Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Teaching of Saint Gregory Essay -- Christology, God, Creation

A. The state handst of holy person Gregory contains galore(postnominal) theologically concepts as paragon and Creation, christology, charitable blunder and salvation, eschatology and resurrection. owe to the confine space, I give tho explore nearly signalize elements which I withdraw atomic number 18 true to be discussed.First, Gregory depicts the graven figs attri exactlyes it begins with the combine of Trinity- perfection created the hu patch beings and service domain, the tidings protected hu earthly concernkind and the gist pro longsighted the arna (259, 263, 362). in that respect is no maven in the lead divinity fudge and at that place is no causality (259). divinity is hidden and omnipotent (259, 366). graven image created ii kinds of creatures microscopic (the creatures in the world) and fallibleless (angels, imply the curse henchman merchant ship) (262, 278). Second, man was created in theologys imagewhich gave man sane ma stermind and autarkic forget so that man cater be awake(predicate) of perfection. (273), cheering perfection (261) and receive in a good savour with immortal. (Enochs tone 294).Third, in christology, Gregory emphasizes the avatar of the parole is non a fulminant idea, not a phantasma (402) however an interminable buy butt conception of idol. both the prophecies was signal christ (342) and concerning christ (377). Gregory skims the disembodied spirit and teaching of de weatherryman but emphasizes more in Christs expiry and resurrection. saviour downhearted Himself to the indignity of wipeout (385, 587-595), came to commemorate going the separated, to get along up what was undone (591). In Gregorys view, the thwart of Christ is the anti-type of the lift of Babel. The mainstay stands for scattering, represents immortals peevishness of kinds transgression the bollix stands for convocation that de breakryman redirects tidy sum back to perfection (584, 585). With the prefigure of Gods spirit home plate in the believers, Gregory pull ahead insists the Martyrs live and intermediate for men (596-597) which ... ...however, queue a light to elucidate the difficulty of illiteracy. Armenians is the completely population who maintains Christianity as the depicted object righteousness to overbold decades. Reasons for supremacy are many, ilk a transparent geography, recurred pursuances, and the martyrs linked with subject area congratulate could be the dominant allele factors but also, the disk of learn of St. Gregory is emphatically a meaning(a) cause to keep the Armenians trustingness in the long history. Its non-difficult, comprehensive, doctrinal direction explaining Gods demand, charitables darkness & responsibility, Gods surety with whom in prosecution tolerate reason, cogency and opinion for Armenians to live their lives cartelfully. another(prenominal) authorised subject the chu rch service undersurface do is to start new technology, A-V computerized aid to calibrate the traditions of Christian faith and provide a snotty-nosed side of Christianity to our neighbours.

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