profoundly analyze what exactly is the economic boom of a nation. As we begin our analysis, it is highly important for the reader to be enlightened with the fact that it is necessary to think the right way if he has to understand this immensely valuable message. The reader will have to discredit all economic and political concepts and thoughts in considering the planet earth as a single nation and its people as just its citizens with no individual nationalities. Thinking this way alone can make this message more comprehending. Today everyone knows the fact that the world has, due to the advancement in human transportation and communication technology, virtually shrunk to a small global village. Much gossip is evident in the electronic media on the virtual currencies in circulation on the Internet. So it is clearly evident that it solely depends on the way we think, for which each single nation is a proof. Let us consider for example that if fifty states of the USA are divided into fifty nations, then fifty different currencies come into existence with different living standards in each nation. Formalities and barriers will have to be braved by the people as for the flow of people, goods and services from one state to the other. Bureaucratic interference will always remain whenever there is an exchange of business, trade or travel between any two nations from among the fifty. On the contrary if the fifty are again merged into a union of the USA, then there is no need for working out on policies, sovereignty , constitutional amendments, economy, GDP's, GNP's, exports and imports of the fifty states with each state as a separate nation. Similarly let us apply the concept to all the so-called countries of this world considering them to be a single nation at least in economic terms, if not socio-politically. Let us keep in mind the fact that the all the nations of the world, just for the purpose of serving their selfish national ends, have been committing blunders on the economy of this world. Because of the absurd and weird reason that we are socio-politically, culturally, lingually and in many other aspects different from each other, we h... ...0. A coke can in India may be Rs. 15 or more and if it is being bought by 10 million people per day then at Rs. 1 or 2, certainly 200 million people at least will buy it every day. The electricity and medical services must be free of cost and should be considered as a mandatory requirement for all the people of earth’s expanse. Let any form of government rule the world union’s so-called nations. Let us pave way to the economic development of the masses of this world, being irrespective of whether a nation is ruled by a military regime or democracy or any other form of Government. Let the penal code be the strictest of all human times. Let us value human or victim’s rights more than criminals’ rights. For some time the world will have to abandon all sporting events, and unnecessary re-search in space, cloning etc. and plan in a smart manner the smooth and speedy union of all nations of this world into a single nation. Let us make nations a single market for all businessmen on Earth’s land, and earth’s Union a home for the entire community of this world with a healthy, wealthy and hygienic environment, which is economically sustainable, viable, affordable, prosperous and livable.

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