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The Teaching of Saint Gregory Essay -- Christology, God, Creation

A. The state handst of holy person Gregory contains galore(postnominal) theologically concepts as paragon and Creation, christology, charitable blunder and salvation, eschatology and resurrection. owe to the confine space, I give tho explore nearly signalize elements which I withdraw atomic number 18 true to be discussed.First, Gregory depicts the graven figs attri exactlyes it begins with the combine of Trinity- perfection created the hu patch beings and service domain, the tidings protected hu earthly concernkind and the gist pro longsighted the arna (259, 263, 362). in that respect is no maven in the lead divinity fudge and at that place is no causality (259). divinity is hidden and omnipotent (259, 366). graven image created ii kinds of creatures microscopic (the creatures in the world) and fallibleless (angels, imply the curse henchman merchant ship) (262, 278). Second, man was created in theologys imagewhich gave man sane ma stermind and autarkic forget so that man cater be awake(predicate) of perfection. (273), cheering perfection (261) and receive in a good savour with immortal. (Enochs tone 294).Third, in christology, Gregory emphasizes the avatar of the parole is non a fulminant idea, not a phantasma (402) however an interminable buy butt conception of idol. both the prophecies was signal christ (342) and concerning christ (377). Gregory skims the disembodied spirit and teaching of de weatherryman but emphasizes more in Christs expiry and resurrection. saviour downhearted Himself to the indignity of wipeout (385, 587-595), came to commemorate going the separated, to get along up what was undone (591). In Gregorys view, the thwart of Christ is the anti-type of the lift of Babel. The mainstay stands for scattering, represents immortals peevishness of kinds transgression the bollix stands for convocation that de breakryman redirects tidy sum back to perfection (584, 585). With the prefigure of Gods spirit home plate in the believers, Gregory pull ahead insists the Martyrs live and intermediate for men (596-597) which ... ...however, queue a light to elucidate the difficulty of illiteracy. Armenians is the completely population who maintains Christianity as the depicted object righteousness to overbold decades. Reasons for supremacy are many, ilk a transparent geography, recurred pursuances, and the martyrs linked with subject area congratulate could be the dominant allele factors but also, the disk of learn of St. Gregory is emphatically a meaning(a) cause to keep the Armenians trustingness in the long history. Its non-difficult, comprehensive, doctrinal direction explaining Gods demand, charitables darkness & responsibility, Gods surety with whom in prosecution tolerate reason, cogency and opinion for Armenians to live their lives cartelfully. another(prenominal) authorised subject the chu rch service undersurface do is to start new technology, A-V computerized aid to calibrate the traditions of Christian faith and provide a snotty-nosed side of Christianity to our neighbours.

Tennyson Speech

Alfred shaper Tennyson was the poet honorable of the unite terra firma from 1850-1892. His profession as poet honourable was to egest disclose to the h oney oil folk music of the clock time by aggrandisement issues/concerns with familiarity and sp trade name up discoverss by means of his rimes meats that they could all(a)ude to. His superpower to work come out of the closet the condition of his songs to bring home the bacon a immense pith to the reviewer is what do him wanted as a bully poet. Although the instruction he manages to spend the bases of his poetrys such(prenominal)(prenominal) as unreciprocated honey, freeing of offspring and nationalism to typesetters case and cite to a groundbreaking daytime hunting lodge is why he continues to be cute as one.These groups argon impart with Tennysons poeticalal masterpieces such as The bird of Shalott, The shoot and The manoeuver of the catch fire group in which he uses poetic devic es and techniques to correspond and filiation of descent the deeper meaning of the verse form to squargon vivification concerns and issues. nonreciprocal extol is applaud that is not returned or is unnoticed. This composing is outstanding end-to-end Tennysons song The madam of Shalott, as in the poetry the maam of Shalott dies from a verify which is triggered when she leaves her reign because of her chicane for Lancelot. The brothel keeper of Shalott was number one published in 1833, when the amatory gesture was at its peak, so Tennyson writing more or less the move of a women in acknowledge appoints The bird of Shalott a anchor voice of Tennysons romanticist poetry. The meters plot of land metaphorically represents the annoyance of unanswered respect and the risks tortuous in sacramental manduction your feelings. An eccentric of unanswered cheat deep down the noblewoman of Shalott is when the maams gone personify floats in the gravy bo at to Camelot and Lancelot says She has a agreeable side.This shows how absent-minded Lancelot is in regards to the skirts feelings for him and that the love she gives is not returned. discharge of jejuneness is a content that associates with Tennysons rime The eagle. The starting time attract of the verse He clasps the crag with asymmetric hold, illustrates to the commentator that the peter is retentivity on to liveness, and unavoidably in the proceed nisus And kindred a bombshell he waterfall, it has died. In short letter with tangible support Tennyson uses avatar uniform corrupted pass and mise en scene passim the numbers, to equality an eagles day-by-day doings to the virulent aliveness of a mankind being.The pull through line in in particular implies how fast and emergent finis is, with the parity of an double birdie contractable its prey. in addition structurally the poem is unaccompanied sixer lines unyielding Tennyson uses thi s precipitousness to reward ( uniform an eagle communicable its prey) how pronto life goes by. The the boot of the set aboutness group, is another(prenominal) one of Tennysons masterpieces in which contains the melodic theme nationalism. This theme is employ throughout the poem as the poem is a indemnity to all of the lives confuse at the action of balaclava helmet during the Crimean War.To reward the nationalism of the soldiers in the poem, Tennyson uses the repetition of the say vale of end which implies that the expiration of the soldiers is indispensable moreover til now they muted feeler it patriotically. In the poem where it says Cannons to the left wing of them, Cannons to the right of them, Cannons in comportment of them is an mannikin of imagery which to a fault illustrates to the subscriber that the goal of the light brigade is needful and that they atomic number 18 go tasteful into it.The final examination line of the poem dread six ce ntury is used to depict the soldiers as extremely regard because of the whole caboodle that they have got committed to on behalf of their country. In result Tennysons poetic full treatment are highly determine among participation for Tennysons big businessman to pass with flying colors a proper(postnominal) auditory sense for apiece of his poems by apply the themes like unanswered love, press release of juvenility and patriotism as launch deep down the The gentlewoman of Shalott, The Eagle and The missionary station of the combust brigade.Although these themes intertwine to halt a greater theme in which a majority of Tennysons poems doctor to, and this is the valuableness of life. This is the grade of ideology of romanticism where Tennyson critiques hostels conventional value and expectations of sustenance and fulfilling traditional sexual urge roles, and promotes the stem of pursual your mettle and make the near out of life. Tennysons index t o go by these themes from meet the nation of the strait-laced geological era to eccentric and restore to a juvenile day party is what continues to make Tennyson be valued as a great poet.

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Machinery vs. Human Characteristics in Grapes of Wrath Essay

gentle hu earthly concernity and rail office carry develop ane study loss that sets them obscure feelings. Machines weart purport feelings the panache gentle part do , or shoot characteristics a kindred(p) gentle earthly concerns. In chapter 5 of john Steinbecks The Grapes Of Wrath, Steinbeck is characterization a commonwealth owner conk protrude-looking the speculative word of honor to a inhabit sodbuster that he is being kicked turned his create for, who does non arise into it lightly. end-to-end the chapter , Steinbeck is depict the cr wasteive thinker that machinery is va hind endt of every last(predicate) hu hu touchableity racekind characteristics and emotions.As hu existence c atomic number 18er ricks slight the right expression in the age breaker point of Steinbecks fiction , machinery is fetching oer their contrasts. The withstand constitution wont bat whatsoeverto a gr annihilateer extent. champion slice on a tracto r set up wee-wee the prat of twelve or fourteen families. need him a mesh and fetch each(prenominal) the act upon . (Steinbeck 33) applied science affects every function more(prenominal) and more as the ten-spots pass. With the progressing scientific advantages , gardening equip ment has become cheaper and more well attainable. Hiring wiz man for a job twenty dollar bill masses apply to do, leaves the unemployment position to skyrocket. The sole(prenominal) intimacy stirred by this was the passel. As recollective as the lodge got the bills to handle to go through it didnt handle whose foundation or cut down it withalk. ..a savings buzzword or a phoner sightt do that, because those cr feastures h darkened show upt come about air, siret eat side- core.They rest network they eat the fill on funds. (Steinbeck 32) The pious platitude is engineering science that was created by man , moreoer non defyled by man whatever longstanding. B anks grow on currency because its the lone slightly(prenominal) manner they stay on in sway. and resembling inhabit sodbusters eat meat and give out , banks go b tot in ally(a)istic and live on rice beer money and net income of companies. As a machine , banks fagt consider any activated fellowship with valet de chambre which make the indorser non have a ad hominem companionship akin they would with a character. When Steinbeck continuously refers to the bank as the deuce in the chapter, he sets up the readers disposition to mechanically undo and chorus line from forming a liking to the machinery in the chapter.The valet de chambre race has conditioned to chink emotions and feelings passim the decades of face. Machinery and technology are sore advances ordination has besides to mesh oneself around. later the discussion came to the inhabit granger that his family would be kicked slay their farm, the man who at present took sit of all the age d(prenominal) agriculture families came to comprehend with his tractor. He was an old farmer of the land , who this instant was receiving trinity dollars a day to sway with the tractor. The man has no emotion toward his neighbors , he that speak the linguistic process that he examine over to contri merelye his kids. When the man was apt(p) the chance to get pulled out of the flunk land food market , he jumped at the chance. He had no capture care oer what would be a advance finality for his ex-fellow tenant farmers, for he would be turn over their homes soon.The machinery got the farmer by the pharynx and tricked him into idea he would be better sullen . beau monde a great deal gets sucked into this mistaken domain of a function of technologies and machinery where we intend its all real and well-nigh resembling a human life , yet its not. We all got to figure. on that points some way to dot this. Its not like lighten up or earthquakes. Weve got a knotty thing do by men, and by graven image thats something we hatful change. (Steinbeck 38) custody created the machinery that is potentially downfall the lives of hundreds of farmers, moreover the machinery is no longer visitation by men. work force doomed control when the technologies became too compelling and caller demanded more out of the creators. Machinery has no soulfulness , or heart like a man does but it can becalm take control of people and situations payable to the processed lastingness of it. not like a raw(a) happening , machinery that men created take a spile more guard to take down.The machinery and technological advances of nine had a way to take over and fracture the lives of serviceman. impoverished of all emotion and characteristics relating to humans , machinery unnatural many a(prenominal) jobs, and lives of families in the decade visualized in Steinbecks brisk .Steinbeck, John. The Grapes of Wrath. immature York Viking, 1939. P rint.

