Friday, March 29, 2013

Criminal Justice Acting

Location: Pablo International Airport
Date: Saturday December 20, 2008
Time: 2:45 p.m.

On a Saturday afternoon at an airdrome a curious female walked through the airport protective cover then got stopped because unmatchable of the officers sight an disapprove which seemed worry a bomb, the officers then had probable cause to interrogate the suspicious female. One of the securities then tells the female suspect to step into the test path. As she steps in the interrogation room one of the officers noticed an object which seemed to moderate an antenna. The officer struggled to get the object which she had inside her pocket, while the other officer barged into the interrogation room and also continued to struggle with her; they finally got her into custody.

incumbent 1: Good afternoon.
Bomber: Good afternoon.
(While she was approaching the admixture detector)

Officer 1: Mam. Can you cheer take all your metal objects? And put them in the basket.
Bomber: Sure.
Officer 1: Mam. We be going to have to scan your bagful.
(The officer noticed the female to act suspicious. While scanning the females purse the officer seemed to see an object which seemed to look like a bomb.)
Officer 1: Mam. Can you step aside enthrall?
Bomber: Is something wrong?
Officer 1: (radio) we have a 10-71.
Officer 2: (radio) 10-04
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(Officer 2 then arrives to the scene)
Officer 2: Mam. Can you find with me? Please.
(Bomber walks with officer 2 into the interrogation room)

Bomber: Is there a problem officer?
Officer 2: Do you have any contraband or any object which readiness hurt you or others?
Bomber: No No I dupet.
(Started to get nervous)

Officer 2: Mam. Can you please step next to that wall and spread you legs?
(Officer 2 noticed a pointy object which seemed to have an antenna.)

Officer 2: Mam. Do you have anything in your pockets?
Bomber: NoI dont.
Officer 2: We have a 10-71.
Officer 1: 10-04
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