Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Vietnam War

Assignment: The Vietnam warfare

His/135: The the Statesn Experience Since 1945

Instructor: Jordan Billings

Joseph Ioppolo

after(prenominal) World War II ended, and the dust-covered war began, the Statesns were

focused on the spread of fabianism. The United States citizens overlap a

feeling of unity with their western all toldies. As the cold war dragged, the threat of

communism to places such as, China, Eastern Europe, and Vietnam, seemed all

too real. John Foster Dulles, Americas secretaire of State during the 1950s,

spread the fear of communism by implementing the domino Theory, which stated

that once one commonwealth fell to communism the rest would be easy prey. Vietnam

was thought of as a possible beginning of this process.

Americas involvement in the Vietnam began in August of 1964 with the

Tongking Incident, which was when American destroyers were attacked by North

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Shortly after, the first American ground troops land on

Vietnamese soil, sent by President Johnson, America began its involvement in

the Vietnam War. It was not long after the country felt so united after World War

II. Unlike that conflict, American televisions placed the war from thousands of

miles away, into most life sentence rooms. The harsh reality of war was witnessed on a

fooling basis. The Vietnam conflict quickly brought into question Americans views

on democracy and politics. During World War II many of Americas materialization men

fled to Americas abnegation and proudly put their lives on the line for the good of

the country. With the ontogenesis conflict in Vietnam the young men feared of fighting

a war that was becoming extremely unpopular.

The fear of being drafted into a war that they did not agree with loomed

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