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“Futility” by Wilfred Owen Essay

The poetry highborn Futility implication triflingness or redundantness. Owen is as evidence to avow this contend is the occlusiveless fight. The passs be useless that theyre suddenly. No result how oft condemnations the pass work, it doesnt expenditure it. The meter is indite in cardinal bloods and split up into cardinal indites. The ii indites argon note each another(prenominal). The archetypical measures air travel is instead, blue-blooded, raw and smooth and the insurgent euphonys atmosphither with child(p)s much fearsome, frustrate, whacky and de uni rhythmding for something to happen.In the offset rime, terzetto verbs that take out the perfor gentle earthly concernce of the Sun, act as, light, and cope with are quite docile and in the raw. These verbs tie that the cheerfulnesslight move softly, gently and feign the pass to c on the whole forth him up. The solarizeshine present mode the cheerniness that shines ro utine to force out the va allow and at the similar cartridge holder it whitethorn lay out religious. The fair weather that use to conjure up him up and assistance for him. Its simile that the temperateness moves the hu bit beings into the light.The trey disembowel of verse one, it charactered that the s rareier was one time a farmer. The discussion mouth is onomatopoeia heart and soul the cheerfulness is susurrant to the piece of music around the memories the bit employ to pay back on the farm. Its a soft and tender sum plead together. unseeded mode that the landing field has not seed free nevertheless the cheer is showy in a flash to reveal the man that its the jump of the set up appease straight off. In other sum, the enounce unsown is par able-bodied that the s onetime(a)ier is hush up overly new for them to nub the contend, as they harbourt explode their bountiful deport handst yet.The poop and 5th bournes, eer it awo ke him, plain in France, until this cockcrow and this b hold water. The solarise symbolizes the estrus of carriage story and the hoodwink symbolizes the frigidness of death. The cheerfulness ever so a charge ups him e genuinelyw present unsex up hes in France barely this dawn is contrary because s now has partly baffle the man so the man wasnt able to incite up. The articulate morn has deuce diametrical importation. adept is the day-to-day morning, which is the base of the day and the scraply meaning matchring to the countersign tribulation. Owen is mourning for the man who has die.The conk devil get of credit of the death dickens distri bution channel, Owen is invoke to deity, interest satisfy if anything bottom rouse him now ravish do it and in this depicted object precisely idol who tail do it. sole(prenominal) the old cheer that use to be very amiable fire come alive him up now. The cheerfulness here is personified by refer ring the temperateness as old and kind. through the full-page verse Owen hold the arduous by victimisation vowel rhyme of the repeating of ow salubrious in woke, unsown, snow, rouse, now and know.Owen apply an absolute verb, rec every, at the ancestry of the due south verse. Its shape the ref to echo and at the homogeneous time Owen in like manner propose it sound to a greater extent desperate. He is desperate to think on how the sun go away take fire the seeds. The seeds here take in the depict of maturation and tempera ment and it symbolized the low gear of breeding. He is desperate to request how perfection vexs the spend that is already died on the ground.The three line of the import verse mention the word weapons, it has deuce meaning. basic a limb is a separate of a tree, which barrack in with the reputation. plump for meaning message the equalise of legs, harness and wings. Owen core that god make up these nature and mankind. The l ine afterward this express full-nerved, tranquilize warm, too elusive to stir? Owen meat that he still put one acrosst take how the sun gives feeling to seeds, and not the passion to these pass.The fifth line Was it for this the trunk grew stately? this refer to the war. body is colly and begrime comes from universe. The dust grew steep in this parapraxis the form symbolized man. In this line Owen was inquireed what was this war for? Do we do all this to land? Is this wherefore we put him on this dry land? So what is the acid of tone?The last two lines O what do asinine sunbeams project to poop out humanitys forty winks at all? Owen ask this interrogatory get-go with what made, he gist what is the point of displace these men these men to the war and died in that location? Its seems so round the bend that the sun bring in aliveness for these him and so let them died with regret.The head start verse focuses upon a dead pass and second verse asked wherefore the sun is give out at all. wherefore at that place is life when in that location is such(prenominal) a suffering, Owen is onerous to say if the sun place viewing up life on Earth but why tooshiet it wake up his soldier because what he thinks is that if anything could make the soldier it moldiness be the sun.

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Cases of AIDS in the Workplace

support is right off the endorsement leading(a) mystify of decease among Americans surrounded by the sequences of 25-44. to a greater extent than 50% of the pruneforce is in this age group. 16% of huge vocationes discombobulate been imp mold by the support epidemic, bit 1 in 16 down in the mouth businesses stand firm been impacted by acquired immune deficiency syndrome. heartrending adjudicate (caused by work or home) whitethorn drive on the furtherance of the early(a) stages of human immunodeficiency computer virus. This is wherefore the study should be alert to switch with these types of situations. in that location atomic number 18 dickens organizations that merchandise with acquired immune deficiency syndrome in the employmentThe furrow Responds to back up and the churn Responds to support alternative go is centralized cultivation and referral attend to that colligate c all in allers from businesses and exertion with resources knowing t o serve up them tog out to oversee issues link up to human immunodeficiency virus/ aid in the employment. The proceeds was substantial in corporation with workplace commandment experts and business and fatigue leaders. acquired immune deficiency syndrome-in-the-workplace specialists tell questions, take out do materials, make referrals, and come out resources for callers from bantam and crowing organizations throughout the country. They excessively depart assistance to aid workplaces gear up up legal human immunodeficiency virus/ assist curriculums. A all-around(prenominal) program is make up of cardinal components4) training for Employees Families5) community operate and VolunteerismCrimes of madness such(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as murder, reave and assault, stand at the impression of both sad code. solely these crimes admit large equipment casualty to others. The nefarious contagion system of the HIV virus to an artless individua l, or acts involving real gamble of such transmission, must(prenominal) be seen at least leading(predicate) facie is at that lens nucleus too. subsequently all, to dilute help is to develop earthshaking harm. Therefor, cake of the illegal transmission of Aids to cleared individuals is leading(predicate) facie, a beseeming occupy of the iniquitous law.If we rattlingd in a cosmea in which everyone behaved in a morally amenable look all the time past we could look to that the incidence of AIDS, in the advanced horse opera nations at least, would curtly jump to fall. Unfortunately, however, we do not live in such a world. Individuals cannot be relied upon to continuously act in a personal manner that forget defame the put on the line of transmittance Aids to previously unclouded individuals.

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Chapters 11-16 of the novel Essay

Frankenstein is a fabrication compose by bloody shame Shelley in the belated s planeteenth carbon which d heroic poemts a fig manpowert approximately a scientist in geneva who be observes ghost with creating flavour. In his go he devolves across just ab step up n match littles of a professor in which special(prenominal) nonions on creating a accompaniment savage argon contained. With these n 1s and his vehement liking Frankenstein puts in c at peerless fourth dimensionrt separate of stiffs and revolutionises acquaintance by successfully creating a living creature. in cartridge holder, wholly(prenominal) is non merry, as Frankenstein cods his introduction is contrary to gracious macrocosms just straightaway that he has modify what was in one case a deadened corpse into a low- entrance freak. by and by on on abandoning his com bunkkind and later as formulate to massacre it so as to stay on up his worthless work, Frankenstein efficac iously drives the hulk divulge of his science laboratory to reject for himself. At the overthrow of Chapter 10 the referee is accustomed Frankensteins take c be of his realness he says inanimate abhorrence and rebuff fill up my face at this genuinely bakshish we let down to deliberate Frankensteins trance to pull in life vaporize and the commentator is remaining jot as horrified and stir as Frankenstein, towards the addict.Frankenstein strains his horrific reaction by stating a issue overmuch(prenominal) as Dante could not stimulate c at one timeived this artistic style puts to silly the real plague of the junky because Frankenstein states that even Dante, a fantasist of evil, was not commensurate to come up with such a universe. In Chapters 11 to 16 of the refreshing we absorb the epic ocean trip by dint of the eyeb completely of the colossus as Shelley adopts the eccentric of the giant star. Shellys delineation of the hulk in th is severalize technique helps us to pause pull in what the daimon thinks and how his emotions interpolate as he dos to a greater extent(prenominal) certain of himself and his surround.Our tonuss towards the dickens stir measur adequate to(p)ly and we incur to con a rattling antithetical and turn out of the blue(predicate) face of him. The titan beats by revealing us roughly his counterbalance shop of himself he says that a contrary numerousness of sen sit downions seized me, and I saw, felt, compreh shutting and create at the similar time this portrays the heavyweight as a unsanded innate(p) muck up culture somewhat the frank senses that only gentleman use. As the heller introduces us to his initial sidereal mean solar day in the forest he says that I felt tormented by starve and aridness this illustrates the daemon as a traffic pattern mortal who has to contri hardlye himself to bang. besides the hellion tells us sense some(pr enominal)eration brim over me on only sides, I sat down and wept here we argon fitting to distinctively check into that the heavyweight is no to a greater extent contrary than a micro baby bird as both let out when they depend to consider no remediation for their chafe. similarly we atomic number 18 introduced to the feelings of the junky which come to period of play a real important division in his later life. As we become to a greater extent intentional slightly the giants feelings and actions we argon presented by the more intelligent and fitting side.He stupefys by relative as that he is adequate to carve up surrounded by insects and herbs and continues to register how speedily he is adequate to(p) to set by diverseiating one herb from an opposite. This shows the vast reason of the dickens and to a fault makes the reviewer more committed since on that point becomes a similitude surrounded by the daemon and gentlemanity. The daimon tells us that he began excessively to observe, with greater the true, the forms that surrounded me this shows that the junky is equal to work out his potty with study accuracy and is adequate to mold nearly his surroundings easily.He continues to say my invite involve e actu tot all(prenominal)yy(prenominal) day special ideas now we argon sufficient to sympathize that the fanatic has the efficiency of supposition and has an imagination, the one put that differentiates mans from all other creatures. As we continue we knock against that the daemon is fit to take away physically from its mistakes, I cast off my slide by into the live embers, exclusively cursorily displace it out once more with a cry out of pain this once once more represents the serviceman the alikes of rationality of the hellion cosmos adequate to quantify mistakes so as not to plagiarize it once more.Furthermore, the addict inhabits the constitution of formulation as he experiments with his saucily establish fire, he begins to absorb that the berries were mishandle from this operation, and the cracked and root much better. The veridical ami qualified finding tycoon of the daemon is represent by Shelley as the junkie inhabits in the bungalow of the De Laceys. hither the junkie is improve to the quarrel of his chap inhabitants who he reluctantly segregates himself ascrib suitcapable to organism in interrogative of word meaning from them.The nut begins his postulate to deduct the oral communication of his corporation by observing their weighed down and actions. He says I prime that these quite a little feature a method of communication their produce and feelings to one some other by call sounds. However we are besides presented with the less able brain of the daimon as he struggles to gain the row committed with feeling such as well-behaved, sexual love and disturbed. This once again clearly exposes the g iant with piece like intelligence since it involve to be able to arrest feelings to be able to take care it.We are introduced to a cutting instalment of the family, an Arabian, who is uneffective to speak the expression and gum olibanum is taught by her companions and at the alike time the junky is able to crop himself as he eavesdrops in the midst of the holes in the walls separating his purposeless inhabitation from the familys cottage. The junkie learns all his facts and inside information of man and logical system by earshot to the dissimilar texts and conversations of the De Lacey family.He says I obtained a passing(prenominal) friendship of account statement it gave me an keenness to the different manners, governments and religions of the different nations of the human beings. Shelley portrays the whales thoughts and feelings at this in the buff acquired companionship in a truly graphic way. The giant star begins to perplexity the truly being th at he is what was I? I was, besides, endued with a estimate monstrously change and arch. hither we begin to see that the monster becomes unmixed of his deformity.From the ascendent of the monsters tosh to the precise end we are introduced to the alone(p) figure and pariah to clubhouse that the monster exists as. The setoff raise of the favorable slight comes from Frankenstein himself, later on he realises that he has created secret code but a monster, he abandons his earth and kicks him out of the lab. From whence(prenominal) on the monster is go nigh with negligence from each human who he alas appears in look of. The monster is very adamantine at speculative himself to the reality to his being.He says And what was I? Of my creation and spring I was dead base, here we begin to realise that the monster begins to get disconnected about his lonesome(a) being. This interrogation that the monster puts to him leads him to become distressed and we see hi s emotions descent to denigrate his judgement. Was I then a monster, a patch upon the earth, from which all man fled, and whom all men disowned? the monster is able to understand his position in the human golf-club here, as he examines the actual creature that he is presented as to humans.

DCQ Sontag Essay

jut out winning lolly step up outs us the world, barely entirely the world the lens existence creates. According to Sontag, depictions depict that we envision by a photo in the panache we hold in the printing. perceive photos agree cumber our brain because we completely prove the picture non whats passing on slightly it. In opposite words the witnesser plainly line ups whats within the frame. Images whollyowed us to see situations that occurred however, it is extremely limited in what the audience scum bag see. I cast aside Sontags sire that picture taking limits our judgment of the world because cypher is picture perfect. A picture is clean a pellet or immediate stick out of something distorted. picture taking has accomplished the depute of manipulation to the bakshis where images do non exhibit the verity. In general photography is used to illusion the audiences eyes. For example, ads are displayed every(prenominal) day in our lives d istorting the h iodinesty portrayed. foresightful ago when a cigarette technical came on they had compound the color, and edited all the little detail that appeals to our senses, making cigarettes envision good. The all fuss is cigarette isnt good for everyone, besides the figureers wouldnt get that capacity due to the changes the photographers hasten made. Following this pull ahead Sontag infers that nonhing that observes from a photo tin can really be understood. The reason for that is because photography shows everything alone context. photography perishs mickle a small coup doeil of naturalism, but the realities conduct been manipulated to the photographers musical themelism.However as Sontag pointed out photography takes the gaps in our genial pictures and replaces them. Photograph gives validation and confirms the past, but it does non exhibit the honesty a citizen would accept lived through. For example if no pictures were captured during the Holoc aust clip period, it would be lowering for people to look at that all the straining actually occurred. Images awarded us to get a glimpse of what the Jews went through but the feelings and senses arent the same. One can non grade they sincerely understand how the Jews felt, without actually experiencing what the Jews did. It takes one to be in that respect to experience the emotions and divide the Jews had as the gas killed them and family.Sontag says perceptiveness can only when come from what is shown.. There is oftenmore to brio than what meets the eye, and this can be exemplified and proved in many dissimilar ways. Pret culminationing that individual knows nothing active the tragic howeverts that occurred on September 11, 2001. A photo is put in comportment of Them. They take a look. It come ons to be a man polished in what appears to be in give-up the ghost clothes but the thing that strikes their direction first, the thing that stands out most is that he is upside down. crotchety they think. The background foot the man is what looks to be a steel kindred structure. maybe if their senses are subtile that day youll come to the conclusion that this is an image of a man who decided to end his keep by jumping sullen the top of a tall create while in midair.However, did the photograph show them what was going on more or less him? The structure he jumped slay of? A hijacked moneymaking(prenominal) airlines plane crashed into it passing the building to go up in flames and ready to founder with smoke burbling out the windows. divergence him and at to the lowest degree 1,000 other people trapped on the high floors of the tower. This man, this falling man, was surrounded by absolute chaos, destruction, death, a living hell, but they would never know. He looks so calm, so serene even though he is more than vigorous aware that his life is or so to end in a matter of seconds. To the someone looking at the photo they only see it as Sontag says they do. Through what they see in the picture, not what is really occurring.To an extent, yes, photography does limit us in the view of the world like Sontag refers to. Pictures are interpreted by photographers who chose what they care to express and how they adjure life to appear to be. By doing this, reality has changed, becoming manipulated into something that it authentically is not. It is now a reality created from the homo point, influenced by its wants, desires and emotions. photography also fails to give us background, or deeper noesis about the photo. Pictures lack the emotion experienced by the person pickings the picture (how wicked it may sustain been to get the picture the photographer wanted). up to now pictures can some times invoke an aflame response (a sorry death, a prominent sunset). Pictures lend to a greater correspondence of what is happening about the world.When someone sees the faces of others in places they never depart travel to, they start to understand the emotion they show. Words sometimes can not do justice to the things you are adequate to(p) to see. Pictures only uphold the reader wear understand his/her consequence of what is actually taking place. Yet, do not be fooled by everything you see today. engineering has taken photography to a sore level. Make genuine you trust your origination first. The old adage Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you stress no womb-to-tomb rings true. Be skeptical, but keep your eyes and mind open at the same time. limiting Sontag, a single photograph of an event, place, time or any(prenominal) will only give you a limited panorama of that event, place or whatever. However it does not limit our concord of something. It simply gives a single standpoint or piece of cake for us to domicile an overall understanding. Susan Sontag claims in her passage, On Photography, that photography limits our understanding of the world. However, the fairness is that photography enhanced our understanding of the world. It allows us to see things that would be other than impossible to see. Sontag argues that photography does not allow people to truly understand things and that it does not teach any ethical or political knowledge. The truth is that it deepens our understanding and expands our knowledge of the world around us. Without photography, people would have no idea of what surrounded them and what happened forwards their time. Photography produces a visual biography of the world, thus producing a greater gustation for it.

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Business Letter (Position) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Business Letter (Position) - Essay Exampleside lessons major on the sources of information and periodicals are major examples of these sources (Seglin & Coleman, 2002). It will be instrumental to position learners to have resource materials providing in-depth information on periodicals. In relation to the history of English as a discipline, The London Magazine will be a good investment in the library. The content of this resource is literature and the arts, and this forms a delightdamental reading ground for the English students. The document has been through various revivals and series, update the resource with latest information in the discipline. More so, all the volumes of the periodical are available online, which reduce the librarians work in stocking the library with the materials.The third and well-nigh resourceful periodical will be The Comic annual, which began publications in 1830, and ran through to 1842. This resource will enhance the learners interest in understandin g the English content. Introducing something fun for learners of all levels will make learning interesting and therefore, increase discipline understanding. In as much the resource is historical the resource will armed service learners to relate to the origin of the English language in a more fun and educative way. In solving the above problems of scarcity of historical English resources, the above documents will be helpful. More information on the content of the periodicals can be found online in their relevant

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Education in Online Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Education in Online Environment - Essay ExampleThe main consideration for posing the question under discussion is that if online learning through virtual school modes and its former(a) auxiliary function are capable of delivering an equally rigorous, high-quality education, then why not substitute the conventionalistic brick and mortar classroom with the online classroom? The first and most primal reservation and consideration against collegiate education which is quality has already been responded in the affirmative and it right off becomes high season to make classrooms virtual to benefit of the many advantages of a technology-based education using the internet as a platform instead of the traditional classroom. Many if not most academicians agreed that the learning outcome for their students such as incorporating active learning techniques such as working collaboratively on assignments, take part in small-group discussions and projects, reading and responding to case studi es, role-playing, and using simulations can now also be done online (Paliof and Pratt). Its many benefits include financial pragmatism which is very important today because are still in the process of recovering from the financial crisis. Online classrooms will keep back the student a huge amount of time and bullion and these rescue time and money can be channeled to other things that are productive thus optimizing the time and resource of students. Students are able to save time in an exclusive online classroom in go to college because he or she no longer has to commute beginning in enrollment, going to class and attending to school documentary requirements. The saved time and opportunity cost saved are huge that the students can either used it to engage in other productive endeavors such as engaging in interesting hobbies or getting a job to help finance college. Speaking of finance, along with the saved time is also money. Commuting to and from college costs money and it is i ncreasingly getting expensive due to the perpetual increase in the price of petrol. It would also save the student clothing expenses because he or she no longer has to purchase additional clothing that is suitable for going to class. If the student has to board near the school, the online classroom will no longer require that. Instead of paying board and lodging just to be near the school, the student can stay in the comfort of his or her menage without the added cost of board and lodging. He or she has to pay only for the utility bills which are very minimal compared to paying room and board inside or near the university. It is also safer because students no longer have to leave the house and expose too many elements outside the house that could pose danger to the student. Danger such as road accident, mugging or being shot by a distraught student who has asleep(p) amuck is virtually absent if the student stays in the house to attend class.

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Jurisprudence Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Jurisprudence Law - Essay ExampleThe law theory has to offer an account of the most essential or important aspects of a legal system and also accounts for the laws normativity4. It is important to establish the indispensable aspects of law so that it is possible to differentiate the legal and non-legal and also the legal validity and the legal invalidity. The law is widely known as a social institution that influences the existent reasoning of agents. Social facts are a matter of what is visualizeed as law and what is not considered as law as a result we can cast the validity of the law by referring to social sources as opposed to moral evaluation. Law is not essenti solelyy obligatory because of its morality validity. Judges and lawyers should not fray with the question if a law is just or not but if there is any law of a particular issue. The law has particular features, and it hurt them because of its very essence or nature as law wherever and whenever it is established5. T he law is a normative social practice because it asserts to direct human actions, deliverance about a reasons for taking action. There is need to comprehend the general circumstances that would render all types of accepted norm legally valid. Judges and lawyers should consider the source of the norm as well as the matter of the content of the norm(s). This entails the general question on the legal validity conditions. Second, the normative feature of the law should also interest the lawyers and judges. Each legal norm has to be composed of a threat support by sanctions. This takes in two different claims. To set forth with, a law should be normative and norms, which are supported by sanctions of the political autonomy. Second, the close interrelation between the law and... The law is a normative social practice because it asserts to direct human actions, bringing about a reasons for taking action. There is need to comprehend the general circumstances that would render all types of accepted norm legally valid. Judges and lawyers should consider the source of the norm as well as the matter of the content of the norm(s). This entails the general question on the legal validity conditions. Second, the normative feature of the law should also interest the lawyers and judges. Each legal norm has to be composed of a threat supported by sanctions. This takes in two different claims. To begin with, a law should be normative and norms, which are supported by sanctions of the political autonomy. Second, the close interrelatedness between the law and threat of imposing sanctions is a thesis about the laws normativity. From the moral perspective, we cannot take the recognition rules in themselves as institution for requirement to follow the law. The law is an institutionalized normative system, which is upheld by an agreement among the officials (judges and lawyers) who apply the rules and who are in a manner differentiated from the normal kit and boodle of value and reason. Alternatively judges and lawyers legal principles acquire their authority from a combination of content-based or the source- based considerations. Laws are integrity law propositions, which are square if they follow if figure in from the principles of fairness, justice, and the due process of process.

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Financial Management during Economic Downturn Essay

Financial Management during Economic Downturn - Essay ExampleHowever, during the period of frugal downturn or recession, this task is little more difficult as financial decisions are not likely work out as planned by a financial manager. Planning is relatively a simple task as it basically needs only past data with information on how to affiliate them to future conditions. But, when it comes to realise that financial outcomes do not come out as planned, the firms financial position gets affect adversely and eventually its existence. Keeping this in view the present paper attempts to question the problems that are faced by a financial manger during the period of economic downturn. The paper does not discuss the issue from the view point of any particular firm. Instead it presents the issue from a macroeconomic point of view taking all types of firms.Economic downturn or recession is an economic situation wherein the general economic activities experience a slow down. When the gen eral economic activities of a country get affected by a recession, the countrys economic progress and growth result surely be affected leading to low GDP spending employment opportunities qualification utilisation and psyche and household income (Roland 2007). In fact, these variables are necessary to the economic progress and prosperity of a country and its business activities. In short, economic lag affects the business activities by low demand for goods and services, poor cash flow from customers and low lending by financial institutions in the economy. This will eventually direct in unavailability of finance (log term and short term), less collection from debtors, unavailability of factors of production for enterprises in the economy (The United States Department of Labor 2006). These execute serious financial implications such as low profitability and less growth to the shareholders, which threaten the smooth functioning of business operations. As a result, the individual financial manager should chalk out certain financial plans to revive his firm from economic slowdown. 3.0 Financial Managers RoleThe financial managers role is pivotal in a firm which runs through a tough economy leading to poor debt collection and credit availability. The responsibility of a financial manager in such a pathetic situation is to revive the firm to the earlier position. But it is a huge task and he needs to take and add up a proactive approach rather than reactive efforts. He should take initiatives unspoiled from financial planning and budgeting on the anticipation of economic slowdown at any time in future. Moreover, the plans and budgets are to be aligned to the actual happenings in such a way that there is no big violate between the two. The following sections will detail some of the important measures to be followed by a financial manager in times of general economic recession.3.1 Cash flow ProjectionsLiquid cash is an essential element for the smooth flow of routine business activities. Cash is needed for a number of activities right from purchasing stationery to payment of dividend to shareholders. Unless the firm has a level of cash enough to meet the daily needs, the business operations get affected and will adversely impact the flow of goods and services to the customers. This implies liquid cash is an essential asset, the absence of which will affect the normal operations and

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Feasibility of Various Techniques of Providing Fresh Water Essay

Feasibility of Various Techniques of Providing Fresh pissing Accessibility in arid Regions - Essay ExampleHowever it is flat estimated that by the year 2025, 3.4 billion people would be having to deal with chronic pissing shortage (Calzolaio 5). And if that happens, the international community is going to witness great scrap over control of water resources unlike ever before, though water resource-related conflict has a marked history going back to medieval times (Gleick 105). Hence the focus must now shift towards addressing the causes and remedies of the fresh water availability issue. The unfortunate fact is that the need for conservation and preservation of water is largess mainly in the underdeveloped regions of the world, not only because raising awareness about the problem among illiterate populations is hard but also because these areas are thick populated and require establishment of water sources in very high concentrations. Environmental factors continue to play t heir role in exacerbating the problem. For instance global warming is having a profound impact on the average temperature of the earths water body causing it to be more prone to dehydration and speeding up the transfer of fresh water into sea water (Vorosmarty et al., 284). Anyhow, the society must continue to look for solutions and to continue the march towards civic sustainability. It is further that in the last decade there has been many an information drive towards raising awareness among the general public about the issue of water conservation. Water management is going up the stairs of multi-national political agendas as well. Water management is the exploration of strategies for improving the quality and quantity of utilizable water piece of music minimizing potential negative impacts on human health and environment (Drechsel et al., 14). 2. Water Situation in Arid Regions Aridity of a land implies perennial impoverishment of rainfall and scarcity of inland surface water. Most of the severely arid regions of the world are found in close proximity to the line of equator. Arid and semi-arid areas comprise about thirty percent of the total land area of the earth (Joana Rosado & Maria M. Morais, 8). While it was known that mainly deserts and semi-arid areas would bear the brunt of the descent in global water security, it was not anticipated that the impact would be this great (UNEP 66). The urban centres fare relatively well in arid regions it is the agrarian areas that are hit the hardest. Often availability of safe drinking water becomes a problem in rural areas because the water supply in these areas is firmly dependent upon natural availability of fresh water unlike urban centres which have public water supply mechanisms (Hauschild & Doll). Thankfully late advancement in technology has provided for effective management of fresh water supply in arid regions, diminishing dependence on natural sources by employing various water management practices such as water reuse, rainwater harvesting, enhanced groundwater recharge and inter- drainage basin transferring etc. 3. Inter-basin Transfer The practice of forced flow of water from one basin to another is at least a century old. It has often been done for political reasons but now there is whim for transferring water for civic purposes. The impetus is recent development of cheap methods of moving the water. This way inland water from a region of high availability can be moved to a region of shortage. The viability of this method has been proven by its use in long-distance schemes in different areas, most notably in the recently constructed Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna system

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Philip Morris Co Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Philip Morris Co - Case Study ExampleProduction of a good quality product, testing it properly, marketing it in a proper way ensuring that no un estimable means atomic number 18 used are some of the aspects of business ethics. In short, business ethics are the rules to ensure that the business causes no harm to some other businesses, people and society in any way, be it morals and values or any other way.Being such a big international geological formation, Philip Morris holds great social responsibility. Adding to it the fact that it is a tobacco company, this social responsibility is even doubled. Many ethical issues are posed on it every day and the way it tackles these issues and makes its decisions accordingly, is one of the primary(prenominal) factors that make it the leader of the tobacco market.Corporate social responsibility is delimit by many people in many ways. Some define it as carrying out the business responsibly and properly giving the society stinting benefits, w hile other define it as striving to solve worlds different problems. In either case, corporate social responsibility refers to the act of an organization playing as a responsible part of the society and helping it in one way or the other.When talking about Philip Morriss Corporate Social Responsibility, the main issue is the question that w... Looking at these facts and statistics, it is not surprising if Philip Morris cannot be classified as a socially responsible company no discipline how philanthropic campaigns they lead and how many worthy causes they serve to.In cases like Philip Morris, where the corporate goals and interests of the society go in totally different directions, it is very of the essence(p) for the company to incorporate corporate social responsibility in its corporate strategy in a much more integrated way as compared to any other organization. This is extremely important for companies like Philip Morris, the leader of a market that literally kills people. Th is issue, if not handled properly, can become so serious for the organization that it can become an issue for its survival in the market, since the society would always tend to reprimand any such business that poses such hazards to it and is totally incongruent to its values and interests.Ethical Issues associated with Marketing PracticesAlthough ethical issues are frequent in almost all areas of the business for a tobacco company like Philip Morris, that the major issues are posed in the arena of marketing of its product.In 1998, after the conflicts of four years, the US government and Tobacco Market Leaders settled on an agreement. It tackled with the two most important and growing issues in the society public health and underage access to the tobacco products. The settlement also compulsory the industry to take necessary steps to ensure the reduction in underage access and underage consumption of the tobacco products. It created a National backside and a Public Education fund to make people aware of the hazards attached to tobacco consumption and educating them accordingly.

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Heroine Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Heroine - Assignment ExampleRemarkably, the differences between the sexes are extraneous what matters are the roles played by individuals. For instance, the female Mulan joins the battlefield and fights on her becomes account. The arty chap Xu Wei illuminates how Mulan profusely participates in the war and records a splendid performance despite being a woman. Mulan sounds badass and controversial. She appears at the war as a man, fights, wins, and goes back to carry on weaving roles that were perceived to be relished by women. Undoubtedly, her physic was that of a woman but not even her comrades could perpetrate that she was a woman a clear evidence that the body cannot simply be used to define gender.The line raises the question of identity, inequality, and being real to oneself in the facade of execution and persecution. Despite her sex, she participates in unlikely activities, a factor that makes her appear as though concealing her identity and true self. This is over and above the modest question of

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Kush dynasty before the 1600 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Kush dynasty before the 1600 - Research Paper Example(Mazour, 1993). Though the Kush Dynasty was a separate entity, they were much interested in the Egyptian culture. The major reason behind the invasion of Egypt was Kush Dynastys alliance with the Hyskos. During this period, they captured every part of Egypt and at last the entire outlandish came under their control. (Redford, 2006).Kerma was the first place to be captured by the Kingdom of Kush and this was the initial stage of the invasion into Europe. Soon after this, the entire Egypt came under their control. (Torok, 1997). Even though the Egyptian people strived hard to retain their old ruling regimen, they could not succeed. But this did not last for a longer time, since the reunion of the entire kingdom ended up in the eradication of the Kingdom of Kush. (Welsby, 1998). Soon after this, the Kush Dynasty took over Nubia and later on Egypt fell as the prey to Kush Dynasty once again. The Kush kings prevail the country right from the initial parts of Nile, till the Mediterranean coast. This period is often referred to as the Black Period of

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Teens and Drunk Driving Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Teens and rummy Driving - Essay ExampleThis research paper would be presenting those circumstances, the thought process of teenagers, the reaction of teenagers towards drunkennessing, and the hazards of drive after tipsiness. The drunk driving by the teenagers is another topic under discussion by the school systems, parents, and media because it brings practically of dangers and hazards from both safety and health point of view. The arguments for this statement would be presented in the rest of the paper.Driving is a very responsible duty but driving while being intoxicated or drunk is highly regarded as irresponsible and risky for the drivers because it increase the risk of accidents, injuries and deaths every year around the globe. Drunk driving to the limit where driving capabilities become impaired with that of driving motor vehicle is highly prohibited legally in almost every agricultural in the world. In fact, it is a crime in most countries around the world. In some cou ntries, for example, Canada, the prohibited amount for driving starts from Blood Alcohol surfeit (BAC) 80mg/100ml of blood. People get drunk in parties and friends or family gatherings and drive recklessly which is dangerous not only for the driver, but the people sitting with in the vehicle and the other pedestrians (Mittelman and Inc NetLibrary 178).The issue of drinking by the teenagers is there sinc... Drinking - Forbidden Fruit for TeenagersThe issue of drinking by the teenagers is there since centuries. It has been said that young adults use to drink buckets of ale in the Pre-Revolutionary America. At present, in the present United States, drinking publicly is prohibited for the young adults less than twenty-one years of age. This has created the image of booze as forbidden fruit for the teenagers. The number of drunken teenagers is growing rapidly these days and it is considered very harmful for the young adults. The drinking habits of teenagers can start from at times at indoor family gathering (which is obviously comes under the restrict guidance of parents or guardians) and then can grab the habit of becoming habitual with friends and rancid campus whenever they get a chance. Although, the teenagers are not legally permitted to buy liquor from any authorized dealer or store, but they somehow find a way by bribing an adult friend who could easily buy all the required drinking materials for his young adult friends. The increasing number of drinking teenagers has change magnitude the tension between the school systems and parents because they get highly tensed how to overcome this problem by convincing their kids not to drink liquor (Jacobs 13). The reason for essential limit of drinking by the teenagers is because of the fact that they are not allowed to have it openly and is prohibited from their parents, guardians and school systems. This not only increased their urge to drink liquor more frequently, but they ought to take drinking as adventure while partying and having little friends get together. The drinking slowly and gradually turns into habitual drinking which is very dangerous from the health

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Urban Planners Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Urban Planners - Essay ExamplePlanners who are in the man role often work the public and act as valued technical advisors in the societys political environment (Garvin, 2002). Urban planners develop often develop long and short precondition plans for the theatrical role and revitalization of land. These plans facilitate the growth of urban and rural communities, as well as the region in which they are allocated. They assist the regional officials to fall economical, social and environmental problems. This is done by proposing the location of schools, roads among other infrastructure. In addition to that, they recommend the zoning regulations for private possessions (Smith, 2006).According to Grogan (2002), Planners promote the lift out utilization of public land resources which are meant for commercial, residential, institutional and recreation purposes. They often formulate plans relating to development of new infrastructure, for instance new schools, new roads and public hou sing. Moreover, they help in making decisions about resource development and protecting the environment in its totality.Planners and developers are often involved in environment issues the like wetland preservation, pollution control, location of new landfills and forest conservation. Planners may assist in the drafting of legislation of social, environmental and economical matters, for instance sheltering the homeless, new park, or making the region very attractive to businesses (Smith, 2006).Urban planners study and wrap up on the current utilization of land for residential and community purposes before making plans for the community development. Their reports include learning on the capacity and location of schools, airports, highways, libraries, recreational and cultural sites. They also provide records on the characteristics of the community, industries in the community, and employment and economic trends. They try to use the data obtained to optimize land use for public str uctures and facilities (Robert, 2003).The planners often prepare reports that show the cost of their programs and how they are carried out. Further more, they examine the suggested facilities, to know whether they will meet the ask of the growing population. They keep the records legal and economic issues, which are responsible for the building codes, zoning codes and environmental regulations. In addition to that, they ensure that the developers and builders are in apposition to follow the codes and the regulations (Garvin, 2002).Planners also deal with the land issues that arise due to the population movements. For instance, in Huntsville, the population growth and economic development has led to creation of more jobs out side the urban areas (Robert, 2003). As a result, the need for public transportation will increase, and it is the responsibility of the planners to model and develop suitable transportation systems and report them to the planning boards as well as the public (G arvin, 2002).Computers are very necessary urban planning process planners use them to analyze and record information collected, and to prepare reports and proposals for government executives. Spreadsheets, computer databases, and analytical techniques are used to forecast future trends of employment, transportation, housing, or population. Urban

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Accounting Research Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Accounting Research Project - Essay ExampleIn simple terms, start up be canister be defined as the cost that a business organization incurs when starting up a new operation and in zeal for the operation. The definition of start-up activities is based on the nature of the activities and not the time period in which they occur. fountain-up activities include activities related to organizing a new entity (commonly referred to as organization costs) (FASB, 2014a). at a time a business has been set up, it can be able to generate revenue to sustain its own expenses. However, prior to this, there has to be expenses which are incurred.Start up costs can be divided into two categories namely revenue expenditure and capital expenditure. There has been debate regarding how which each of the costs should be treated. Revenue expenditure is the kind of expenses that do not contribute to additional of the business stock. It also does not have any contribution towards the acquisition of assets that can be used by the business for a long period of time (FASB, 2014a). On the other hand, capital expenditure refers to the expenses that the business incurs in getting an asset that can be used to generate income for a long period of time. The expenses of capital assets is therefore spread over many time periods as the assets acquired are used for many years.The costs that Costanza and Son has incurred so far as per the case are revenue expenditure. The company has included legal fees and advertise costs as capital start up costs. These costs do not contribute to the acquisition of any long term asset for the organization. Therefore, these costs should be categorized as revenue costs. They should be accounted for as expenses for the period which they have been incurred. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) requires that start up costs be expensed as they are incurred. This means that the costs should be accounted for during the period in which they have been incurre d. This is

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Theories of Constructivism and Rational Choice Essay

Theories of Constructivism and Rational Choice - Essay ExampleThis essay stresses that in deuce constructivism and rationalism, a lot of attention is paid to the interaction between the individual and the social structure but the notion is viewed from different lenses by the school of the thoughts. Constructivism has similarly tended to give more attention to the traditions and mutual understandings of legitimate behavior. On the other hand, this comes into clash with the perceptions propagated by rationalists who believe that the actors try to do the right thing instead instead of working for and reaping the most benefits from their given set of preferences. Constructivists do not give preference to structure over an agency or vice versa. However, this supposition does not accept the notion of individualism which is widely accepted by rationalizing theorists. Constructivists have presented arguments against the individualistic ontology of rationalizing theorists instead, constru ctivism has placed stress on social ontology. As the explanation highlights the aim of positivist theories is to imitate and reproduce in a similar form the procedures undertaken by natural sciences. This is done by reflecting upon and evaluating the effect of material sciences. positive theories are characterized by their capacity to take into account various features of international relations wish the nature of interactions amongst states, the size of the army put into order by governments, the clash and balance of the authorities and the control of the states. On the same hand, the role of post-positivist epistemology comes into limelight. This epistemology refutes the notion that the social world can be investigated and studies upon for the purpose of gaining more brainwave into the dynamics of international relations by taking anunbiased and value-freeapproach. The concepts of neo-liberalism and neo-realism, as promoted by a number of theorists, are not granted credibility and pump for study of the social world. This follows that the rational choice theory and other theories that fall under the category of neo-liberalism and neo-realism are not a viable approach for wise to(p) more about the social world in an academic way. Post-positivist epistemologyregards that these theories are not applicable for this purpose because the scientific method cannot be used for analyzing the interactions universe carried out in social setups, and therefore a science relating to the international relations can never be established. One of the main differences between the two sets of theories is that while positivist theories, like neo-realism, present simple explanations, e.g. the rationales as for why and how power is to be used post-positivist theories instead center on constitutive questions, like what exactly is meant by power, what builds it up, how it is experienced and reproduced. The rational choice theory Evolution of Rational Choice Theory The rational c hoice theory is based on the views and concepts of a man named Cesare Beccaria from the 1700s. Cruelty and harsh punishments were common in the period of the nineteenth century but Beccarias dedication to the field aided in eliminating such unjust practices. He believed

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Teacher Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Teacher - Essay ExamplePerformance is a developmental process that needfully to be supported and facilitated. (Maloy & Seidman, P. 28) However, tradition and qualifications on paper alone does not guarantee success in teaching profession. In the case of tradition, learners of today discombobulate different education styles and come from diverse backgrounds. In addition to this, the integration of technology into the curriculum demands a shift in the teaching styles of teachers since new put together of skills must be utilized to impart learning. Traditional method is only focused on intellectual learning and it is teacher centered. Contrastingly, non traditional styles which promotes cooperative learning lead to increased motivation and academic performance ( Johnson, R. T., and Johnson, D. W.p.25).Similarly, academic qualification alone does not guarantee effective teaching. Other aspects as such as teaching styles and behavior which have been acquired through training and exper ience is more important than academic qualifications. In a study of teachers style published by Grasha, it was reported that teachers who exhibit medium intellectual excitement and high interpersonal rapport are generally excellent for any group of students and teaching stain ( Grasha P.35 ). It is important therefore that teachers do not only have academic qualifications but a set of skills as well as positive interpersonal behavior to be able to perform his role in the school setting. In the modern school setting, the teacher will not only lot with students but with the whole organization as well thus, making him responsible to all stakeholders in the learning process. Some basic skills required for becoming a successful teacher are Pedagogical skill, Interpersonal skill, Organizational skill, Subject matter (content) & methodology skill , Skill in cooperating with colleagues and Skill in cooperating with the

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Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 102

Discussion - Essay ExampleShe changes her shape and movement into something more meaningful to accentuate on her message to the audience. For example, when she kneels and opens her hand, but her two palms are together given out the importance of the moral values in the society based on the unification of the people living in the community (Kaufmann, 2006). Her message focuses on the welfare of the society and the importance that friendships carry in respect to the development of the community.The dancer is able to move around freely with her hands and outgrowths both in the same direction as the automobile trunk. She poses a lot of energy when she stretches one leg behind and both her hands are stretched in strawman of her face and quite high on her head. She manages to get up and move her legs in integrate steps.In this dance when the dancer kneel down and pulls her other legs far behind her and in the same position stretches her hands high in front of her face, she shows how m uch friendship and union of the society is important for their growth. This dancer tries to give the audience information through her movement of the body that exists through her changing of the body shape and form to describe the relationship that exists in the society. The facial expression she gives she gives during the dances supports the information regarding the culture and tradition they

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The evolution of human intelligence Essay Example for Free

The evolution of humankind knowledge EssayThe evolution of human intelligence refers to a set of theories that attempt to explain how human intelligence has evolved.These theories be closely tied to the evolution of the human brain and to the emergence of human language. The timeline of human evolution spans approximately 7 million years,citation needed from the legal separation of the Pan genus until the emergence of behavioral modernity by 50,000 years ago. The first 3 million years of this timeline preserve Sahelanthropus, the following 2 million concern Australopithecus and the final 2 million span the history of actual human species (the Paleolithic). Many traits of human intelligence, such as empathy, theory of mind, mourning, ritual, and the use of symbols and tools, are already apparent in great apes although in lesser sophistication than in humans.The great apes show considerable abilities for cognition and empathy. Chimpanzees make tools and use them to arrogate foods and for social displays they have sophisticated hunting strategies requiring cooperation, influence and rank they are status conscious, manipulative and capable of deception they can learn to use symbols and attend aspects of human language including some relational syntax, concepts of number and numerical sequence.In one study, puppyish chimpanzees outperformed human college students in tasks requiring remembering numbers. This claim was refuted in a later study after it was noted that the chimpanzees had received extensive practice with the task while the students were evaluated on their first attempt. When human subjects were given time to practice, they substantially outperformed the young chimps.Chimpanzees are capable of empathy, having been observed to feed turtles in the wild, and show curiosity in wildlife (such as pythons)citation needed.Homininae Around 10 million years ago, the Earths climate entered a cooler and drier phase, which led eventually to the ice ages beginning some 2.6 million years ago. One consequence of this was that the north African tropical timberland began to retreat, being replaced first by open grasslands and eventually by desert (the modern Sahara). As their environment changed from continuous forest to patches of forest separated by expanses of grassland, some primates adapted to a partly or fully ground-dwelling life. Here they were exposed to predators, such as the big cats, from whom they had previously been safe.These environmental pressures caused selection to favor bipedalism walking on hind legs. This gave the Homininaes eyes greater elevation, the ability to see approaching danger further off, and a more efficient agency of locomotion (see main article for details).citation needed It also freed the forelimbs (arms) from the task of walking and made the hands available for tasks such as gathering food.At some stop the bipedal primates developed handedness, giving them the ability to pick up sticks, bones an d stones and use them as weapons, or as tools for tasks such as cleanup littler animals, cracking nuts, or cutting up carcasses. In other words, these primates developed the use of primitive technology. Bipedal tool-using primates form the Hominina subtribe, of which the soonest species, such as Sahelanthropus tchadensis, date to about 7 to 5 million years ago. From about 5 million years ago, the Hominin brain began to develop cursorily in both size and differentiation of function.It has been shown that Great Ape cooperation and communication is severely impeded by their competitiveness, and thus that the apes would revolutionize their culture-bearing ability if they could just gesticulate off their competitiveness. It is also well kat oncen that even early hominins lacked the size and sharpness of their canine teeth that apes use as a threat signal, suggesting prehumans only had no use for threat signals. That means they had already transcended ape competitiveness and thus deve loped superior cooperation and communication.There has been a gradual increase in brain volume as humans progressed along the timeline of evolution (see Homininae), starting from about 600 cm3 in Homo habilis up to 1500 cm3 in Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. Thus, in general theres a correlation between brain volume and intelligence.However, modern Homo sapiens have a brain volume slightly smaller (1250 cm3) than neanderthals, and the Flores hominids (Homo floresiensis), nicknamed hobbits, had a cranial capacity of about 380 cm3 (considered small for a chimpanzee) about a third of that of H. erectus. It is proposed that they evolved from H. erectus as a case of insular dwarfism. With their three quantify smaller brain the Flores hominids apparently used fire and made tools as sophisticated as those of their ancestor H.erectus. In this case, it seems that for intelligence, the structure of the brain is more primary(prenominal) than its volume.The social brain hypothesis was proposed by British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, who argues that human intelligence did not evolve primarily as a means to compute ecological problems, but rather intelligence evolved as a means of surviving and reproducing in large and complex social groups. Some of the behaviors associated with living in large groups include reciprocal altruism, deception and coalition formation. These group dynamics relate to Theory of Mind or the ability to understand the thoughts and emotions of others, though Dunbar himself admits in the same book that it is not the flocking itself that causes intelligence to evolve (as shown by ruminants).Dunbar argues that when the size of a social group increases, the number of different relationships in the group whitethorn increase by orders of magnitude. Chimpanzees live in groups of about 50 individuals whereas humans typically have a social circle of about 150 people, which is now referred to as Dunbars number. According to the social brain hypothesis, when h ominids started living in large groups, selection favored greater intelligence.As evidence, Dunbar cites a relationship between neopallium size and group size of various mammals. However, meerkats have far more social relationships than their small brain capacity would suggest. Another hypothesis is that it is actually intelligence that causes social relationships to become more complex, because intelligent individuals are more difficult to learn to know. There are also studies that show that Dunbars number is not the upper berth limit of the number of social relationships in humans either

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Morality in Politics Essay Example for Free

Morality in Politics EssayPeople are coerce to face moral challenges in making day-to-day decisions. When it comes to benefitting individual and societal satisfactory, the great question of politics is raised what is the right thing to do? In Sophocles Antigone, there is a dilemma whether to abide by the jurisprudences of the gods above the justices of the secern. Antigone makes a decision that non only affects her future but the future of the situate under(a) her uncles rule. Antigone gains a high moral sense in that she followed the laws of the gods and therefore did the morally right choice going against raise laws, either case domiciliate be deemed as morally correct. In this essay it will be argued that citizens should be free to disobey state laws when conscience dictates. Sophocles play enacts the moral remainder of power between the laws of the gods and the laws of state. He presents the reader with a dilemma involving religious rituals passed d feature in the family and a new law passed by a linguistic rule of the state. Antigone and her uncle, Creon, arrest a different set of values. Creon, the ruler of Thebes, values the constant order of the state and the public good.Antigone values family and religion, and views these commitments as superior to the laws imposed by her uncle. She claims, there is an unchangeable unwritten code of Heaven, (Sophocles, Antigone, 17) and she decides to act against the laws of her uncle to fulfill the laws of the gods, by giving her brother a proper burial ritual against Creons will. Antigone considers her uncles laws as sacrilege. Creon thought that his decision would bring stability to his state, as he claimed that by corruption few men thrive and many come to mischief, (Sophocles, Antigone, 12).Creon places the polis above family and religious values and disregards the values that Antigone holds sacred. Sophocles positions Antigone as being the heroine of the play and allows her to justify her decisi ons, with the taking of her own life Antigone made a statement and accentuates the power she held and that Creon lacked. In the end, Creon is left with timbreings of regret and no family, thus punished by the gods for not abiding by their laws. Antigone believed that her rights were not minded(p) to her by Creon but rather given to her by the gods.She was only doing what she thought was morally right. Antigone is a religious being and clearly values the gods higher than the state she is willing to face the consequences. Antigone was willing to see with nothing more grievous, at the worst, than death, with honour, (Sophocles, Antigone, 4) she courageously fulfilled her duties as a religious being. Many people would applaud Antigones courage, for any private by-line should be allowed to challenge the public good. In doing so, I believe that those private interests could eventually turn into a public interest.In the play, a prophet visits Creon to rebuke him of the consequences t hat have been brought about from his unjust laws. If it had not have been for Antigone publicly objecting to Creons law, it would probably not have been such a big issue that brought the link up of others. Antigone allowed for others to question Creons law and debate if it is morally right to go against the laws of the gods. Publicly refusing to follow a law brings attention to an issue that otherwise would have been ignored. One great example in our society is during the Civil Rights era Martin Luther King Jr.s actions brought great attention to the issue of racial segregation. He believed that it was right to openly break a law that was not supposed to be a law at all. His actions although non-violent broke many laws that were made to shut down success among the African American population in the U. S. He believed that by publicly and consciously gap the law exposes brutality and promotes participation. In doing so, the people against the law were perceived as being brave and t hose watching were forced to question what was just.When issues become public and catch the interest of the majority of the people in the polis, the government activity is forced to do something about it. Creon responded with a stern and much too harsh punishment that led to the death of his niece, son and wife but if Antigone would not have contested his law he could have eventually reached complete domination of political power. The general population supported Antigone but they were too terror-struck to say anything until they finally felt that something must be done. Creon was running a totalitarian government and was corrupting the state.He was unable to see how unjust his law was until others brought it to his attention and tried to convince him that his use of power was wrong. Antigones defying actions instilled courage in the people to also speak against their ruler. It might be objected that when someone disobeys state laws whenever their conscience dictates they are only helping themselves, the person breaking the law is not thinking about the common good but rather fulfilling their own good or promoting anarchy. Civil disobedience may seem reasonable when we consider Martin Luther King Jr. s situation but it may not always be driven with good intentions.By disobeying, regardless of good or bad intentions, they are hurting the stability of the state. Creon argues, Obedience is due to the state officer in small and great, just and unjust commandments (Sophocles, Antigone, 26). Creon did not bother to judge his laws as just or unjust, he simply did what he considered was good for the state. It is thought that if people continue to please themselves in breaking the laws of the state that they will eventually break every law and lose all honour for the state. Civil disobedience may not always serve the public good and only serve to undermine order.Breaking a law weakens the state and its order, it promotes anarchy and disrespects authority. It should not be encouraged or tolerated. It is a civic virtue to abide by the laws of the state it is what leads to its success and stability. By breaking the law Antigone was faced with death, she claimed that she was honoring the gods and that they would honor her in the end. But one must question if honor is worth the permanence of death. Many people feel so strongly about their opinions that they are wiling to die just as Antigone did in Sophocles play.One notable person in history is Socrates he volitionally faced all punishments administered to him. He claimed to have had a contract with his state of Athens that obliged him to accept punishments for taking advantage of the state in the prototypical place. This shows that even though Socrates may have broken some law, he still held respect for the state. Not every person that breaks a law is solely recalcitrant. Like Socrates, those who fight for civil rights and follow what they believe to be morally correct are aware of their wron gdoings and make it a statement when they finally choose to the law.They are submitting to punishments even if they are deemed unjust only to prove to the state that their morals are important and can withstand any punishment. In facing moral challenges one is often forced to face it is always difficult to decipher what is right and what is wrong. Everyone has different values and obligations. Here, Antigones values outweighed Creons overpoweringly unjust laws. One must always question what is more important and find a balance between the two. Civil disobedience is allowed when the conscience dictates in situations that lead to a greater good.Not all private interests are egocentric some may also reflect the interest of the general population. Antigone, although gratingly punished just as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Socrates were as well, have all rose among the common people and proved to be great. They encompassed a passion and bravery for their beliefs that was able to attrac t attention to conflicts in the law. Without their brave actions the state would not have been open to change and reach a new level of stability.

Illegal music downloading at the University of Maryland Essay Example for Free

Illegal unison downloading at the University of Maryland EssayTo the University of Maryland, the reported contained herein should serve as an effective investigation into the patterns of illegal downloading of music on the campus. As this is a serious legal replication for which the recorded music effort has levied considerable pressure over universities, it is clear that there is a necessity to adopt a scheme which promotes legal downloading.Currently, the Universitys strategy problematically mirrors that of much of the music industry itself. Such is to say that it remains convolutedly perplexing as to how best to diminish the appeal of free or illegal downloading which has been so dominant in the campus culture of the last decade. Contained herein is a strategy which is ironically novel in its approach, insofar as it projects its interest in the student which is at the core of this issue.Such is to say that for far too long, industry and universities have consulted one a nonher and legal scholars in order to determine what actions might be taken against said student. Indeed, a perusal of the University of Marylands Play Fair website, which is intended to serve as an educational forum on the subject of illegal downloading and which is subject to greater consideration further on in this study, is demonstrative of the combative stance that has been so counter-constructive.Therefore, the inquiry examination here is centered on the survey-collected input of university students, whom are at direct issue and who are most directly impacted by the issue at hand. By considering the insights of University of Maryland students on the issues of illegal downloading, pay-service downloading and the declining conditions in the music industry at large, the research will be intended to propose some direct and actionable recommendations which should lend to a long-term resolution of this situation for the University.Inherently, this discussion and the research yield ed will demonstrate a core set of philosophical and economic issues requisite and illuminating to the discussion that are nonetheless fairly complex and, therefore, not easily addressed in a broader social, political and educational scheme, regardless of the recommendations approached here..

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Concept of Individualised Care: Geriatric Case Study

Concept of Individualised C be Geriatric Case StudyExplain what is meant by the term individualised wish. Discuss, utilise examples from a second practice lieu, how one individual patients /clients needs were met using this uprise. An essay entreThe traditional way of trying to assess if a incident treatment or the clinical condition of a patient has changed, is by running blood tests, clinical evaluation, and other laboratory tests. While these measures undeniably vow us certain levels of information about a patient, they tell us virtually nothing about the disease process from a personal and hearty context. (Higginson et al 2001). No illness exists in a vacuum.This essay is a discussion of the theory of individualised care with graphic symbolicular reference to my recent placement on a geriatric ward. I am going to discuss the case of Mrs.J., a 83 yr. old lady.Mrs J has been on the ward for 2 weeks. She was originally admitted with a chest infection. She was very ill at the time of admission and it was not easy to get a history from her. We could only rig that she lived on her own and had been found by a neighbour who had called her General Practitioner who had then arranged her admission. Her chest infection was treated and she responded reasonably quickly.As she became more lucid, it became obvious that Mrs.J. had had a mild stroke leaving her with an expressive dysphasia. It was not possible to ascertain whether these changes had been present for a long time or had just come on, as she had not seen the General Practitioner for nine months prior to this admission.We withal discovered that Mrs.J. had developed a mild form of character II diabetes mellitus as she was putting out small but constant levels of sugar in her urine and her blood sugar levels were mildly elevated.In brief, her care plan called for her to mobilise with the physiotherapist, to receive speech therapy for her dysphasia, to see the dietician for advice regarding her dietary control of her Type II diabetes mellitus and to see the social work team for sagacity for discharge as it was considered unlikely that she would very be sufficiently self-caring to be open(a) to discharge to her home.The nursing profession, almost by definition, is a very personal and interactive profession. (Yura et al 1998)In decree to provide good individualised care there must be a number of interactions in place. The imbibe must have a good regarding of the medical elements of the case and also have a good knowledge of the patient some(prenominal) as a person and of all their circumstances. (Meleis 1991) This helps to allow the formulation of good individualised care without making whatever inappropriate conclusivenesss that may be base on an incomplete understanding of the situation.(Holzemer et al. 1994)The case of Mrs.J. is complicated beca apply of her expressive dysphasia. In a nursing context the interpersonal processes that are necessary to establish rapport and empathy were make very much more difficult. (Platt et al 1999). The verbal and motor cues that are a vital part of this essential process were not there by virtue of her cerebro-vascular accident, and it made proper and meaningful conversation very much more difficult. (Carpenito 1997).It was not helped by the fact that she did not appear to have any close relative that we could use to get information. It was not simply a matter therefore of deciding what was medically the best for her, but in coiffe to try to engage with her on the level of empowerment and education, we had to try very hard to understand her feelings and situation in order to provide individualised care. (Woolhead et al 2004)If we try to apply the Roper Logan Tierney model of nursing care (Roper et al 1983) to Mrs.J.s situation of needing dietary advice for her newly diagnosed Type II diabetes mellitus, the aim would be to try to provide individualised care and to want into account the degree to which the pr oblems of her inability to communicate actually interferes with the other activities of daily living. (Howe et al. 2003). It is in this pry that the concept of individualised care becomes clearly apparent.For the average patient., it may simply be appropriate to fill out a dietetical referral slip and let the dietetic department do the rest. If we wish to fully implement the concept of individualised care, then we would need to establish that Mrs.J. needed and understood why she needed dietetic advice, that she could adequately understand what was being said, (Kuhse et al. 2001), and also make sure that the dieticians were fully aware of all aspects of the situation when they were able to visit her and give advice. (Ne intimately et al 1992)This admittance allows us to make an assessment of both the positive and negative aspects of the decision. We can also make an assessment of whether Mrs.J. would eventually be in a model to take responsibility for her own diabetic (or dietar y) care in the long run. (Marks-Moran et al 1996)In individualised care, it is important to be as empathetic as possible to the patients needs. One must appreciate the fact that, in this particular(a) case, the imposition of a diet may be seen by the patient as yet another (iatrogenic) restriction imposed upon an already severely restricted lifestyle. Generally speaking, concordance and explanation are better than dogma and enforced compliancy (Marinker 1997).Another important aspect of individualised care, is the process of reflection (Gibbs 1998). It is generally comparatively easy to make clinical decisions, but the key to ensuring that they are actually the correct decisions for that individual patient, is to reflect upon them and consider all of the aspects of that particular patients case, which may not have actually been impinging upon the original decision making process. (Taylor 2000).For example, it is almost certainly the correct decision to invoke the help of the dieti cian to assist Mrs.J. in managing her Type II diabetes mellitus. It is however, possible that, upon reflection, Mrs.J. might not be able to adequately manage her diet because her motor problems now preclude her from going independently to the shops, and the person who buys her food for her may have absolutely no idea of the basic concepts behind the maintenance of a regular and restricted sugar intake.Conclusions and DiscussionMrs.J. s case fortunately did have a comparatively happy ending. She accepted the dieticians advice and proved to be remarkably adept at both managing and manipulating her dietary needs.(Carr et al 2001). It became apparent that part of her confusional state and her dysphasia, was actually due to her hyperglycaemia.As her hyperglycaemia improved and her blood sugar levels returned to more normal levels she rapidly became more communicative. The interpersonal interactions that we referred to earlier, then became both easier and certainly more meaningful. (Stowe rs et al. 1999).Mrs.J. improved to the point where she was well enough to allow discharge to warden assisted accommodation. Her warden came onto the ward to learn how to help manage the dietary considerations and was able to speak at length to the dietitian. I would like to think that the warden left the hospital as empowered and educated as Mrs.J. was.ReferencesCarpenito LJ. 1997Nursing diagnosis. Application to clinical practice. 7th edition.Philadelphia Lippincott Company, 1997.Carr AJ, Higginson IJ. 2001Are quality of life measures patient centred?BMJ Vol18 Issue 42 2001Gibbs, G (1988)Learning by doing A guide to Teaching and Learning methods electromagnetic unit Oxford Brookes University, Oxford. 1988Higginson and Carr 2001 Measuring quality of life utilize quality of life measures in the clinical setting BMJ, May 2001 322 1297 1300.Holzemer W, Tallberg M, et al, editors. 1994Informatics the infrastructure for quality assessment improvement in nursing. Proceedings of the 5th international nursing informatics symposium post-conference 1994 June 2425Austin, Texas. San Francisco UC Nursing Press, 1994.Howe and Anderson 2003 Involving patients in medical education BMJ, Aug 2003 327 326 328.Kuhse Singer 2001A confrere to bioethicsISBN 063123019X Pub Date 05 July 2001Marinker M.1997From compliance to concordance achieving shared goals in medicine taking.BMJ 19973147478.Marks-Moran Rose 1996Reconstructing Nursing Beyond Art and ScienceLondon Balliere Tindall October, 1996Meleis A. 1991Theoretical thinking development and progress. 2nd edition.Philadelphia Lippincott Company, 1991.Newell and Simon. 1992Human Problem Solving.Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs 1992.Platt, FW Gordon GH 1999Field endure to the Difficult Patient Interview 1999Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, pp 250 ISBN 0 7817 2044 3London Macmillian Press 1999Roper Logan Tierney 1983Using a model for nursingEdinburgh Churchill LivingstoneStowers K, Hughes RA, Carr AJ.1999Information exchange between patients and health professionals consultation styles of rheumatologists and nurse practitioners.Arthritis Rheum 1999 42(suppl) 388S.Taylor. B. J (2000)Reflective Practice A Guide for Nurses and Midwives.Buckingham Open University Press. Buckingham 2000Woolhead G, Calnan M, Dieppe P, et al. 2004Dignity in older age what do older people in the United Kingdom think?Age Ageing 20043316570.Yura H, Walsh M. 1998The nursing process. Assessing, planning, implementing, evaluating. 5th edition. Norwalk, CT Appleton Lange, 1998.PDGWord count 1,562Muhammad Rafiq Azam Architect Case StudyMuhammad Rafiq Azam Architect Case StudyTable of Contents (Jump to)IntroductionAnalysisClimatic conditionArchitectural theoryClientsCultureMaterialsDiscussionConclusionReferencesBook resourcesInternet resourcesIntroductionThe purpose of indicting this particular essay is to understand architecture via phraseology especially in term of vocabulary, grammatical structure both physical and intellectual. T hrough certain arrangement, it carries message and communicates meanings.Rafiq Azam had been chosen as the objective lens of analysis of self and architecture. Muhammad Rafiq Azam is an award-winning architect. He is also a globally acclaimed architect of vernacular architecture from Bangladesh.Shatotto is an architectural studio led by Rafiq Azam, which change in architectural aesthetics inspired by lush, riverine landscape of Bengal delta, and ancient architecture heritage of particular section.South Water tend is a forge by Shatotto which was being executed by Shatotto under the lead of Rafiq Azam. It was an flat tire mental synthesis project which located at United Nations Road, Baridhara diplomatic zone, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a region not much an exception in term of common land. A lake and a narrow strip of green patch on the west of the plot of ground is a fortune. The built area of particular project is about 33600 real feet and had been cost about 576000 US dol lar. The particular project was owned by South s acerb Housing and had been completed in 2007.AnalysisIn analyzing and theorizing the south water garden imbued architecture quality in term of climatic condition, architecture theory and factors of client, culture and material as well, the analysis depicted thatIn term of climatic conditionApparently, Dhaka undergoes a drastically scorching climate, which characterized as wet, hot and humid climate as it has been categorized under koppen climate classification. Dhaka has been determined as it possess of tropic savanna climate as well. Furthermore, the particular city also has a distinct monsoonal season. In order to fancy a responsive make, Rafiq Azam had to take account into Dhakas climatic conditions as premise. First and foremost, the orientation of construction sun screening faade in response to climatic condition of Dhaka is necessarily required in order to reach the standard thermal comfort level in accord to human comfort. Via the analyzing of South water tend constructions plan orientation and mental synthesis soma as well, it was obviously to identified and figured out that Rafiq Azams intention on creating a parallel configuration. Via the particular array and permutations, the parallel respective buildings blocks tend to act as protective screen in against to direct exposure to summer solstice and winter solstice during the noon. Conclusively, the southern block aids to nicety the northern block during the winter solstice, in contrary, the northern block aids to shelter southern block during summer solstice. The incorporation of two hundred square feet of green patch in front of the building on the east road and utilization of large tree and lake on the west as cooling system device for the apartment buildings shit a balanced interrelation with building configuration in opposing the unstable climatic conditions of Dhaka. Simple interior is committed to beautiful lake and large trees on the we st, enabling the south east summer breeze flowing via the entire house. Apart from that, the intention of respective parallel blocks also enables itself to achieve optimal light density for residents daily activities. Therefore, sun path effects had been considered as primarily factor as it contributed much influences on buildings comfortability to live. Tactics of Orifice consideration in response to prevailing wind and summer breeze is also a mean to achieve optimal cross ventilation in order to fulfill the human comfort level. The south east and east prevailing wind flow with the house, simultaneously drifting away the heat that gained inside the apartment aid to create a cozy atmosphere inside the apartment buildings.In term of architectural theorySouth Water Garden is designed based on phenomenological architecture. Preliminary, looking dark into Dhaka geographical situation as the land characterized with tropical vegetation and moist soils in the primarily was currently bei ng destructed as these all were replaced by construction of multi-storeys building and other real estate developments. commerce congestion and industrial waste has drastically resulted the deteriorating of air and water pollution. Hence, the regional biodiversity was being demolished. The opposing current aspect of philosophy create trend of creating green in order to preserving extinction of it stimulates local architects to take step into phenomenological architecture especially Rafiq Azam.In response to the particular milieus situation, an intention of belongings among the green and originality of Dhakas elemental human knowledges, natural features were incorporating into the South Water Garden design in order to create a building design which is concretely defined as the place Dhaka, as well as the South Water Garden residents experiences among Dhakas originality coincidentally take place in the building. In ground floor plan, Rafiq Azam arranged interior seats in a simple functional way in order to underscore on the connectivity between building interior and exterior. By achieving this, hes skillfully utilizing natural elements such as lake and large trees on the west as transition space that gradually emanating to the surrounding. In contrary, this condition facilitated particular permutation and arrangements of design maneuvering away from abstractions of science and its neutral objectivity as well. In theorizing Rafiqs architecture via analyzing of South Water Garden roof plan, the imbued intention of connectivity between roof and ground is being emphasized through the two roof overstep design of South Water Garden. Incorporation of green living at roof transcend is to respond natural elements of rear plot. The continuity of roof tops green to west ground natural features enhances the interrelation of both which then established a pie-eyed connectivity among them. Apart from that, the both roof tops of the apartment buildings were created in a way that evidently displays the quality of human experiences of green living as the community green of roof tops which encompassing lawns and bushes refining embracing the residents into a sense of Mother Nature. A small pavilion was located poetically at the midst of green community which formed a strong desire toward the nature. This scheme then transformed into a subtropical architectural vocabulary which addressing Rafiq Azas concern on shortage of green space in Dhaka.In term of clientsRafiq Azam had been assigned to work with an area of seven thousand five hundred square feet plot. This was a project that formed through the deal between landowner and developer. They both agreed to divide the land in an equal two pieces respectively to construct two six notable buildings of two thousand eight hundred square feet floor area each in order to share equally each. In looking deep into this particular condition, Rafiq Azams consideration on requirement that insisted by the client s also influenced much of the design. The clients insisted to put the design into a challenge in terms of creating open green space. In respond to clients requirement, Rafiq Azam suggested to take forty square feet over seven thousand five hundred square feet from the plot impartially which placing along with eight feet gap of two building respectively, five feet road set back as per rule in order to create a two hundred square feet of green patch in front of the building on the east road. This is quite emphasizing of direct residents experience toward the buildings as well as the intimacy of natural elements with the users was being created.In term of cultureThe richest heritage is formed in neighboring region and lesser developed civilization, as South Water Garden which is located at United Nations Road, Baridhara diplomatic zone. In response to this condition, the arrangement of South Water Garden with no boundary wall notion delivers a more friendly approach toward the local re sidents. Little pews are placed which delivered a token of respect for pedestrians and community living around. The creation of small pavilion on the roof tops enables gatherings and roof party to be occurred among the neighborhood, which cordially implement the building language co-relation to achieve a hormonal atmosphere amidst the environment.In term of materialsMajor buildings in Dhaka, Bangladesh had used brick and concrete as construction materials as these are the most responsive materials to Dhakas subtropical climate. In response to surrounding context, exposed brick and concrete are majorly being utilized as construction materials in South Water Garden Apartment. Moreover, the utilization of exposed as cast structural beam and column exterior with terracotta brick in fill is also an approach to subtropical climate of Dhaka that being intended by Rafiq Azam. The selection of materials is quite responsive to human comfort level.DiscussionRafiq Azam architecture is quite bas ed on experience of space and sensory properties of building materials. This might due to his childhood experiences. By acknowledging that most of the architectural production in Dhaka are dominated on quantitative which driven by profitable motives, he realized that most architects keen of sensibility towards a social, ecologic and conceptual content is minimized. Growing up in a city which is excessively illustrates segregation of individual architecture as a singular building in a schmooze of materials such as glass, metal, and concrete, there are probably no initiative in thinking much, especially ways of creating an urban which ensemble of various kinds of spaces, which from private to communal, and from hard to green conditions. It was no hard to imagine that with all types of buildings and spatial arrangements coming out of a calculus of commercialize dynamics and borrowed style of architecture. This strictly constricted the architects until only left with the privilege of addressing buildings with windows. Additionally, Bangladesh has a whimsical relationship with water, and their sensibilities to its bounty and destruction are a touchable part of the national psyche. The Bangla axiom paanir opor naam jion (water is another life) aptly demonstrate this psychological architecture and the determinative influences of the more than fifty trans-boundary rivers between India and Myanmar, with all their hydrological, social, economic, and political ramifications. With Azams strong impression towards all the impact in his childhood, little wonder then that water bodies are a constant architectural features for Rafiq Azam which is giving out the open-ended and exposure kind of mood towards the whole city. And his desire to revitalize nostalgia is as ubiquitous in his designs as the water itself in Bangladesh. In his architectural theory, his building is not compendious as the locality, in contrary it ought to be encompassing of local concretely characteris tics or atmosphere which being illustrated via the use of material substances, shape, texture, and color. For instances, the use of cast structural beam and column exterior with terracotta brick in fill is simple way of approach toward subtropical climate of Dhaka as well as the materiality of intimate locality experiences. The consideration of human sensory experiences of building materials is obviously demonstrated through the human comfort responses design. In the agent of creating spaces, Rafiq Azam allows certain spaces with identical functions to embody a different architectural quality in accord with the local unique characteristics in term of culture and environment conditions. For instances, the local gathering culture was being incorporated into South Water Gardens roof tops design as the roof pavilion was being created for roof top party. Rafiq Azam attempts to implement his architecture return to things, somehow maneuvering away from abstractions of science and its neut ral objectivity. By achieving this, he tries to make things priory happens to be conveys it unique conversations with its place the relevant topic. His design then becomes settlement of different scales in contrasting with surrounding other components. The paths between these subsequently create the Rafiqs design become secondary defining characteristics of place. The distinction between these conditions offers him the step toward the phenomenological approach. For instances, the emphasis of connectivity inside and outside by Rafiq has been vividly proved via the South Water Gardens design. Both of the roof tops were created as community green which forms a connection between roof and ground.ConclusionReferencesBook resourcesRosa M.F., Kazi K.A. Philip Goad. (2013). Rafiq Azam architecture for Green Living. Italy Skira editore S.p.A.Internet Resourceshttp//www.architecturenewsplus.com/projects/2218http//archpresspk.com/new-version/Rafiq-azam-book.htmlhttp//www.worldarchitecture.o rg/main/winners.asp?winarchive=11thcyclecyc=11http//archpresspk.com/new-version/architect-rafiq-azam-interview.html